Monday, October 05, 2009

Belated Monthly Reads - September 2009

I have soooo many things to blog about... and I just can't find the time to do it :(

First of all, I'm feeling much better. Sinus infection seems to be gone, yay!! A big thank you to Leslie for her trick with the hot compress. That really helped and saved me :) One of my teeth - a wisdom tooth - still hurts from time to time though, mostly when I open my mouth really big. I wonder now if I have a cavity or not. Yesterday (Sunday), I was feeling quite dizzy - started worrying if it was sinus infection affecting my ears... but it seems to be gone. So feeling better, but still not a 100% :( Hopefully, I'll be back in full shape very soon :)

I'm going to a wedding next Saturday and guess what? Found a very pretty dress!! Phewwww, talk about crunch time. There's a story behind it, but that's for another post. I'll post a pic of it :D I can wear the shoes I bought for Holly's wedding - that's the best thing LOL :P Now, I just need to find a strapless bra and what jewelry to wear with it... Sigh.

There's something I did this week-end that I want to blog about very badly. I'll definitively try to do it soon, although it'll ruin a surprise I have for some people ^_^; However, I'm afraid if I wait more, I'll forget about it... That'd be a pity. So I guess I'll have to give it away... but that's not for today.

Today or actually tonight (of course, by the time this post goes up, it'll be tomorrow... Confused? :P), I want to FINALLY post my monthly reads for September! I'm a few days late, but better than never, right?

1) Broken by Megan Hart: B+

I'm still not sure whether I'll review this or not. Turns out this was supposed to be my TBR challenge entry, but I forgot ^_^; I know, pathetic of me LOL. All in all though, I enjoyed my first Megan Hart. The story was very poignant and it's very different than other erotica I've read. Much more depth.

2) Fade to Black by Leslie Parrish: B/B+

Fade to Black was quite good actually. Lots of comparison made between Leslie Parrish and Karen Rose - which is why I picked up the book. I have to agree. Very good with great pacing. Definitively worth the try :D

3) Pitch Black by Leslie Parrish: B-/B

Many enjoyed Pitch Black even more than Fade to Black. I did enjoy the characters very much, but I wanted a little more from every aspect - story, characterization, suspense and so on. I also think this was a case of me more than the book... Just couldn't focus on it :( Gotta say though, I thought the romance was better in this one :D

4) Duchess by Night by Eloisa James: B+

5) At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker: C

I picked up the newest Olivia Parker release and realized that I didn't remember anything of At the Bride Hunt Ball... which is why I re-read it. The book has potential, but it really falls flat in the second half. I just didn't get the hero's fascination for the heroine and why suddenly, he would decide to marry her. It also seems to me the heroine lost sight of her goals :( Oh by the way, having suffered from a bruised ankle not so long ago, I cannot imagine the heroine sneaking around with a sprained ankle. Didn't like the stepmother... but worst, re-reading At the Bride Hunt Ball, I didn't feel like reading the next book. Oups ^_^;

6) His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik: A

7) Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews: B++

This is another re-read... and I cheated, mostly focused on the second half of the book which is the most interesting. Definitively looking forward to the next book... and I just found out it was coming out in June. Why, oh why?!?!

8) Burn by Linda Howard: B+

9) Goddess of Hunt by Tessa Dare: B

Buddy review with Ames coming up at Breezing Through.

10) Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips: B

Still undecided whether I'll review this or not. Basically, I really enjoyed the first half of the book, but the second half was a bit disappointing :( I really loved the relationship between the H/H. I believed it... I would have liked the second book to focus even more on their relationship and how they would work out the trust issue. The suspense was weak, the curse a tad ridiculous... I did like that the heroine came clean to the hero early on. She didn't hide eternally. Still... couldn't have been better.

11) Wicked All Day by Liz Carlyle: C

Hmmm, the plotline was quite original... but I guess it just didn't work for me :( Hero is in love with heroine for a couple of years, but has been treating her very coldly (didn't realize his feeling). Heroine is getting desperate... she either has to marry or will be sent back to Scotland where she'll die of boredom. She gets into a compromising situation with her best friend, the hero's younger brother... and ended up engaged to him... but he loves another. It would have worked just so much better if the heroine and her fiance had talked things out. Instead, the fiance really acted like an a$$ :(

This is sort of a sequel of My False Heart - the heroine is Zoe Armtrong, the daughter of the hero in My False Heart. I guess I was expecting something and just didn't get it :(

12) Tempted at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas: B

Review to come.

13) Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong: A-

Review to come.

So again, 13 books this month. It's a bit on the low side for me :( I blame being sick and having my routine completely turned upside down :( Problem is, I don't think it'll get better this month T_T But at least, I'll try :D

My big accomplishment in September is I actually reviewed all the books read in August. Seriously Jill, I don't know how you do it!! LOL :) Also, I reviewed more books in September then I thought... Cool :D

So anyway, more posts coming soon :D


  1. 13 books is low?!? :)

    I loved Fade to Black and want to read the other two!

  2. You did good, nath! I just finished reading At the Bride's Hunt Ball this weekend and agree with your grade. I enjoyed some parts of it, but overall was frustrated by the plot. :(

    Can't wait to read your thoughts on Tempt Me at Twilight by Kleypas. :)

  3. 13 books is fabulous Nath! LOL

    Lori is sending me the Parrish and Dare books--can't wait to read them given all the buzz.

    I've also got Novik and Andrews on my TBR list. Your grades move them up that list a bit.

    And I plan on picking up Carlyle and Kleypas' new ones next grocery trip.

    So it's like I'm shadowing you, LOL.

    Good to see you get this many titles in and I hope you continue to feel better!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed Broken. It's my favorite megan hart. I love Joe.

  5. Yeah! Your first Megan Hart. LOL I love her books because they are so different. Broken is my favorite so far and I loved Stranger too.

    13 would be great for me. I only read 9 + 2 audio books. I could probably count a few more if I combined all the ones I've started but haven't finished yet. :)

  6. Good list! I liked The Bride Hunt Ball. Sorry you didn't care for it the second time. I have the next one on my shelf and am looking forward to reading it.

    See you soon!!!

  7. I loved the Parrish books (which you already knew!) and of course, the Dare as well.

    I actually really liked the Lucky series from Carly Phillips - all three of them, which was a surprise and a relief to me. I read it and took it at face value. Yeah, the curse was ridiculous, but it was the premise for the series. It was what I've come to enjoy from Phillips - a cute fluffy read.

    And of course, Broken is just the opposite, but a fabulous read.

    The new Kleypas is still sitting on my nightstand. Don't know why, but I've picked up everything else first. Huh.

    And if I reviewed everything I read, I'd have to quit my day job, LOL!

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better and you have me all excited about what happened this weekend. Can't wait to see the dress and 13 books is great!


  9. I love Megan Hart's novels. They are rather different, IMO. I'm glad you enjoyed Broken. :) And I'm looking forward to your buddy review of Tessa Dare's novel.

    13 books? You know what I'll say. *g*

    *waiting for the dress picture*

  10. Mandi - LOL, for me, yes 13 is on the low side :) Not extremely low, but a bit low :P

    For some reasons, I don't feel like reading the third book in the Black Cat series. I didn't like Lily too much :(

    Hilcia - Thanks Hilcia :D

    At the Bride's Hunt is okay. It's kind of cute, but it got dragging a little.

    LOL, I hope I remember what I thought of Tempt Me at Twilight! ^_^;

    Jennifer - Thanks Jennifer :D

    Haha, it's nice to have someone shadowing me :D I can't wait to find out what you thought of the books :D I hope you enjoy the Parrish and Dare books. Lots of buzz about these books online lately, but I thought they were just okay to good. Didn't wow me.

    I hope you get to read the Novik and Andrews eventually, really worth it :D

    Isabel - I'm glad I enjoyed it as well! I liked Joe as well. Sadie annoyed me from time to time.

    Leslie - I'll have to look for Stranger then :D

    I want to try out audio books, but they're just too expensive :(

    Tracy - Thanks Tracy :D The Bride Hunt Ball is cute and I did like it, but there are some slow parts.

    Let me know what you think of the 2nd one :D maybe that will make me pick it up! :D

    Lori - LOL, yes, I know you loved the Parrish books. I think that it's more a case of me than the books...

    I have the first two books of the Carly Phillips Lucky series... I'll probably go back and read the first one. I know they're books just to enjoy.

    I really enjoyed Broken. I knew her books were different, but just didn't know how different... but definitively a good different.

    Let me know what you think of the new Kleypas :D Maybe you're dreading it, afraid to be disappointed and that's why you didn't pick it up yet. I know that's what happens to me :D

    LOL, if only we could be professional reviewer... but then, it wouldn't be fun anymore, right?

    Cindy - LOL, post coming!!

    Taja - I agree with you Taja. That's what everyone kept saying and it's a good different :D

    LOL, no idea when the Tessa Dare buddy review's coming up, but it is... one day :D