Saturday, January 31, 2009

Re-Read Challenge: January!

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Here we go... First month into the challenge :) Excited? LOL.

If you're new to this blog and don't know what is the Re-Read challenge, you can find out here :)

Meanwhile, let see what people have been re-reading and what they thought of it :D The official date for the challenge is tomorrow, January 31... but since it's a Saturday and blogland is usually quiet, I've decided to post the link now... So people who are organized and don't do things at the last minute (i.e. people unlike me LOL) could post their link right away.

So if you've done your re-read, don't forget to post the link in the comment section :)

Since the end of the month turns out to be a week-end, I'll give everyone an extension to post the review ;) You have till Monday to do so :) Then, I'll have the draw for the 10$ prize :)

Rowena: Can you Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella
Isabel: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
AmyC: The Bride Finder by Susan Carroll
Renee: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Seneca: Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe
Ames: Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson
Jace: A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clark
Taja: The Love Potion by Sandra Hill
Kristie: Cool Shade by Theresa Weir
Lori: Sweetheart, Indiana by Suzanne Simmons
Tracy: Winterbourne by Susan Carroll
Zeek: Spell of a Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
Kmont: The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey
me aka Nath: Homeport by Nora Roberts
Li: Powder and Patch by Georgette Heyer
Kris: Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson
Jenn: Tapestries series, books 1 to 3 by NJ Walters
Leslie: Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer
Angela's entry
Wandergurl: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole
Jill: To Die For by Linda Howard
Brie: The Brider Finder by Susan Carroll
Jan: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
Rosie: Letters to Kelly by Suzanne Brockmann
Nikki: One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley


  1. I have my post up!!!

  2. I did mine a few weeks ago. Hopefully that means I'll be on top of things every month.

  3. Great job, gals!

    Mine was done a few weeks ago, but I'm waiting for tomorrow to put it up.

  4. I had mine scheduled to be posted tomorrow, but since I got nothing for today, I may as well put it up! ;-P

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  6. Woohoo! Here is mine.

  7. I posted mine!!

  8. I posted mine:

  9. Mine's posted!

  10. mine's up!

    A perennial reread for me! (And I STILL loved it!)

  11. Mine is up as well.

  12. Well you've already got mine up on your list but I'll be a good girl and follow the rules by posting the link. :)

  13. Err... mine isn't posted. I'm rubbish. But I did post about what I meant to re-read. LOL.

  14. hey nath, after an interruption by a soccer game (Oldest;'s team is first in their division), I finally got to post my review. It is here:

  15. Kmont, I haven't thought of that book in a long time. good read.

  16. Mine's up now, I was supposed to post it last night and got side tracked.

    Better a little late than never.

  17. Here's mine ~

  18. I didn't sign up to participate, so you can leave me out of the drawing, but I found out about the challenge today and decided to participate anyhow. I'll keep going for the rest of the year, if I manage it!

  19. Here you go:

  20. I'm late, but I have a good excuse! Anyway, here it is:

  21. Here is my post--a little late...