Thursday, October 08, 2009


Life has been very hectic lately, both at work and at home... As a result, no time to read, no time to blog, no time to blog-hop T_T Seriously, it sucks :( I miss you all very much!!

Sorry I haven't replied to the comments I got... I will do that as soon as I get a minute. I have lots of things to say, but just no time :( I might not be around in the next couple of days either :(

All I have time now is to post pics of my dress:

And guess who this is? This is the person I got the pleasure to meet last week-end during a signing :D


  1. What?! You got to meet Kelley Armstrong and you are just now telling us!!! Oh my goodness, you must be REALLY busy, if so!

    I really like the blue color of your dress. When is the wedding? Well, have a good time!

  2. The dress is beautiful! Love the shade of blue. Have a great time at the wedding. :)

    Great pic of you and Kelley Armstrong. How exciting for you to meet her. :D

    I couldn't help but notice in one of the dress pics - Jackie Collins? Really nath? LOL

  3. very cute dress! I love the color.

  4. You are so going to rock that dress - it's gorgeous!! And getting to meet Kelly Armstrong is just cake!

    Take care and try not to get too busy ;)


  5. Your dress is beautiful Nath! I love that color..

    I hear you about being too busy to keep up. It is really hard sometimes.

    Wonderful that you met Kelly Armstrong.

    Take Care

  6. Oh, I love that color dress!

    And eh, I see Susan Andersen and Rachel Gibson in the background of your dress, lol!

    I hear you about lack of time. There's never enough hours in a day for me to do anything. I feel though if we could have more than 24hrs in a day, those extra hours would be spent working still!

  7. Kelley Armstrong!!! OMG. You have to tell more. Lucky girl.

    And I love the dress.

  8. Jill - YES!!!! LOL, I got to meet Kelley Armstrong! And yes, I've been extremely busy, it's not even funny! Good reason though, but I miss blogging, I miss reading and I miss sleeping :D

    Wedding is Saturday, October 10 - so today LOL :)

    So far, it's been fun just to be with my family :D

    Leslie - Thanks Leslie :D It actually looks a lot brighter in the picture. In reality, it's more a shade of blue-purple... but yeah, the color is very pretty.

    It was very exciting to meet Kelley Armstrong. She's just an awesome person :D

    And yes, Jackie Collins :D Seriously :) I read her when I was younger... I don't like her most recent books... but Hollywood Kids and Wives and Husbands... it was okay :D Also liked the first few books in the Lucky Santagelo books.

    Isabel - Thanks Isabel :D

    Cindy - Thanks Cindy!! LOL, hope it looks good tonight :D

    And yes, meeting Kelley Armstrong was just awesome :D

    Lea - Thanks Lea :) and yes, being busy is really hard!! T_T

    Tabitha - Thanks Tabitha :D

    LOL, yeah, fun how people notice the books behind! :P

    Actually, I don't mind being busy or lack of time, as long as I'm not stressed... however, busy and stress seems to go hand in hand. Sigh.

    Li - LOL, I know!!! I've been wanting to meet her forever, since she's Canadian and doesn't live that far from me.

    LOL, I'll post a pic of me in it later today :D