Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My books from California...

LOL, the few days before I left for California, whenever I mentioned I was going on a trip to a blogger, they would ask me: "What books are you bringing with you?" LOL :) So these are the books I brought with me.

Here are the books I bought at Borders :D I'd like to precise that I can most probably find all these books in Montreal... however, they're a bit cheaper in the States... and well yes, some of them, I couldn't.

And here is what I found at the UBS :D I was so in awe, I forgot to take pictures of the store to share ^_^;

A lot of good finds: Iron Lace by Emilie Richards, Return Engagement by Lynn Michaels, A Reason to Live by Maureen McKade. The Susan Andersen is probably the only one I don't own... I've heard of it, but never actually seen a real life copy. I bought the old Kay Hooper's, because although they're being reprinted, these were cheaper LOL. I read The Dare by Elda Minger and enjoyed it, so hence The Fling. Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor, I got because it was on my list, thanks to Kristie :P Books by Kathleen Kane are courtesy of Cindy :D

So total: 27 books :D Not bad no? And Tracy, it did all fit in the suitcases :D I'm an expert packer LOL :P

EDIT: But guess what? I forgot to buy Mischief in Mudbug by Jana Deleon... and I really want to kick myself... because I've seen it at Borders and at the UBS... Renee even pointed it out, because she bought the first book... and I just looked at the book stupidly, thinking I had ordered it and it came in my last shipment... but I remember incorrectly. And it's a Dorchester book, so I won't be finding it here in-store before at least 2 months. Sigh ^_^;


  1. LOL! Congrats on your new books. You're right, 27 books are not bad. :D

    I should take heart and follow your example. Right now I'm agonizing over if I should get 15-20 books this month. I received several coupons off valid until November. If I don't get the books, I would "waste" money, wouldn't I? LOL

    Enjoy your books. :)

  2. Excellent haul Nath. :)

    I picked up "Indiscreet", last week. Was it a good read? I did like "Scandal".

    Enjoy your reads.

  3. Taja - I know! Not bad right? :P

    and haha, I have 3 more coupons that all expire at different dates in November... I'm going to do some planning, see which books I'll buy when and with which coupons ^_^;

    Lea - I haven't read Indiscreet yet. I actually haven't read Scandal yet either ^_^; but soon :P

  4. They're all so pretty. :) I haven't heard of many of the UBS authors. I did like Mckade's book and have Proctor's on my TBR pile. Kinsale is an old favorite.

    Nice bunch of books nath. Now you have to make room for them. :D

  5. Leslie - LOL, I know, pretty right? Right now, they're happily hanging out on the floor of my room and do not plan to go anywhere soon :P Been on the shelves for too long, you know ;P

  6. Excellent haul my friend!! LOL It's always fun to see the books I've picked up on my travels in my tbr pile. :P It brings back good memories, don't you think?

  7. Did you actually finish the books you brought with you?? Ah, the Lisa Lutz. And I've been wondering about KE Mills' "The Accidental Sorcerer" for ages.

    And everyone is right - a most excellent haul.

  8. Quite a score you got there - and you know which one I think you should read soon - *g*

  9. You did good! I don't recognize quite a few of those authors there, nath... you'll have to write up some good reviews once you read them. :)

  10. I love looking at people's piles of books! ^_^

    Did you read *any* of them while you were in Cali? I only take one book with me when I go away. Even then, I barely read it.

  11. Ames - LOL, aren't you proud of me? :D yes, makes them even more special, right? :D

    Li - Nah, didn't have much time to read ^_^; The only book I read this time was Sliding Home. But I like to bring more than 1, so I have variety LOL :P

    Finished the Lisa Lutz yesterday though... and I got curious about the KE Mills series... it looks cute, well at least, the covers do :P Did you know it was a pseudonym for Karen Miller?!?

    Kristie - LOL, yes, I know which one I should read soon :D hopefully, before the end of the year! :P

    Hilcia - I always do good on my trips :D Don't know why :P Well I'll need to read them first though ^_^;

    Christine - Always interesting, right? I think not many people post pics of their new books :D

    Hmmm, like I told Li, I only read Sliding Home :) It depends on what kind of trips I go on... usually, I'm able to sneak some reading...but this trip, I barely had time to sleep, so no reading happening :(

  12. Oh, shoot! You finished the Lisa Lutz book already? I still haven't gotten the first in the series from the library. I think the person who has it out is late returning it. I think it was due last week. Bummer.

    If you don't want to wait for me to do the buddy review, I understand. :)

  13. Christine - Hey, it's okay, no big rush for the buddy review :D I'll wait for you to review it (I need buddy reviews LOL :P). I hope you enjoy it!

    I got the 3rd book at the library yesterday, which prompted me to read the first one... Now, I need to get my hand on the 2nd one :(

  14. LOL! Why, I have the second one on my nightstand! Just waiting for the first so I can read them in order. Too bad you're hundreds of miles away so I could just lend it to you, huh?

  15. Christine - LOL! Indeed, too bad we don't live closer! Then, I could also lend you the first book :D

  16. I never bring enough books on vacation, which is why I always try to visit fun reading people...

  17. Kate - I also bring way too much, but then, as I said, at least, I have variety :D