Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight movie...

As some of you know already, I went to see the Twilight movie yesterday night. First, I've never read this series before. I know many bloggers that love the series and raved about it... but I was never attracted to it. I wasn't even considering going to see the movie, but then my friend won some free tickets to the avant-premiere... So I went to spend time with her and she went, because it was free. (She hasn't read the book either)

To tell the truth, I didn't know much about it before going... All I knew were:

- Bella is a bit TSTL heroine
- Bella kissed Jacob, which Rowena thought was soooo wrong ( I tend to agree with her)
- Breaking Dawn was a disappointment to many.

So yes, I did read all the spoilers concerning Breaking Dawn though... but I had no idea what was happening in Twilight.

My thoughts? Twilight was an okay movie. It didn't suck, but it didn't wow me either. I'd have preferred to go without the 95% teenage girls who were screaming at the top of their lungs. I can't remember ever being such a fan girl of something ^_^;

Overall, I think the cast was well chosen and everyone did a good acting job. I didn't find Bella annoying at all... I think it helps not being privvy to all her thoughts as she narrates the books. Yes, she voiced out some of her thoughts, but not all of them. I thought Kristen Stewart did a good job at Bella and I think she seems to fit the role.

Hmmm, Robert Pattinson as Edward. My issue with Robert Pattinson is that he looks awkward sometimes. I don't know if it's the thick brows or the eyes... but he just doesn't look right in some shots. Others, he looks really good... So I really can't decide if he's good-looking or not LOL. Otherwise, sure, I bought his interpretation of Edward... and I get why he has so many fan girls ;)

I do admit I find Bella and Edward's relationship developped really fast. I'm not sure I'm buying the whole devotion thing. From Edward, perhaps, since he lived a long time and probably wasn't sure he'd ever find someone to share his forever... but Bella? Nope. I can see how she was intrigued by Edward and how she was attracted... but something was missing for me to believe.

I really love the Cullens :) They are not what I was expecting. I probably would read the books just for Edward and his family... There's an air of mystery surrounding them and you just want to know more. In addition, I think they did a great job casting the family members... Especially Esme. Enjoyed their interactions and my favorite scenes are probably the baseball game and when they were in the kitchen preparing a meal for Bella. However, the whole vampire attack mode - the in your face position, hissing with the nails out. Hmmmm... Not how I imagined them :P

I liked that Bella made friends and it wasn't the typical loser or miscast group. Instead, they were just normal kids... not the super popular, but not the weird ppl either. That was nice :) The only person I thought was miscast in this movie was Jacob. Please, the poor kid actor... Taylor Lautner... He looks horrible with long hair!! and he looks very, very young. *Shudders* at the thought that in the next movie, he's going to kiss Bella. His acting was so-so, for those who wonders... Didn't have a big role in this movie, so it's hard to say how good he is.

The scenery was gorgeous and I liked the blue hue feeling that you get when watching the movie. The special effects were okay. Some of it looked really cool, others looked off.

By the way, I know we read romance and all :) and I love it... but don't you think that sometimes, it can get corny? and I don't know about you, but reading something corny isn't as bad as hearing it out loud. I mean, it's really embarrassing sometimes... For example, when Edward shows Bella his true nature - that he glows in the sunlight - and he's all like: I'm a monster... and Bella is: No, you're beautiful. Well, it was kind of corny... and instead of inspiring awwwws and ahhhs, people actually chuckled and laughed out loud. Some stuff can just not be transitioned very well.

Finally, one thing that bothered me was the flow... It was very choppy. Especially at the beginning, when Bella and Edward meet. I don't know if it was the same in the book... but it was in their dialogues... There'd be awkward silence and then, when they talked... I thought it transpired the teenage angst really well to the audience... but it was annoying. It's like my heart was beating at the same pace and it was all irregular.

I can totally see how the book has enthralled the teenage girls and I can see the appeal. After warching it, I was really curious about Edward and the Cullens. Didn't care much about Bella and Edward really though.

Overall, I'd give this a B.


  1. I think Bell and Edward's relationship moved fast in the book also, mainly because Edward finally felt something after all those years of being dead and went for it. Entertainment Weekly also gave Twilight a B.
    BTW, is Edward's hair fly away in the movie, because I so cannot stand the way Robert has it now.
    Since I am not a teenie bopper, but a big fan of the book, do you think I will enjoy the movie or throw popcorn at the screen because they may have taken things out that are in the book and did not put them in the movie?

  2. I never wanted to read the books and I dont' want to see the movie in the theatre either. I'll wait for HBO On Demand. :D

    Do you have the urge to read the books now that you have seen the movie?

  3. Teenage girls screaming at the top of their lungs...yeah, that's why I'm waiting until sometime during the week for the afternoon matinee when they are all in school to see it!! I don't think I could have handled that without loosing my patience!

    I'm excited to see it. I did read Twilight but none of the others. I enjoyed it.

  4. My beef with Twilight is pretty much exactly what you said. And what Thor Axegrinder has to say about it as well.

  5. Having read all the books, I'm curious about the movie. I'm not convinced the actors can properly portray the characters, but I really enjoyed Twilight and want to see if the movie holds up.

    As for Jacob, he changes from the first book to the second. I think too many people forget that he was just a gangly child in the first book..young and somewhat smitten with Bella. It isn't until the second book that he changes into something more. I think he was well cast, though I can't wait to see what they do (if/when) for the second movie.

    Speaking did it end? Was it set up as bait for a sequel? The movie rights for the next 2 books have been optioned, but they're waiting to see how well this movie does before they decide to make the next two.

  6. Katie - Like I said, I understand for Edward... cos like you said, he's been longing for someone for so long.

    LOL, Edward's hair is fine, I tell you. I'm more traumatized by Jacob's. I mean, I saw Jacob with short hair and was meh... but with long hair, ugh.

    Well I haven't read the book, but I haven't seen upset with the movie. Of course, you're not a teenie bopper... but I think you'd enjoy it.

    Brie - LOL, free tickets... that's the only reason I went :)

    I did go home and open the book a bit... but like I said, it's more to find out about Edward and the Cullens... reading reviews with spoilers was satisfactory for me :)

    Amy C - Bright woman you are ;) At least, you'll be able to still hear something :)

    Hope you enjoy it :D

    Hinzelmann - What did Thor Axegrinder said?

    Holly - Personally, I would think that Twilight is going to be the best movie of the series. I can't see the movies being better than the books and since the books go downhill...

    Ah well, I don't know how Jacob changes... there's gangly and well... ugly ^_^; and in my book, it's not going to change ^_^;

    The end was okay. It wasn't bait for sequel... however, it's obvious that there's a possibility. Edward takes Bella to the prom and they dance... then you see Victoria looking at them and then walking away, looking determined. Personally, I don't think that's baiting...

  7. Actually my favorite book in the series, is book 3, Eclipse. That is one action filled sexy book. Edward, Bella and Jacob all share a tent in the mountains together.

  8. Katie - See, that would totally drive me insane... because I hate love triangles... even if I know what is the outcome.

  9. Then you really don't want to read Breaking Dawn. That book was just so freaky Twilight Zone-ish.

    But I am for Team Jacob. I like my men warm, even if they do turn hairy from time to time.

  10. Katie - I like my men stuffy shirt and cold-ish... then, they get to melt LOL :)

    No, I wouldn't like Breaking Dawn :P

  11. Thanks for the review! And thanks for laughs about the awkward romance scene. I guess you've got to either love scenes like that or leave them. I tend to pick the latter...

  12. my sil and I were supposed to watch this today, but the theater up where she lives isn't playing it. and for some reason she won't come down to sac to watch it. Oh well. I'll just wait for netflix.

  13. Interesting! Thanks for the post. I don't know - I'm sort of on the fence whether to watch or not. Probably not, I don't go to the cinema that often anyway.

    Totally get why some bits would come over as corny. I'd have thought they'd edited some scenes so that it would flow better onscreen.

  14. I feel a bit out of the loop on this one. I've no desire to either read the books or see the movie. If I was 20 years younger it might be a different story - but at my advanced age, the thought of going to a theater with a bunch of screaming young ones is just tiring. And I just can't get into young teenage angst.

  15. *sigh* I won't watch this one then. I haven't read the books (don't reckon I ever will) but thought the trailer looked interesting. Yours is the 2nd review I read of the movie - TSTL heroines really drive me up the wall, so yeah, I'll skip this. Thanks for the review. :-)

  16. Interesting review. I'm with Kristie on this one, I think. I've never read any of the books nor do I have desire to do so. Perhaps when the movie comes out on DVD, I'll netflix it. We shall see.

  17. Holmbody - Well you know, it's just awkward to hear it out loud... esp. from kids ^_^; I tend to choose the latter as well.

    Isabel - It sucks that she won't come down to Sac to see it...and I can't imagine why they wouldn't play it in the theater near her house. Oh well, if you're not in a hurry, you can definitively wait for it :D

    Li - Let me know what you decide to do :D Apparently, it's quite faithful to the book... anyway, I don't think it's the scenes that didn't flow well... just the two main characters together... their dialogues... but then again, haven't read the books.

    Kristie - I definitively understand why this book wouldn't appeal to you, Kristie. and seriously, let's admit it... teenage angst is not satisfying at all :P

    Jace - LOL, you're welcomed Jace :D

    Sula - Sometimes, YA books are good to read... but when it comes to romance... I have difficulty believing in their HEA... cos they're soo young ^_^;