Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anyone knows this book...

So I was thinking of which book I was going to re-read while I was on my way to work (yes, I had to work today. Not fun...) and it made me think of how long I've been reading... and then, it reminded me of a book.

I've read this book perhaps 10-15 years ago... I don't know the title nor the author and my memories are a bit vague. All I remember is the heroine had a burn-out, resigned from where she was working (I think it was a familial company; however, she was only the step-daughter) and moved to a little town and opened a bookstore. Then, the hero moved in... He just came back from another country...

Other details I can remember... The heroine said something about the hero not able to eat spicy and somehow, it offended him. So on one of their dates, he cooked for her and it was all very, very spicy food. Another scene I remember is the H/H are together in bed, sleeping... and someone broke and entered the house... the hero woke up and ran after the intruder... thing is, the hero was naked and he had some kind of weapon with him (but not a gun...) LOL. Oh and if I'm not wrong, the heroine has half or step-siblings... and her younger sister is going to marry and everyone's afraid the heroine will react badly (I think the younger sister is marrying the heroine ex-fiance... but not too sure).

So that's it. Does it ring a bell to anyone? I'm pretty sure this was originally written in English, although what I read is the French translation.


  1. It kind of sounds familiar but i am not sure.
    I posted an inquiry at the RT boards to see if anyone there knows it too.

  2. Someone suggested and it is the one that i was thinking of too, was Deep Waters by Jane Ann Krentz

  3. I'm not familiar with the book. Try to look for your book elsewhere.

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  4. Kris - Thank you so much for your help and finding the book! :) I own you one :D I'm going to try to find a copy of it in the next few days :D

    Karen Lohan = As for you, not that I think you will come back to this blog since you are most probably spam... It was really rude of you. This is MY blog. If you are not familiar with it, fine... You could keep it mum... So next time, please kindly take your publicity elsewhere.

  5. mmmm - sounds interesting but I haven't a clue. It's funny - he ran nekkid after the intruder and had a weapon - but not a gun! lol hilarious!

  6. Nathie, is it the Krentz for sure? Whenever there are step-siblings I always think of her because the heroines in her books often are taking care of or have steps.

  7. Tracy - LOL, the weapon was funny too, cos I think it's something like a sling shot ^_^;

    Rosie - It is :D I went and read the synopsis of the book and it mentioned that the hero inherited a curiosity shop and I remember that part :D So what are the chances that the H/H are a bookstore and a curiosity shop owners? :)