Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the day has come...

... I have taken the plunge. I blame it on Ames and Kristie LOL.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about my latest purchase...

Yes, I caved and finally bought an e-Reader. Yay me! LOL. I say I blame it on Ames and Kristie... On Ames because she's been trying to convince me to buy one for a while... and on Kristie, because I said that when she'd get one, I would too. I didn't realize the day would come so soon!! LOL.

During the RT convention, Kristie attended the workshops about the e-Readers and said that she came out even more confused :P However, she did choose one. Her choice? The Kobo e-Reader which has just come out earlier this month.

I have to admit, I do have some reservations towards the Kobo... but then, I have reservations towards all e-Readers :P Anyway, I've been trying to gather information for a week now. At first, I was leaning toward the Sony e-Reader (PRS600SC)... but when you think about it, it all comes down to pricing. The Kobo is 149$ and the Sony e-Reader, 300$. For 150$ less, I don't mind the library system and perhaps the slowness of it and etc. My only concern really is long-term, since this is a first generation...

The main reason I've finally gotten an e-Reader is not to save space... but rather, get books that are OOP or not in print more easily. That's why I figured I could get simply an e-Reader... I personally don't think that I need all the bells and whistles. In any case, the decision is made, the e-Reader is bought :) Can't back up anymore!

So I'll probably be doing some posts about the Kobo e-Reader in the near future :) For now though, I haven't taken it out of the box yet... I'm going to be out of town tomorrow for work (booo!) and decided to wait for the week-end to start playing with it :) and Kristie, I've been thinking, I could do some video of how it works and etc... Perhaps it'll help you out :D

Here are some more pictures of the packaging... I find it funny all the stickers with the French covering the English... Lucky, the books and buttons are still in English!! Otherwise, it would be another trip back to the store...

By the way, I'm proud to announce that I've finally caught up to all the blogs and the comments! Yay me! I'm going to try to wrap up all the posts about RT this week-end and next week... Hope that I'll finally get back to reviews soon!! I miss reviewing and I've been reading quite a lot too! Plus, the books I've read before the trip... Hopefully, I'll be able to do all what I set out to do :D

In the meantime, have a nice week-end all! (Yes, it's early... but I won't have internet access till Saturday afternoon :( Booo.)


  1. I am glad that you got a E-Reader, I have mixed feelings about it though, since I like the feel of a paper back book, but I do hope you enjoy it!!! glad you had fun at the RT convention!

  2. It's so purdy!! I feel like getting one too, but I don't need one. LOL

    I think you did good for your first e-book reader. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your thoughts on the Kobo. :P

  3. Oh girl congrats!!! I have a Sony and LOVE MINE so I'm sure youll enjoy this one so much! Its really pretty looking! Take more pix with it out of the in your hand I wanna see how big it is! (Pun intended lol) ;)

    Happy Friday babe!

  4. YEAH! I bought my kobo the day it came out, and actually just got around to reviewing it yesterday. There are definitely need improvement areas, but overall I love it.


  5. You're going to wonder how you ever lived w/o it. LOL

  6. Yay for you!! I agree with Leslie - how did you ever live without it?

  7. Oh yay! Welcome to the dark side ;-)

    Seriously, I think you'll like the instant gratification aspect.

    And that's a bit of a bargain price.

    What formats does it read? Let me know if you need any help with formats or conversions - will do my best to help!


  8. Nice Cheesecake Factory bag! I ate that Chocolate Cake for a kidding.

    You'll have to post on how you like your new e-reader. I'm going to own a nook eventually. When I have money. :)

  9. Congrats on the new ereader!

    I've been really happy with mine, and while it'll never completely replace my bookshelves, it's definitely a really convenient way to feed the book addiction.

    Enjoy, Nath! :-)

  10. Enjoy your new ereader, Nath! I love mine. It definitely doesn't replace print books, but I have a love affair with it... can't seem to live without it any more. *g*

  11. I don't know how I feel about e-readers. I stare at a computer all day for work. I'm not sure I want to look at another screen to relax.

    Of course, I seem to have no problems watching TV or going to the movies...

  12. @Kate - That's what I love about e-ink technology! It looks exactly like I am holding a paperback book in my hands. My husband can't get over how much it looks like a page. Because it isn't backlit, you don't get the eye strain you would looking at a computer screen!

  13. *laughing* It seems wrong somehow that I have to wait for mine while you have yours in your hot little hands. They must be selling better here or something 'cause when I went to Chapters to get mine, they said they no soon got a shipment in then they were gone in just a day or two.
    What made me decide on a Kobo was two factors - the price couldn't be beat and I want to start getting books from epresses such as Samhain and Carina and a few others. And yes - OOP books that may not be readily available in print.
    Although it will take transferring over which I'm sure will overwhelm me the first few times, the good thing is you have yours now so I can call on you for help!
    I didn't think I'd ever really break down and get one, but then I figured the time had come.

  14. Congrats on the e reader! Hope you enjoy it. :)

  15. Lover of Romance - LOL, I got one true... but I have to say, I wasn't that excited. I didn't feel the need to open it right away and start playing with it. It's very practical though :D

    Ames - LOL, don't :) Save money and buy more books or ebooks instead :D

    I'm happy with it though :)

    Monroe - LOL, thanks Monroe :D LOL, I will take more pics and have a review soon :D

    Natasha A. - Thanks for your review!! It was very helpful :D

    Leslie - LOL, so far? Nah :P

    Lori - LOL, we'll see :D

    Li - Thank you :D The thing is, I know I'm in good company :)

    and LOL, yeah, the instant gratification aspect might kill my wallet :P

    It reads pdf, epub and a few more I think :) I think I'm going to be fine though, but thanks for your offer!

    Mollie - LOL, I believe you. It was like huge!! :D

    Hope you get the Nook soon :D

    Renee - Thanks Renee :D

    LOL, totally agree with you on the book addiction feeding :D

    Hilcia - LOL, well it is practical :D

    Kate - Well, the e-ink technology, as Natasha replied, really makes it looks like a page. It's not a computer screen at all :)

    Kristie - I know LOL. But I have to confess, I cheated. The Kobo is selling really well in Quebec province as well - you can't find one in-store... but I bought mine in Walmart ^_^; I was buying something else in Walmart and I saw it... and you know how I can't wait for books? Well I didn't want to wait for it either.

    The plus side is I can definitively help you out now :D

    Isabel - So, when is your turn?

  16. OH congratulations! I go back and forth between print and my ereader but I don't know what I'd do without that device. Seriously love it.


  17. Tracy - That's probably going to be me in a couple of months :D Hopefully LOL.

  18. Oh xxx, I'm missing out on the important stuff by not being online more. :(

    Congrats, nath! Enjoy your e-reader.

  19. Taja - LOL, it's okay Taja. I haven't had the chance to use it much anyway... so you haven't missed much LOL.