Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Book Buying Habit

Catching up on my blogging :) I want to write some reviews, but many will be for Breezing Through. There are few books I read earlier this month that I could write reviews for... but it seems so long ago ^_^; As a result, you get this post about my book buying habit. You'll have to thank Wendy since she's the one who got the ball rolling with this post :)

So my book buying habits. By now, everyone knows that the libraries around me have a poor book selection and that I buy 95% of my books. Not a secret either that I buy most of my books new, if possible as soon as they show up in the bookstore :P Yes, running after new releases have become an exciting part of my life LOL. I know, it sounds a bit sad and pathetic, but I'm telling you, it's challenging, LOL :)

What I Buy New - 70%

I buy most of my books new - hardcovers, trade-sizes and paperbacks. I don't have a family of my own yet and reading is pretty much my only hobby and thus, expense. As a result, I can afford spending lots of money on books. I try to limit my hardcovers purchases to absolute favorite authors and series... I also try to buy my HC and TS online where it's the cheapest, but I'm known to be impatient and I dislike paying 6.99$ for the pre-orders, so I end up buying them in-store, most of the time with coupons (so it's not so bad).

What I Buy Used - 25%

Used BookStores and bookfair/book sales. I'm not too discriminating about conditions... if I can get a cheaper prices, then it's all good :D Canadian prices of books fluctuate a lot according to CDN$ value. This year, the prices of books have been on the rise... so used books are great.

What I get at the Library - 4%

Yep, I do borrow books from the library. Not that many though, due to the poor selection ^_^; I live in the French province of Canada, so most of the budget is given to French books. However, they still get very popular authors and many hardcovers books, so that's a plus for me. (Although buying is a lot faster!! For some reasons, their processing is very, very slow, sigh.)

E-books, ARC, free books
- 1%

Hmmm, I don't buy e-books very often. More like once in a while. One day, I'll buy an e-reader... but for now, I'm waiting for the market to settle - i.e. format, e-readers, technology, pricing, etc. One thing that I find ridiculous at the moment is the price of e-books. Personally, if e-books are not a lot cheaper than paper books, then I don't think it's worth it. And please, please, please... all that green talk - ENOUGH! Am I evil if I use plastic bags? Am I evil if I like collecting paper books? I don't think so. Ugh, but I digress. This is definitively another topic.

I don't get many ARC or free books. Once in a while, I'll win a contest... but that's about it. And the chances are very slim as I don't enter many contests because LOL, going to buy the book myself is usually faster :D Yes, I know. I need to work on my patience ^_^;

So there you go. My book buying habits. Lately, it's been pretty much hit and run when I go to the bookstore. I have my TBB list and know what I want. I go in, pick up the book, buy and walk out. Not as much browsing and less impulse buys.


  1. I'm with you about the hit and run shopping habit. I don't do as much impulse buys anymore because space, time, and money is now much more a consideration. Why buy an unfamiliar book that I haven't checked out reviews or excerpts of (I prefer excerpts because it gives me more insight to the writing) when it's much more satisfying to buy what I know I will enjoy?

  2. Plastic bags, Nath!

    Even though I work in the epub industry, I've never bought into the green reason for buying e-books.
    Heck, trees that are cut to make paper are specifically grown for chopping and making paper.
    It's not the book industry that is killing the rain forests.

    Our library has a great selection, but I try to avoid touching anything that a lot of other people have touched. Blech.

  3. Tabitha - Well usually, if something looks interesting, I put it on my TBB list. So even then, it'll be hit and run. I also usually stop by the bookstore after work while picking up my sister, so time is a bit limited.

    But what you say is right, why take a risk on a new author or new book when you can research it beforehand.

    Seneca - I guess the main reasons people buy ebooks are instant gratification and saving space... but sometimes, they'll be some advocating the green reasons which I agree with you. I just can't believe a world without paper, seriously.

    You're lucky about the library LOL :)

  4. We should start calling our book collections a "forest" of books. :)

    I get a lot of books from the library but you're right about the new books - very slow to get them on the shelves.

    Love treasure hunting at the UBS. Found Laura Lee Guhrke's Conor's Way the other day. I think either you or Kristie have mentioned it being hard to find.

    Keep posting your book buying adventures - love reading them. :)

  5. Leslie - LOL, that'd be a nice word for it :D

    Ugh, your library cannot be as slow as mine, Leslie. It took almost 2 months for Linda Howard's Burn to be available for circulation... and it takes a week+ from the moment someone returns a book to the moment they call you to tell you your reservation is available. Seriously, a week!!! It's simply ridiculous.

    Ohhhh, you found Conor's Way?!? I still haven't read it yet, but it's Kristie's favorite LLG and yes, it's hard to find!!

    LOL, I plan on keep posting my book buying adventures, however, I don't think they'll be as exciting anymore as I plan to give the bookstore a list of new releases for them to put aside as soon as they get :D So there'll be less running around ;P

  6. I love reading about your new book quests too :-D

    I get most of my books new too, but e-books are making up a large proportion of my purchases nowadays. It's all about the instant gratification!

  7. Li - Seriously, I'm glad people enjoy them :P

    I know, instant gratification... Me too. However, I have to say, it is very rewarding to hold the book in your hand :)