Monday, November 03, 2008

November 2008 Releases

As I said in my monthly reads post, I'm running a bit late on my post at the moment :) Everyone's list is already up, but I can still join in the fun.

Lucky me, although my post is late, I already got my hands on a few books I was looking forward to :)

So where to start?

A Virgin River Christmas
by Robyn Carr (Nov. 1)

I'm an unconditional fan of the Virgin River series and Ms Carr's writing. Enjoyed almost all of the books I've read from her. What I like is her style and her storyline. I think they're quite a bit different than what's out there. Also, it's a Christmas story. I'm not very big on holiday-themed books, but once in a while, it's very fun to read one.

(Review coming soon)

Bad Penny by Sharon Sala (Nov. 1)

This is the third and last (I think) installment in the Cat Dupree series. Ms Sala is an auto-buy for me. Thus for that only reason, I would have gone out and bought this book... So it's a bonus that I've been enjoying her Cat Dupree series a lot. I find that this series is very different from Ms Sala other works. I've been wondering what was going to happen to Cat and Wilson and simply have to get this book.

(Review coming soon)

Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye (Nov. 4)

There's been a bit of a buzz for this book. Holly enjoyed it a lot which put this book on my radar. Although Kristie's opinion was more reserved, it's still worth a shot :) By the way, how can't you love a self-made millionaire who enjoys vacuuming?!?!?

(Review coming soon)

Demon Bound by Meljean Brook (Nov. 4)

Do I need to justify my reasons for this book? LOL :) Newest installment in the Guardian series Meljean Brook. Another auto-buy for me, LOL. It's Jake's story which I have to say, I've been looking forward to ever since he appeared in the series. Plus, I'm curious to see where the story is going. Although Meljean's books are a bit confusing and hard to read, they are always enjoyable and full of surprises :)

(Review coming soon)

Salvation in Death
by J.D. Robb (Nov. 4)

Another auto-buy ^_^; Seriously, this month is just full of them :) To think that I've almost given up on this series at one point. Anyway, I've already received, read and reviewed this book, but it's still worth mentioning it :)

Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk (Nov. 4)

Jan from Reading, etc. brought this one to my attention. I've been on an urban fantasy kick lately, so this seems to fit :) I've been looking for something a bit different, for example wizards or witch or sorcerer. There's a lot of vampires and werewolves out there, but less books about magic users.

Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins (Nov. 18)

Ms Hawkins is better known for her historical novels. This is actually going to be her first contemporary book (Yay!! Let's keep having authors make the switch!!). I think it will be interesting :) It's another small town story + young lovers + good girl/bad boy book. Definitively worth a try :)

Special mention:

Mischief Becomes Her by Kasey Michaels (Nov. 1) : This is the second book in the series. I've read the first book and wasn't that impressed and that's why I have my doubts about this one. Still bought it, but one I can wait to read.

Unravel Me by Christie Ridgway (Nov. 4): Second book in the series... I thought the first book was meh, mainly due to the heroine. Hopefully, this one will be better :)

New Tricks by John Levitt (Nov. 25) : Another book brought to my attention by Jan. This one will basically depend on whether I enjoy the first book, Dog Days, or not.

Blood Bargain by Maria Lima (Nov. 29) : Courtesy from Jan again. Basically, same thing as New Tricks. This is the second book in the series, so it will depend whether or not I enjoyed the first one. Ain't I starting to be a good girl? Actually waiting to read the first book and not jumping right away to the 2nd?

So this is it for the month of November. I actually got my hands on half of the books already... So lots to read this month... I guess I should start looking at the December's releases :P


  1. I'll definitely be reading the Robyn Carr and Karen Hawkins books!

  2. I've got the 1st Virgin River book in the TBR. I wanted to see why so many enjoyed this series. :-)

  3. Lori - I hope you enjoy the Robyn Carr!! :) and LOL, you want to review the Karen Hawkins with me? :P

    Jace - You definitively should give it a go, Jace!! Esp. if it's just waiting in your TBR pile!!

  4. Mmm, don't really see anything I need right away.

  5. Isabel - LOL, maybe next month then :)

  6. Just got back to see this comment - Sure, I'd love to review the KH with you.

  7. Lori - That's great :) I got my copy already :) Found it at the bookstore on Friday :)

  8. Oh, I can't wait to hear about the Hawkins book.

    I have a several of her historicals in my TBR, but I have only read one. (I loved it)

    Wait, I read two. I found out that 'One Lucky Lord' she wrote under a different name.

  9. Chantal - I'll let you know soon, as I'm reading the book right now :) So far, so good :)

    I've also only read one by her, the one you just recently reviewed... didn't enjoy it as much as you, but it was fun indeed :)