Monday, August 30, 2010

Hauling Sunday IX

Why do I have a feeling I'll be playing catch-up blogging this week? Perhaps because I'm posting my Hauling Sunday post on Monday! LOL. Factor in all the posts that we usually have at the beginning and end of the month and I can safely say it's going to be chaos LOL. Ah well, I'm going to try my hardest to blog this week, but I doubt any of my posts will be on time :P

I had a great week-end though. The weather was gorgeous and I took advantage of it. On Saturday, I actually went to see Cavalia, a horse show, with some friends.  I have to say, it wasn't as impressive as I expected. This is mainly due to the fact there were a lot of subtleties that someone who isn't horse-crazy wouldn't really catch such as the steps. Ames would have love this show though :P Then, we went out to eat and some of us ended up at my house to play Mario Bros Wii :) We actually finished it... at 1am!! LOL. No surprise though, there's a secret world 9... however, we need to go back and get some stuff to unlock it. More fun in the future :P

On Sunday, I went to do some errands... Got two new pairs of jeans, wooohoo - kind of needed them ^_^; Got lunch and on the way back, we stopped to try out Cold Stone. This is new here in the Quebec province and my sister and I have been wanting to go for a wile :P It was pretty good and we'll probably return :P The good news is that there isn't one that close to my house, so we won't always end up there LOL. I was also able to finish season 2 of Chuck :) We're really liking this show, it's funny and entertaining. I was going to blog after supper, but I was so tired... because my dad chose to mow the lawn :( It's kind of a habit at my house... My sister and I will never make the first move towards mowing the lawn, but if my dad does and we're at home, we do it instead of him. So that's what happened yesterday, under the shining sun ^_^; The heat and lack of sleep combined, I ended up snoring at 8.30pm ^_^;  Thus, not having my Hauling Sunday post up in time ^_^;

Funny things about timing right? I mean, couldn't it have happened last week, when I didn't have any new books? Guess not :P

So, what are my  new precious this week?

Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole - So I caved ^_^; I was so bored earlier last week that I went out and bought Demon from the Dark thinking that I would read it right away... but of course, I didn't ^_^;

Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch - This is a recommendation from a co-worker. I thought I'd try it out, even though I'm not much into sci-fi. Apparently, it's pretty funny :)

Love Me if You Dare by Carly Phillips - This one was kind of an impulse buy... Like I say, nothing was really calling to me last week, but I knew I kind of wanted to read a contemporary romance. Hils said this one was better than Kiss Me if You Can and so, in my haul it went :P

Burning Up by Susan Andersen - I love Susan Andersen. Not all of her books are great, but she's an auto-buy for me :)

Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder - I love, love, love Poison Study and Magic Study by Ms Snyder. Just love them, which put Ms Snyder on my auto-buy list forever. I have to admit though, the Glass trilogy hasn't been a winner for me... I just don't like Opal, the heroine. As a result, I'm not sure when I'm going to read Spy Glass, especially given the ending (yes, bad habit!). Still, I'm not giving up on Ms Snyder as I love her writing :) Does anyone know if she has more books in this world planned? I know she has a new YA series, first book sitting in my TBR pile at home, and her next release is the 2nd book in the YA series... but I don't know what she has planned after... I really hope it's going to still be in this world, because it's a great one :)

Last One to Die by Kate Brady - Last, but not least LOL. Okay, what caught my eyes with this book was the fact that Tabitha had it on her sidebar. Then, I read the blurb and thought it was pretty interesting. Reading One Scream Away, Ms Brady's debut novel last week was just the reinforcement I need to get this book :P

There you have it :) My haul for last week. Hopefully, this week will be as fruitful LOL. How about you? What are the new books you've just gotten? and how was your week-end?


  1. Yikes!! Last to Die is out? How did I miss that?! Off to go buy it now...

  2. Coldstone is awesome! I like the birthday cake remix!

  3. Lori - Well technically, it's coming out on Wednesday, September 1st :P So you didn't miss it yet :P

    Isabel - Note taken! I'll try it next time :D

  4. Nath you made up for last week, lol! I finished Demon from the Dark already! You mean you didn't read it? Oh well... Nice haul and it sounds like a nice weekend. :)

  5. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun!

    So you liked One Scream Away? I have it on the tbr pile.

    I wasn't crazy about the last Cole I read so I'll wait and see what you and Hils think about this one. :)

    I'm reading Burning Up now and enjoying it. I don't think I've read Andersen before but there's already a character that I hope gets their own book. :)

  6. Hilcia - LOL, you think so? I don't know, I thought it was an okay haul :P

    So, what did you think of Demon from the Dark?

    Leslie - It was very nice Les :) It's been a while since I had such a nice week-end :)

    One Scream Away was okay to good. I had some issues, but the book as a whole was enjoyable. Hope you like it :)

    I know. I told myself I would not buy the new Cole, that I would wait for reviews... I just didn't expect to be bored out of my mind ^_^;

    I really enjoyed Burning Up :) I do hope the cousin gets her own book as well LOL. However, I know for sure that for her next release, Ms Andersen is wrapping up a previous trilogy. (It was set to be a trilogy, and instead of the third book, the publisher asked her to write something else. However, enough readers demanded the third book that now, she can write it :P)

  7. Cold Stone, yummmmmm. I had it this weekend too!

    Great haul. I've heard really great things about Maria V. Snyder. I need to read some of hers!

    So glad you're starting Hunger Games!!!! The first book is still my fav. of the bunch but it's def one of my all time favorite series!

  8. Great haul, although I expected more considering you skipped a week last month! ;p

    I'm excited to see you started HUNGER GAMES, too! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I think it's hard not to really enjoy that series. The first book had my heart racing the whole time.

    So what did you get at Coldstone? You know, there is one about a mile from my house and I have only been there TWICE? I know! What self control. Both times I had maybe the vanilla base? with fresh strawberries and graham crackers... to get a strawberry cheesecake thing going. So yummy.

    Enjoy your books!

  9. Mollie - What did you get? I mean, one of their recipe or did you make your own?

    Maria V. Snyder is an awesome author in my opinion :) She even has a YA series out, so you might want to start there first? And then, let me know how it is :D

    I know you really enjoyed The Hunger Games :) I'm more than half-way through. I like the story and concept, but am not in love with Katniss ^_^;

    Christine - I know, I wanted more... but I mean, I'm also limited by what comes out ^_^; I've been wanting to go to the UBS for weeks... perhaps this week-end, since it's a long one :D

    You'll get a review of The Hunger Games. Actually, Monroe is also reading it, so it'll be a buddy review :)

    I got cookie dough ice cream at Coldstone. I was too lazy to try to make my own LOL. But yes, that's a lot of self-control. You're lucky your girls are good kids too... but then, perhaps it's because you bake a lot of goodies. Cos otherwise, I'd be begging you to go every week-end! :)

  10. I just picked up Burning Up @lunch today. I'm tempted to start that book and drop Last to Die. lol.

    I have the last few recent releases of Cole but I haven't even cracked open a page in any. I think I'll wait it out to buy this new one. Or get in e-book format so I don't waste space. :D

    Maria Syder is an awesome author huh? And she writes YA books? Thinking....^_^

  11. Oh sorry. I meant to type "Snyder" not "Syder". Getting old, my eyes are so blurry now...

  12. Tabitha - So what did you think of Last To Die. There was one part in the middle that picked up, but meh. Are you reading Burning Up now?

    Yeah, if you haven't read the last few releases by Cole, you don't need to rush.

    And yes, Maria Snyder is an awesome author. Her Study trilogy (Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study) were initially published through the Luna line of Harlequin. I.e. the fantasy-ish line. However, I guess by the success of Poison Study and Magic Study, they realized that the story appealed to much more and so, they re-published through their mainstream line, Mira. Afterward, they geared the trilogy to YA. However, her books were not originally YA - although I can see how it would work as YA.

    Okay, short answer, she has a YA series out now, but the Study trilogy is not YA per se :)

  13. Tabitha - You should give it a try, I think you'll enjoy it :)