Sunday, May 23, 2010

Acknowledgments and extra epilogues...

Happy week-end!! I hope everyone is having a great time for the long week-end :D The weather is gorgeous in Montreal!

I haven't posted in a few days - feeling lazy. Also, I picked up a couple of new books at the bookstores on Wednesday and Thursday (I know, I know. As if I needed more!), so I've been reading instead of blogging ^_^; Although, I did work on a few buddy reviews for Breezing Through; I guess it balances it out :) 

Anyway, I've just, just, just start reading a book and peeked at the ending... and then, came across the Dear Reader message from the author. In it, I found out that the author has written an extra epilogue to the book which will be posted on her website and publisher website!! Squeeeee!!! I immediately jumped out of bed to take a look, but realized that it's probably not up yet... since technically, the book is not out ^_^; However, that got me to think... and tada, I have a post! LOL.

 Q1: Do you read ever read the additional pages there are in a book such as the acknowledgments at the beginning, author's bio and message at the end?

I usually don't. Most of the time, I jump right into the story and pay very, very little attention to those pages. I find that I'm more likely to read those pages if I like the author's work, but it's still pretty rare. So I'm pretty happy I did this time around LOL!

Q2: What do you think of extra epilogues? Do you like them? Do you read them?

Obviously, I think they're nice because we get to re-visit some of the characters and it usually wraps everything up more nicely :) Although in this case, I don't know why it was not included in the book itself :( However, there aren't many. I remember Nora Roberts wrote 1 for her Irish Gallagher's Pub trilogy and she wrote a little snippet in-between books story for the Chesapeake trilogy. I know Julia Quinn is writing a 2nd epilogue for each book of the Bridgerton series, although those I haven't read because you actually have to buy them ^_^;

Anyway, all I want to say is I do like the idea of extra epilogues :)

What about you?


  1. Q1 ~ I read them cause I'm nosy. :) Sometimes they're funny or sweet and sometimes they mention someone I know. :)

    Q2 ~ I like the extra epilogues. Like you said, you get to re-visit the characters and find out what they've been up to. I don't like it if they're added later to make the book feel complete. In that case, they should have been included in the book.

  2. 1) Yes. I read them all. Acknowledgments, dedications, author notes - all of them. The only thing I don't read in books are excerpts. I just don't do excerpts. Freak that I am.

    2) Very, very rarely. The only time I might is if I loved the book to pieces. Then my attention span may hold out long enough for me to track down the extra content.

  3. Is the extra epilogue for Silent Scream? I noticed there was a link on there and I thought it would be a 2nd excerpt of some sort and that it would be posted before the book is released....except the book is out in 2 days and I still haven't seen it! So now it makes more sense that it would be posted after the release, lol!

    I very rarely read the author's acknowledgments or messages because I'm too impatient to jump into my reading. Haha.

    I like extra epilogues because I like revisiting characters and getting a glimpse of their HEA.

  4. I'm like Wendy - I read all the acknowledgements etc, but usually stop at the excerpts.

    And, if I liked the book, I'm happy to track down extra content. It's like a little freebie which is always nice :). Usually when I like a book it's because I liked the characters - so getting to spend a little more time with them is a bonus.

  5. #1 - I always read the Acknowledgment, Author's Notes, Dedications, Historical Notes, all of it, except for excerpts for the upcoming books (but I think we answered that question before).

    #2 - I don't look for extra epilogues. If they're not part of the book, I usually don't even know they exist. I know I may be weird, but if a scene is not in the book, to me it's not really part of the story. :D

  6. Oh, cool questions.

    I not only read the acknowledgements etc, I also read the copyright page :-) Cos I'm weird like that. Sometimes they include info like the cover artist, the page designer, font etc. Though there was this time the library classifications (IIRC) had a massive spoiler as it gave away a major plot twist! Ever since then, I've been a bit more cautious about reading that page, but I can't resist.

    And always on extra epilogues, if they're free. I love the ones Eloisa James does.


  7. I always read all of them. The beginning and the end. I don`t go looking for them on the net though.

  8. Q1: depends on if it looks interesting.

    Q2: if they are free, sure i'll read them. Or like the JQ ones, I'll wait and see if they are all published together and buy it.

  9. Leslie - LOL, Leslie, that's actually a good reason to read them :)

    Nod, I agree with you, Leslie. It's fun when they're just cute and update us on the characters... but not when it is to wrap up everything.

    Wendy - Well I don't read excerpts either... and it seems that not a lot of people do, so you're not the only freak :P

    Interesting... it's true that most of time, we're not even aware that they exist...

    Tabitha - LOL, you're just like me, Tabz!! I might have found my reading twin :)

    Kaetrin - Nod nod. Well extra epilogues are definitively bonus :P

    Hilcia - I guess I should start reading those, Hils. Bet we find a lot of interesting things...

    Yeah, most of the time, people just come across the extra epilogues... but I just love them LOL.

    Li - LOL, okay, copyright page is weird... however, you probably know all the author's real name now :) Hmm, cover artist, that's something I should look into. Page designer - you mean, they actually design the pages?!?! I didn't know that.

    Oh, Eloisa James have some? LOL :P

    Kristie - Seems like I'm in the minority, not reading them LOL.

    Isabel - But then, how do you know if they're interesting or not, if you don't read them?

    I hope the ones for Julia Quinn are going to be long... or at least, when they bind them, it'll be priced well.

  10. I read the acknowledgments and afterward and such but I don't go looking for extra content, for the most part. Although I do own the companion books for the BDB series and for the Outlander series. : )

  11. Mollie - Hmmm, companion books. I didn't think of those. I have a few, but I've never read them... did you?

  12. OMG the epilogue for Gallagher's pub! It was called Christmas at Ardmore!

    I ♥ it!!

    I fell in love with Ireland after reading the 3 books. Damn! That book changed the way I think about Ireland. For me, now, Ireland is filled with quaint pubs and hot guys! I know... I know... this is like saying Indians still ride on elephants!

  13. Brahmin - Yeah, it was cute :D

    LOL, i know what you mean about Ireland!! Now, it's definitively on my list of places to go visit!