Thursday, January 01, 2009

Re-Reading Challenge is officially starting... NOW!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Hope 2009 is going to be a wonderful reading year for everyone!! Yay!!

To start off the year, here is the list of participants who have accepted the Re-Reading Challenge :D First, a few things though :D

Here is the icon to the Re-Read Challenge. Thank you very much to Jill for making it!! It was really appreciated :D It'd be fun if the challengers put it in their sidebar :)

*EDIT: Seriously, I don't know where's my brain. For the icon, I'd like to thanks Jill for making it, but also Sherry from La Cerise Verte for letting us use her picture! Sherry, thank you very much!

Also, let me recap the rules :D

1. The book you choose for the challenge must be one that you've already read :D

2. Review must be posted on the last day of the month.

3. At the end of each month, I'll put up a post for the Re-Read Challenge. Please post the link to your review in the comment section - this way, it'll be easier to keep track of all reviews so everyone can find them easily and enjoy them :D

To sweeten the deal, I'll give away a 10$ gift certificate each month to one challenger. I'll draw the winner among the challengers who will have posted their review link as requested in rule #3. The gift certificate is to whichever bookstore the winner wants, provided that I can purchase the gift certificate online and send it by e-mail.

*WARNING: if you don't post your review link in the comment section, you won't be eligible for the draw. I'm sorry, but this is supposed to be fun :D I don't feel like running after all the reviews, especially not knowing at what time you'll post it. This makes it easier for me :D

So here is the list of participants!! Thanks everyone to participating :D I have to admit that, there were more people than I expected! But that's only going to make it more fun :D

1. Ames
2. Kara
3. Lori (from Let's Gab and I Just Finished Reading... and Living in the House of Testosterone)
4. KMont
5. Zeek
6. Amy C
7. Li
8. Nikki
9. Kristie (J)
10. Rowena (from Book Binge and Coffee House Banter)
11. Kris
12. Jace
13. Isabel
14. Jenn
15. Leslie
16. Samantha
17. Kat O+ & Wandergurl (from Book Thingo --> reading list here)
18. Renee (from Renee's Book Addiction)
19. Brie
20. Seneca
21. Anne (from Let's Gab and I Just Finished Reading...)
22. Taja
23. Jill
24. Kate Diamond
25. Ann-Kat
26. Tracy
27. Jan
28. Book Dragon
29. Bookwormom
30. Angela
31. me :D

Honorary participants

Holly (from Book Binge and What Were You Expecting?

So I declare the Re-Reading Challenge 2009 officially starting!!

Let's have fun :D


  1. Wonderful, Nath. Looking forward to this challenge. :-D

  2. Cool! I just got my re-read book in the mail the other day. It's been so long I can't even remember what happened to my original copy. Here's to hoping I can keep up with the challenge! And remember the drawings. Oh dear.....

  3. Yeah! Let the fun begin. I've been going through my books and I still can decide which one to reread first.

  4. Awesome! I can't wait to see what everyone rereads! And Kristie, you just read Broken Wing, so you can't read it again yet... wait till Februuary, LOL!!

  5. I'm ready!

    I've been wanting to reread the Mercy Thompson series (esp Iron Kissed) to get ready for the next in the series coming out Feb 3, so the timing on this is perfect. :-)

  6. I think I might join in. I will make a final decision later today and be back to let you know!

  7. I'm looking forward to this too!

  8. Accckkkk!!! You're asking me to work with HMTL!!! OK - if you give me detailed directions on how to put it on the sidebar, I'll add it. I just tried and it didn't work so I'm missing something :(

  9. Woot! I'm pumped, so excited.
    It takes very little to get my juices flowing, as you can see, lol

  10. Great icon! 'll add it to my sidebar today.

    Hmmm, I wonder what my first re-read will be this month! It's rather exciting :).

    I wonder what every one else will reread. I look forward to browsing every ones choices by the end of the month.

  11. I added it to my side bar now I just need to decide what I'm going to Re-read.

    Decisions, Decisions... I think I'll start with something from Nora Roberts.

    Nath do the books need to print titles ir would an Ebook count as well?

  12. Holeee smackers!! That's a lot of participants. Good stuff Nath. :P

    Can't wait for it all to begin, and I have the perfect book.

  13. Kristi(J), if you still need help, I can send you the code to enter the icon in your sidebar and link it to this post. Email me at:

    kendamont at yahoo dot com.

    That is if you still need the help. :)

  14. I'm glad that everyone is excited!! LOL :)

    Jenn - I don't see any troubles with e-books :D

  15. Cool. I think i know what my first re read will be. :)

  16. Oh, I can't wait. I already have more than twelve books I want to re-read, LOL. The icon looks great! I'll add it tomorrow to my blog.


    "To sweeten the deal, I'll give away a 10$ gift certificate each month to one challenger."

    Nath, I must have skipped this in your initial post otherwise I wouldn't have signed up. I live in Europe so please leave me out of the monthly drawing. I'm sorry and thanks.

  17. Oh, this looks like a lot of fun. Plus, I've been kicking around my own little re-reading challenge (with a twist), so this would lots of fun. :D

    Hope you don't mind late participants...LOL

  18. Yay fun Ihave already started picking out re-read titles.

    What is the time limit between reads for it to count as a re-read? Just curiosity while I pick. I am getting ready to re-read the Tairen Souls books 1 and 2 so I can read 3. But if that is not long enough that is fine i have many others I want to read as well.
    Yay again :)

  19. Taja - Oh, I add the prize afterwards... but seriously, I really don't mind. If you win, I'll be glad to still give you the gift certificate. Honestly Taja :D If not, we can arrange something :D

    So where do you live exactly?

    Ann-Kat - hi there :D No problem... I already added you to the participants list :D

    What's your twist?

    Kris - I don't really care about the time between the first read and re-read. Of course, it'd be fun if it wasn't right after, you know :D If at least, there was a book read in-between. but seriously, no rules :D

  20. Hey Nath, I've been meaning to tell you yesterday ... please don't enter my name for the gift certificate draw. I'm participating in this for pleasure and that's enough for me; I don't want you to spend money on me. :-)

  21. Nath, I live in Germany.

    I thank you for your offer. I really appreciate it but the pleasure and fun is enough for me. Honestly. No worry! :-)

  22. Jace - LOL, I don't mind. Stop fretting :D It would be a pleasure... you didn't mind sending book thongs around the world... so please :P

    Taja - We'll see how it goes :D

  23. Hey Nath, Yay, the icon turned out nice :) Wow, look at all the participants. This is a great group of people. I look forward to this challenge. It was a great idea! I can't wait to read everyone's reviews.

  24. My friend and I are both doing the challenge on the same blog, so she'll post at the end of the month and I'll post on the first. Is this okay? We figured we'd be okay on a technicality since we're one day ahead of you guys! :-)

  25. Kat - Hi there :D it works for me :D No problem at all :D

    by the way, who's your friend?

  26. Good Luck, ladies!!

    I'll probably participate, too, but it'll be unofficially. I don't like the pressure of "challenges". lol

  27. Hey Nath,
    I know I'm a bit late getting back to you, but I've been collecting and deciding which challenges to participate in.

    As for the twist, I'll only be re-reading the books from my childhood. :D

    I've posted up all the details at TIR along with a list of the books I plan to read for this one (2009: The Challenges).

    Now I just need to get all the buttons up!

  28. She posts under the name Wandergurl. We'll be tracking our reading list here.

  29. This Re-reading challenge is such a great idea, nath. But I'm afraid since I only read a pitiful 61 novels in 2008, I'm going to pass this time around and try to focus on just stinkin' reading MORE books that I own but haven't ever cracked open. LOL!

    Have fun everyone, and I'm looking forward to reading all of your re-reading posts!!!

  30. Holly - I'll put you as honorary participant LOL :)

    Ann-Kat - Nice twist!! and LOL, from childhood... can't wait to see how you feel about them after all these years :D

    Kat - All righto :) Added Wandergurl to the list of participants :D

    Christine - Well, that is a good decision :) One must choose what to focus on :)

    Also, like I said, I don't have a life ^_^;

  31. Jill - Sorry I skipped your comment when I replied!!

    Yes, lot more participants than I expected! I'm really excited about it!! and thank you again for the icon! Yep, it turned out great! :D

  32. Thanks for letting me join this challenge, nath.

  33. Jan - No problem :D The more, the merrier right? :)

  34. Is it too late to join? I've already re-read FOUR books this month!

  35. Book Dragon - Nope, not too late :D I'll add you to the list :D

  36. Rereading is soooooooooo much fun! Great reason to do it. I have suggestions if anyone needs them ;)