Thursday, January 15, 2009

My life is research... NOT

Hi everyone!!

How are you doing? It's been quiet in blogland yesterday and today... Wonder what's going on... Yeah, okay, I'm a worrier and I'm wondering if everyone is all right.

My reading is going well... Presently reading Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl. I'm halfway through it and so far, it's okay :) I'm in a hurry to finish it because... guess what I got yesterday at the bookstore? (okay, guess what my sis picked up for me :P)


I know tons of people are eagerly awaiting for this book. Head to your bookstores or give them a call because chance is, it's there just waiting for you :)

Oh, I was wondering if anyone would be interested to buddy review For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper or/and Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole with me? If yes, let me know :) It'd be fun!

Okay, so onto a little anecdote that happened yesterday. Basically, it's been going so-so at the lab. I've been quite busy and my supervisor is - for some unknown reasons to me - in a hurry. He's been pushing for some database work and now, for the experiments as well. So he optimized this experiment and gave it to me and I did it for the first time on Tuesday and got the result yesterday... and bummer, it didn't work. So I got this whole speech on how I should be careful and gentle working with a certain reagent and blablabla. Basically, he's not sure why it didn't work, but hey, I could use a reminder speech.

Anyway, it's 10am and I'm ready to repeat the experiment. Then, what happens? The fire alarm goes on. All right, so I pick up my coat (hey, it's -30C outside!) and my bag, cos it's just there... and why not my books as well LOL! Then, we evacuate the building, but luckily, didn't have to stand outside. So 10 minutes have gone by and I realized my supervisor's not here... He's probably still working in his office, figuring this was a false alarm... and well, he's right, but still. So about half an hour later, the security guards cleared everything and we go back to the lab. As I entered the lab, the phone rang. I picked it up and tada, the fire alarm went off again... and on the phone, it was my supervisor!

Sup: You're still here? Good. I have a question... oh, are you going to run away because of the alarm? Well, please answer my question before. What did you do at this step.

So I explain it to him and he asked me to repeat. By this time, the ring of the alarm has changed... My co-worker is waiting for me... So I told him again what I did. Then he tells me what I should do instead and that I should be careful and blablabla... There's only my co-worker and me left on my floor, he's waiting... my supervisor is babbling and finally...

Sup: Okay, you can run now.

THANK YOU!! It was kind of funny at the moment... I mean, sure, we all thought it was a false alarm... but seriously!!! Seriously!!

So that was pretty much my day yesterday... and oh, my experiment still didn't work :( Looks like I'll have to come in this week-end... NOOOO :(


  1. LOL< it's a good thing that you were not being tested on how fast you reacted to the alarm.

  2. Let's see where to start...

    1. Your building security people didn't freak out that you weren't leaving the building?

    2. Your supervisor kept you on the phone on purpose??? What's up with that?

    3. I was in my B&N today and there wasn't no stinkin' Kresley Cole book out!!!

  3. It's official your Sup is mean.

    You're a great employee though cause I would have told him to call back when I wasn't completely distracted by a blaring alarm and the security guard (sure, make one up) waving at me like I'm an idiot.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to hibernate but to no avail. People are so expecting things of me. When did this happen?


  4. Seneca - LOL, I know!

    Rosie - Pfffft, not even sure they realized not everyone was out.

    2. Yep. He's a workaholic... totally dedicated and motivated. Make me sick.

    3. Oh no!! I'm sorry!! (I'm almost done with it :P)

    Cindy - He is mean... bleh, I feel really sick at the moment. I hate how he always need to find a person to blame...

    LOL, it happened when you were in a good mood and pay attention to people :P

  5. I'm green Nath, just green. I'm going hunting for the Cole this weekend.
    Hope you don't have to work. :(

  6. Yer it!! Take your time - just something to post if you can't figure anything else out. You know, when you aren't busy ;)


  7. Leslie - Did you get your hands on it?

    Cindy - Yeah, I will... :)

  8. I did get it! It's soooo pretty. I'm reading it and Morning Glory for the reread challenge. Weird combination but both very good. :)