Sunday, May 16, 2010

RT 2010: The experience

So, this is likely my last post about my experience at RT 2010. I will still try to recap 3 of the panels I went to in the near future; however, I was going through my notes on Friday (yes, I took notes...) and realized it might me too late ^_^; For the YA panels, my notes weren't very complete, especially the first one, and I don't remember everything that was said. Still, I'll try to do it. In the meantime,I'm going to try to sum up my experience :)

I've been wanting to go to a convention for a few years already. I've seen other bloggers go and enjoy themselves so much that it just confirmed my wishes to go :) I have to admit that at first, I was leaning towards RWA. Next year, RWA is held in New York City and I'm definitively planning to go. However, I thought that since RWA would be in NY City, it would be like huge... so it'd be nice to attend RWA in a "smaller" city and experience the usual atmosphere :P

Then, Jill and I started talking and Jill was determined to go to RT 2010... I was a bit wary of the RT convention, because of all the brouhaha that occurred about 2 years ago in Pittsburgh. So while I was hesitating, we got an email from Kristie who has just found out that she had enough money to go to both RT and RWA this year... So it just seems like a sign for me to attend RT 2010 :)

Overall, I'm really glad I went to the RT convention. I think it was a good experience and if you are a book lover and have the chance to, try to attend it at least once. It's wonderful because you're surrounded with people who loves reading books just like you and everyone is so open and friendly. This is also a great opportunity to meet authors and talk to them or listen to what they have to say :) Like I mentioned many times, I really enjoyed the workshops and panels and I like that readers can attend to the writer track as well. There is not real segregation between readers and aspiring authors or published authors.

While I had a good time and enjoyed the experience, I'm simply not sure whether the RT convention really suits me or not. Basically, it has to do with the party atmosphere at the convention. I'm not a party girl. Going to a convention, attending workshops, meeting authors and getting free books, that's my fun. That's how I relax and basically, it  makes me happy and that's all I need. I understand that for other attendees however, this is their escape from reality, from their every day life and they want to enjoy it... and that's great for them, but it's just not me. The Mr. Romance competition, the Fairy Ball, Ellora Cave party, etc. those are activities that I didn't care for. As for the Mr Romance, I have nothing against it... but sometimes, I thought that the behaviors that it brought out from certain persons really didn't reflect well on romance readers...

Otherwise, the rest was fine and I had a great time :D I loved having Jill and Kristie as roommates :) And I think we were extremely lucky that RT took place in Columbus this year and we got to meet Mollie :D  Meeting Mary, Linda, Delilah Marville, CJ and Lisabea was another plus :D The bookfair signing was great and like a dream, LOL, and most of the activities organized for the readers were a lot of fun :D


  1. Nath - I am glad that you had a good time at RT. You did a really great job of summarizing all the activities. I know what you mean about some of the activities not being to your taste. I opted to attend another panel with Louisa Edwards instead of the Mr. Romance competition.

    I will be curious to see how you like RWA and how these two events compare. Especially, since you are a reader like me and not an apiring author. Maybe one year I'll be lucky enough to attend both too!

  2. Ditto what Jill said. You really took the time to note and summarize RT for us. Thanks to you, I have a better idea what's at this convention. Like you, I'm not a party person and would enjoy the workshops and meeting the authors more so than the party activities. Glad your overall experience was good and you got to have some fun and meet new and old friends!

  3. Jill - Well actually, RWA is going to be in Orlando this year... Just saying :)

    I opted for a nap instead of Mr Romance :P

    Tabitha - I'm glad you have a better idea of the events :D that's what I hope these recaps would do :)

    Seriously, I think that if a few more bloggers would have attended, we could have organized our own activities in the evening... but alas, we weren't that many...

  4. LOL, you and Kristie with your naps. Me - I'll sleep when I'm dead!

    I had heard that they moved RWA because of the flooding in TN. I didn't realize they moved it to Orlando. Cool! But I probably won't be able to go. Maybe for the book signing!

  5. I'm like you and prefer the workshops/signings to the parties. I think I would enjoy dinner out with other readers rather than wild parties but that's just me. :)

  6. I'm not really a party person either. What I enjoy the most is just sitting around the bar with a few people (hopefully authors in the mix) and just talking. I didn't see much of that going on - but from what I gather there was - just Very Late in the evening. Overall I had a great time and you and Jill were a big part of why :-)

  7. Jill - I really wish I could sleep when I'm dead, but really...

    If you can make it to the book signing, that would be equally cool! :D

    Leslie - Nod nod, I agree with you Leslie. Too bad there weren't enough people to do that. Although, at some of the parties, the meal is provided... or just go hang out, you know :D

    Kristie - You're a bit part too, Kristie :D For some reasons, I thought there'd be some gatherings in our room or something... but really, no time for that! LOL :) Maybe next convention...