Monday, January 05, 2009

The year 2008 in review...

Yes, I'm still here and alive! (just in case you were wondering, LOL)

First, once again, Happy New Year to everyone!!! How was it to be back at work? I know, it sucked. Why do I even bother asking. Sigh.

Okay, so let see... So many reasons why I was MIA. First, I was working on the new template over at Breezing Through. Check it out if you still haven't! Please let me know if there's any bugs or something that isn't working well/isn't looking good.

Then, I was busy reviewing Broken Wing with Chantal and Ames... Let me tell you, the amount of e-mails that has been exchanged for the new look over at BT and the review... Let just say that I had difficulty keeping up with my other tasks!

Of course, since it was a holiday, there was hanging out with my friends, catching up on sleep and going out with my sister... Every time I sat down to start my Best and Worst list, I got distracted, disturbed or interrupted... but I'm ready now!

First, I'd like to say that I am indeed working on my Best and Worst list; however, that will be posted over at BT once it's ready. Chantal has already done hers, so it's only Ames and me who've been dragging our feet. However, you can bet I'll be working on it... because Ames said that the last one to finish was a rotten egg. I am no rotten egg, LOL!

So, let see how 2008 was for me reading-wise :D

I read 207 books in 2008. That's about 20 more books than last year. I have to say I'm very pleased with myself, especially since I was a consistent reader. I'd go on binge... read a lot at the beginning or end of the month. Not at all during the week and read 3 books during the week-end. One of my problem though in 2008 is that I became obsessed more with the number of books read instead of what I was reading... which dimmed my enjoyment. Hopefully, I will have learned something and won't repeat the mistake in 2009. I hope that having the re-read challenge will help. By the way, for those who are keeping track of the books read, should re-read counts?

Something I found really unfortunate in the past year was the lack of wowzers. Of course, I read some good books, but no wowzer. When I'm bored and don't know what to read or need to get out of slumpville, I reached out to books I've read in 2007... none of my reads in 2008 had a big of an impact as Virgin River or Demon Angel or Warprize or Count to Ten, just to name a few.

One of the good thing in 2008 though is that I kept it varied. I read quite a few of historicals and urban fantasy.

I participated to two challenges: Keishon's TBR challenge and the Fall challenge. I was successful in the TBR challenge, but not in the Fall Challenge. Although if I go back, I've probably read some books that fit the categories I'm missing. What I'm still not good at is to read books that are pre-selected, for whatever reasons. Even if I'm the one doing the selection ^_^;

So that's about it for me at the moment :D Stay tuned for the Best and Worst list coming up soon :D


  1. I became obsessed more with the number of books read instead of what I was reading

    Nath, I think that's why I didn't review as much this year. I didn't want to put up any old review just to say I reviewed something. Even some of the really good books I read didn't inspire me to post about them.

    And you're right. I don't remember reading anything that made me fall out of my chair this year. Some really really good books, true, but nothing that sent me on a Quest ala Kristie. Which is a shame, isn't it? Except that I enjoy the reading time because it's me time, so I'm happy with whatever I read, really. Easy to please, I am...

  2. My sister (who reads) and I were talking about this same thing over the holidays. We read some good books this year but nothing that put us in raptures. I am, however, very grateful for discovering Ann Aguirre, Jodi Thomas, Jenna Kernan and Carla Kelly this year. With the exception of Ann Aguirre they've all been around for awhile and I just found 'em!

  3. Sorry to hear that the push you gave yourself to read more dimmed your enjoyment. I hope you are able to enjoy all your reading time this :)

    Re-reads absolutely DO count. I do and will count them.

    Since you like historicals less than you do contemporaries will you try to read more contemps this year? And was it a little self challenge to read more of a genre that you are not overly fond of last year with the historicals?

    (BTW, wait to answer these questions only after you have finished your best and worst list. *whip*)

  4. I can't read books that are pre-selected, either, so I know exactly what you mean!

    I also agree with above, rereads do count. :)

  5. Wow 207 books!!!! I count my re reads. :)

  6. I count re-reads too! I have a hard time reading pre-selected books - that is why I chose a bunch of challenges that let you pick as your go. I am such a mood reader - I think that is why I always have more than one book going at a time.

  7. The amount of books you read last year puts mine to shame. I had an okay reading year, nothing really stellar came my way, but I did enjoy a good number of books.

  8. Lori - Isn't it sad that there was no wowzer. Actually, I might have one, but it's not one I'll re-read over and over again...

    I think it's unfortunate that we put so much pressure on ourselves to read and review more... sigh.

    Rosie - Yeah, I got a couple of good new authors as well. It wasn't a total loss of a year :D

    By the way, I'm glad that you came to comment :D

    Seneca - LOL, then I'll count them this year :D

    I'd like to read more contemporaries, but I'm limited by the market, because there are less contemp than historicals released...

    So it wasn't a challenge... it was just a second option, although I do like some of the authors and will seek them :D

    I'm done, I'm done!!

    Kailana - LOL that's good to know... I'll start counting them too then :D

    Even if I end up reading the pre-selected, I'm not objective, because I feel obligated.

    Isabel - Yep, that's without re-reads and manga... I don't have a life LOL :)

    Kara - That's smart... I'm a moody reader as well... my pick will depend on my mood and what I just bought.

    Brie - No, your number is very respectable. Just remember I don't have a family to take care of... so I have more free time :D

  9. I became obsessed more with the number of books read instead of what I was reading

    Yep. Have been having this problem for a few years. I got to the point where I would be reading a really great book and want it to be over so I could blog, count and post about it. And since that's not the point of reading I'm trying to clean up my mental mess.

    I didn't join the re-read challenge only because I joined the TBR challenge and didn't even get 1 done!! It was definitely embarrassing and since I want to enjoy reading, I don't want to commit to anything this year.

    I'm going old school. I have to finish what I read. If I only read 1 book this year it will be the one I started a few days ago. This was how I got out of my other major slump many years ago. I'm hoping this will help me find new authors and new favourite reads.

    Oh, and I've never read 207 books in a year. I don't read fast at all - and yes, I see you know now but re-reads absolutely count!



  10. 207- I'm impressed! I counted a re-read to reach 101. :)

    I'm looking forward to your Best and Worst list.

  11. Cindy - Happy New Year Cindy!! Where have you been?

    LOL, yeah, I understand the whole read, count and review :D It's fun... and when you don't have much to do in your life...

    Well, you can be an honorary participant if you want :D

    Good luck on your reading this year, hopefully, you'll get bit by reading bug!!

    Taja - ^_^; I don't have a life... also, you're a gamer right? So you have to find a balance between reading and gaming LOL :)

    101 is a good number :D

  12. I think I get obsessed sometimes with the number too. I have so many unread that I just want to read, read to get the number down, but then more are added. *Sigh* Oh well :).

    For me there was one set of books I read in 08 that was a total wowzer! The Aspect of Crow trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready. I actually bought three sets as Christmas gifts for friends. I absolutely loved them!

  13. 207 Books read is an amazing accomplishment, Nath! Congrats! :)

    I see we've joined a few of the same reading challenges, so I'm sure we'll be 'bumping into each other' a lot in 2009. Happy Reading! :)

  14. Amy C - LOL, when it comes to my TBR pile, I think ignorance is bliss!! LOL :)

    I got the Aspect of Crow trilogy, all 3 books. I'm gathering strength to read it ^_^; It happens sometimes... I need to be in the right mood for it :D

    Christine - Thanks Christine :D Happy reading to you as well :D

  15. Yes, I'm a gamer although the "g" in "gamer" was a very small one last year. *cough* :)