Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Computers... can't live without them, but they suck!!!

Remember the computer problems I mentioned yesterday? Well they're even worst now ^_^; I tried to fix it and obviously, it didn't work, sigh. As a result, I need to re-format my computer. Yes, re-format it. I've never done it, so I'm not really looking forward to do it. Apparently, it takes time, so I'm only going to tackle it this week-end. Luckily, we have a lot of computers at home and I spent most of my days at work... so it's not as if I won't have access to internet (now I wouldn't survive that LOL). However, it's been soooo hoooot these past couple of days (we haven't turned on the AC. I have no idea why...), that the idea of sitting close to a heat-emanating/generating machine is makes me sweat even more ^_^;

Anyway, I just wanted to warn everyone not to worry if you don't see/hear from me :P I'm still alive and not dead in a ditch :P


  1. Buy a laptop to tide you over! LOL

    That seriously sucks about your computer. I'd freak out if I didn't have access to the matrix. Hope reformatting it works!

  2. Good luck with that. Wish I could help. ^_^

  3. Gutsy to take on reformatting a computer yourself. I don't even know where to start!

    Btw, ditto what Ames said. Lol. Get a mini basic laptop. I don't use my laptop for anything complicated, just excel/word, surfing the 'net, and reading digital books (when I'm in the mood) so not too much money was spent on it!

  4. I go into full out panic mode at the thought of no computer or internet!! They've really come down hard about internet use at work, so if I were to lose it at home, life as I know it, would be over!! Even if the internet goes down for about 5 minutes, I start shaking *g*

  5. Ames - Argh, don't tempt me woman! I did think about it... but my desktop is relatively new - although have given me loads of problem. I'll try to re-format it and we'll see. I hope the reformatting works as well.

    But at least, I still have access to the matrix LOL. My sis' laptop and dad's desktop or laptop :P So I'm okay.

    Leslie - Thanks Leslie! Just pray LOL.

    Tabitha - Well I attempted to lure my co-worker home to help me, but he's busy ^_^; It doesn't look that hard (yeah, I probably just jinxed myself). I'm lucky because it's a Dell computer so it comes with CDs...

    If it doesn't work, I'll think about it... I don't want to have both, you know what I mean? If I do, there's one that I won't be using to maximum capacity... so it's a bit of a waste. (I can be stingy when I wanted)

    Kristie - I know what you mean, Kristie. Especially when we're in a community or have so many online friends... to be cut off from them? Sucks.

  6. Awwww, Nath. That sucks!

    I hope you're not losing your book collection (in case you have e-books)!!

    I just remembered about your preference of women authors. But I have to seriously... seriously recommend Steve Berry and James Rollins to you (they write in the genre of Dan Brown). Anyway that was my attempt at converting you! Start from the 1st book!!

  7. That sucks about the computer. Ugh.. i remember when ours died. It was horrible.

  8. Nice to know youre not dead in a ditch Nath! ;) Good luck with your pc issues =/

  9. Nath! I hope you get that computer going soon... I'm glad you have other options, and it's good to know you're not on a ditch somewhere. :D

  10. You're brave to re-format the computer and you've never done it before! Hopefully it won't be too stressful for you. Buy a big fan and point it at your body - that should relieve the heat while you're working. :)

  11. Brahmin - Oh no, I didn't lose my e-book collection and anyway, I would have backed it up. It's not a virus, so it didn't wipe out my hard drive or anything.

    And thanks at your attempt! However, no promise that I'll try them, sorry ^_^; Between, I haven't read Dan Brown...

    Isabel - Yeah, it sucks... but at least, we have a lot of computers in my home... so it lessens the impact, pheww.

    Monroe - LOL, you knew that already! :)

    Hilcia - I did!! My computer is all good now :D

    Tracy - I'm brave because I have a Dell computer and that makes it easier... otherwise, not sure.

    and LOL, instead of buying a fan, I found one in the basement that's probably older than my sister, but hey, it still works! LOL.