Monday, January 26, 2009

Score! Score! Score!

So last week was a long week; however, I got a few great surprises at the end that re-energized and cheered me up :) Believe me, it was much needed!! LOL.

If you've read my post here, you know that I've been trying to be patient and not go to the bookstore, because I have a 5$ off coupon for any purchases over 35$ in January. Since the coupon is actually online (here - Chapters/Indigo/Coles), I can basically just print and use it as many times as I want. Alas, the problem was there were no book to buy!! Well, well, well... problem was resolved last week!!

Basically, I stalked Chapters/Indigo online, checking for books on the online indicator. Some of the clerks must wonder how I always call the day where they just put out the books, LOL. Well the answer is easy, I check every single day... more than once ^_^; Anyway, it paid off last Wednesday because this book showed up:

and that meant, all the Mira and HQN books showed up as well!! Yay :) So in addition to Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr, I got...

Kristan Higgins has become one of my auto-buy author, because I love her previous books... Fools Rush In and Just One of the Guys. Too bad she's only releasing one book a year. Sigh. Ransom My Heart, well that's because of Rowena and Katiebabs who loved it :) Between the Devil and Desire by Lorraine Heath and Fireside by Susan Wiggs, those two, I have to admit, were surprises to me. I somehow missed Between the Devil and Desire when it came out... and I had no idea about Fireside!! I bet that Fireside is considered fiction and not romance, so when I was making my list, it slipped past me. Anyway, I like both authors so that's why I picked it up :) As for the Maureen McKade... well, I needed 35$ (although at this point, I was way past LOL) and then, I want to read Mail Order Bride by this author... Only problem is can't find it at the bookstore, so I'll settle for another of her books... which turned out to be Where There's Fire. Also, you can never have enough romantic suspense... right? LOL :)

Then, I went to buy manga! Oh manga!! The series I follow in French are actually imported by France... So here, in Montreal, I'm always one to two months behind the release dates in France... which is okay. The only thing is when Christmas or summer vacations come, then, for some reasons, the shipping is late... So basically, I haven't bought any mangas since... November!! and that's an extremely long time. Anyway, long story short, I got my hands on:

- Hanakimi, vol 23... This was the final volume and I was able to buy the deluxe version!! It basically comes with a different cover than original, a magnet and notepad!! Cool LOL :) This is a shoujo manga about a Japanese girl from California who admires an athlete boy in Japan. In order to get to know the boy, she passes herself as a boy and enters the same boarding school as him. Very cute story, was hugely popular in Japan :)

- Full Metal Alchemist, vol 19... This is one great series!! If you have a chance to read it, go for it. The manga version is much better than the anime. Basically the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse who taught themselves alchemy from the books their father left behind. When their mother died, Ed and Al tried to bring her back using alchemy - which is forbidden. As a result, Al's body disappeared... Luckily, Ed was able to attach Al's soul to an armor; however, he paid a heavy price - a leg and an arm. Both brothers are now looking for the philosopher's stone in the hope they'll be able to get back their bodies... However, something much bigger is going on. Really good series!

- One Piece, vol 46... Yep, volume 46 and it doesn't look like it'll end soon. Doesn't matter though, because this is another awesome series :) Story is basically about pirates and their adventures... Volume 46 starts a new story arc which isn't the greatest... but as a whole, I just love this series :) Lots of series go through ups and downs, so far, One Piece had a lot more ups... and the story arcs are damn good and clever!

- Yakitate Japan! vol 19... This series is just hilarious. It's about a boy, Azuma, who becomes a baker and dreams to make a bread that will represents Japan. Seriously, it sounds boring... but manga can make any subjects sound interesting. Love this series, but I have to admit that the first 2 story arcs were much better.

- Samurai Deeper Kyo artbook. This is a series I finished a while back... now, they are releasing the artbook. Have to admit, I'm really glad they are releasing the artbook, even though it's a bit pricey... I mean, have you seen the art (the image on the right is from Samurai Deeper Kyo)? How can you not want it? Especially when you have 38 volumes of the series? LOL :)

You'd think that would be enough in a week... or at least a night? Right? Well nope... because there was another book that I wanted available... Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. Yep, this one turned out quite early last week (Monday or Tuesday)... Thing is, I needed 35$ to use the 5$ coupon... and the book is a hardcover. Now, if I ordered it online, I would have saved a bit more money... but I would need to find other books so my order would total more than 39$ to get the free shipping... Plus, I'd have to wait till January 27 at least so it wouldn't be considered a pre-order and I wouldn't have to pay the extra shipping fee of 5.99$... See my dilemma here? Order online, save a bit of money but have to wait... or buy it at the bookstore and save less, but instant gratification... I'll let you guess what I chose, LOL :)

To make 35$, in addition of Men of the Otherworld, I got Witch Heart by Anya Bast.

Seriously, there's no bigger thrill in my life at the moment than to get my hands on books before their release date... it sounds pathetic, but that's how it is... Sooooo... on Friday, when I checked for Kill for Me by Karen Rose and realized that the bookstore had received 4 copies... I couldn't resist and went on a hunt LOL :) I have to admit, Kill For Me was a bit more tricky to find... Unlike Men of the Otherworld, I showed up at the bookstore on the exact same day it showed on the online indicator... and the bookstore which received it is not one known to be fast to unpack... so after checking the shelves (as if it would be there) and all the carts... there were only two boxes left. Quick peek... it's not in the first one... Look around for any clerk, none in view. Quickly moved the box and look into the second one... and YES!! There it was, Kill For Me! LOL.

What I got in addition to make it 35$?

I blame The Solomon Sisters Wise Up by Melissa Senate on Rowena again, LOL :) But then, for 5$, it's a bargain :) Falling In Love by Pauline Trent was a bit of an impulse buying. Never read her book, but again, it was cheap... 5$ too. The Briar King, well I was looking for a new fantasy to read and it seemed to fit the bill... finally, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, well that was for my sis. She saw the movie on Thursday night and was curious about the story.

So that's all the books I bought... now, I just have to read them :) I've already finished Men of the Otherworld... I'm half-way through Second Chance Pass... and I finished my re-read book :) So all is going well :)

Now, I'm on the look out for Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs... or perhaps I should order online?


  1. Holy Crap Nath! That's a lot of books. Wow, you really did good didn't you. I don't have as much disposible income as I would like to spend on books. But you go girl!

  2. You did score a lot of books! I'm jealous.

  3. Excellent Score!
    I LOVE finding books that aren't supposed to be released out! Although I hear it screws up the counts for making the bestseller lists?
    ANYWAYS, I found Pride (Rachel Vincent) the other day at Chapters and of course I had to scoop that up!

  4. wHOA Good Haul! Jealous of the Men of the Otherworld snag- is this the first one in that series? (I'm still working on Women of the Otherworld!)

    I'm looking forward to Bone Crossed too- is the official release soon- I've seen a review but I'm assuming the lady had an arc ...

    I'm behind on Karen Rose- JUST picked up Scream for Me this weekend ...

  5. You DID score a ton of books! Way to go! If you enjoy Robyn Carr, there are a bunch of her books, including nearly all the rest of the Virgin River series, at my favorite book-swapping site, A lot of your other favorites are there, too. It's hard to beat the deal you got, though!

  6. Great haul Nath and I'm very jealous you got the Karen Rose already. I can't wait for that one.

    I have a copy of the coupon in my purse, still waiting. :(

  7. Wow!! Great score, i am so jealous!! You definitely have to let us know what you thought about those. Looking forward to the Robyn Carr and the Armstrong. Happy Reading :)

  8. WOOT! What a score.

    I'm super excited for the new Mercy book. The Bone Crossed cover is hawt!

    I need to get that new Robyn Carr book. A few others on your list look good, too.

    Happy reading :)

  9. Color me seriously jealous!! I'm dying for the Karen Rose (haha, no pun intended).

    The McKade was pretty good, and I wanted to throw the Heath against the wall for the first few chapters, I disliked both characters so much. But it got a lot better. Stick with it. And you're right, wherever you can find Mail Order Bride, get it. I think I sent my copy to Jen, but not sure. I'll look for it...

  10. How I live vicariously through you ;) I have nothing better to do now than to spend a few hours in my favourite book store seeing if I can find anything tempting. And you have given me quite an eye full!

    Glad you had such a great time and found the books you were looking for. Now. Did you find Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood? I know, a few months early but you have a wicked way with unearthing the undiscoverable!!


  11. You got a lot of great books! I actually read Men of the Otherworld and my review is up on my blog today. :) It was good! Isn't the 5.99 for pre-orders ridiculous? I am very unimpressed. I wanted to pre-order Briggs new book but I was not paying for the shipping! I would just wait and buy it at the store, but it is hardcover, so it will be way cheaper online...

  12. Greatness! That's a lot of books. I wish I could buy that many without feeling the pinch.

    I've been eyeing Second Chance Pass, and was going to get it but now I'm glad I waited. I want to see what you think of it first. :)

    I did pick up Kill For Me, I'm halfway through Die For Me and really liking it so I wanted to go ahead and get this book in the series, too.

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  14. Jill - I know ^_^; It just came out all at the same time, especially at the manga. But then, it's good. It cheered me up and I won't have to wonder what to read in the next few days :)

    The joy of still being single and having no or not many responsibilities :) More money to spend on books LOL :)

    Isabel - Awww, don't be.

    Natasha - Isn't it fun when it happens? It's become my thrill LOL :) Only thing is sometimes, I really need to search hard to get the book, even if the bookstore has it in store. Sigh.

    Zeek - This is not a new series. Men of the Otherworld is a compilation of Kelley Amrstrong's online novellas and most of them have men as narrator (as opposed to women in the Women of the Otherworld series).

    Hmmm, I didn't like the last Mercy Thompson that much... so I'm not in a hurry. LOL, actually, I just checked and one of the bookstore has just received it! but I think, this time, I'll be a good girl and wait to order it online... cheaper that way.

    Enjoy the Karen Rose :) I'll be reading Kill for Me soon... but not just yet.

    Charlotte - hi Charlotte :D Welcome to my blog, I think it's the first time I see you comment :)

    Is Bookins open to people living in Canada? Although, I don't know, but with the exchange rate, it's almost the same as buying the book :)

    I got most of Ms Carr's backlist, but thanks for pointing the website out to me :D

    Ames - LOL, I have 4 copies of the coupons in my purses!! haha. I love it when you can print it out :)

    Kris - I'll be reviewing them very soon :)

    Seneca - I know! I was sooo happy, it really made my week :)

    Yep, the cover of Bone Crossed is really nice :) Wonder what's going to happen :)

    I hope you enjoy the new Robyn Carr :)

    Lori - I'm dying for the Karen Rose

    LOL :)I'm glad you enjoyed the McKade! I haven't heard about it on blogland, just decided to give it a try. I read one of her books earlier and thought it was okay.

    Hmmm, I need to go to the UBS to look for Mail Order Bride.

    I'll keep reading the Heath no matter what!

    Cindy - Happy to provide you some entertainment :)

    LOl, no, haven't seen Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood. Usually, books come it perhaps one week early... sometimes, if I'm really lucky, 2 weeks... so it's still too early :)

    Brie - I wish you could too!! But as I told Jill, that's the joy of still being single and have no responsibilities :)

    I'll review Second Chance Pass very soon :) If you enjoyed Preacher and Mike's books, you should enjoy this one :)

    Kill For Me or Scream for Me? I thought Scream for Me was better than Die for Me :)

    By the way, congrats on winning the ARC for Angel's Blood!!

  15. Kailana - Men of the Otherworld was a great book no? I'm going to review it soon ;)

    As for 5.99$ for the pre-orders... it sucks, but I kind of understand why they're doing. I would have liked it to be less though.

  16. I'm reading Die For Me, but I have Scream For Me and now Kill For Me. I'm looking forward to reading both after I finish the current one.

    And thanks, I'm enjoying Angels Blood so far.

  17. Oh wow, what a haul! Lots of good books. I'm particularly curious what you think about The Briar King (read it) and Higgins book (obviously didn't read it yet).

    Aren't those off coupons...the best thing? :)

  18. Brie - LOL, I wasn't sure if it was Kill for Me or Scream for Me :) Well seems like I'm not the only one who scored :)

    I'm glad you're out of your slump!! and lucky you, Angel's Blood!!! Can't wait to read your review!

    Taja - Did you like The Briar King? I just picked this one up on impulse... I don't know anything about it (any romance in it? gosh, I hope yes!).

    Coupons are great!! LOL :) Gotta love them!

  19. Nath, I read The Briar King back in 2004 and honestly, I don't remember much (which is why I said I'm curious about your opinion). So I can't say for sure about a romance either.

    I haven't bought the sequel, but I know I thought about it then. As far as I remember, I liked the prologue but thought that the story had the problem of having many plots and was on the whole not that original.

    An okay read - my opinion. There are many favorable reviews around. I think I'm actual in the minority. :)

  20. Taja - LOL, quite frankly, I have no idea when I'll get to it... but I'll try :)

    It seems to me though that any fantasy series out there, usually get fans.

  21. What a delightful shout out. Thank you. Even if you don't review it here, I hope you will stop over at my site and drop me a line letting me know what you think.

    ~ Pauline