Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hauling Sunday VIII

This week was such a great week blogging-wise. I'm telling you, I'm getting back into my rhythm and beware whatever could screw it! LOL. I've also been reading a lot, especially this week-end :) I still haven't cleaned my room yet. Sigh ^_^; The other bad news is that one of my co-workers left to go back to school... Without her, it's going to be quiet at work :( However, as a goodbye present, she gave me (yes, yes, it should be the opposite, but this was her thank-you to me because I've been giving her rides) a giftcard to the bookstore!!

Speaking of bookstore, this week was pretty quiet. I only went once, but I got the book I was looking for:

Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber - This is the second book in the Lucy Valentine series. It's a fun and fluffy series, something lighter and therefore different :)

Although I only went once to the bookstore, I received a very nice package, courtesy of Tabitha :) Remember the post where I compared the US and Canadian covers of Waking the Witch? This one. So yes, I decide to get the US cover... and Tabitha kindly offered to send me a copy. Of course, that's not the only book I got from her :)

And One Last Thing... by Molly Harper - I read her Jane Jameson series and it was really fun. So when I found out that she had a contemporary coming out, I absolutely wanted to get it. Except, for some reasons, it's not readily available in Canada. You have to order it online. Wonder why.

Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong - I love, love, love Kelley Armstrong... but for some reasons, I still haven't read this one. Even though I got an ARC at RT. Crazy right? I hate it when it happens. You look forward so much to a book and when you get it, you just can't seem to pick it up :(

Husband for Hire by Susan Wiggs - Very old book by Ms Wiggs. I wanted to try it out :)

Return to Me and Rescue Me by Christy Reece - Seems like I still am in a romantic suspense mood :)

A very big thank you to Tabitha, as the last 3 books are from hers :) I love the romance blogland community! :)

Oh, I'm going on a tangent here... but did you see how different the cover of Waking the Witch is? I mean, the final version and what I posted back in March? It's always fun to see the publishing house playing with covers... because that version back in March is now Jayne Ann Krentz newest release Midnight Crystal!


  1. I really liked WtW, if that helps! Last KA book I liked that much was No Humans Involved.

    And that is really interesting about the re-used cover - waste not, want not ;-) I do wonder why they changed it, though.


  2. Looked like a good cover so why let it got to waste? I like the creepy witch cover but I'm twisted. And Yay for Tabitha!! What a treat!


  3. Li - That's a very strong statement :D But my problem is still Savannah. Not that I hate her... but I just don't feel excited about her ^_^; We'll see. But I'm keeping it in mind.

    I wonder too why. Perhaps they wanted to put the cover model's face in it. Did you see the new covers for Bitten and Stolen? The US ones? you can go to KA website and take a look.

    Cindy - True, true. But I don't know, I would have waited a little bit longer before using it... cos both books are coming out this summer. So it's pretty obvious :D

    and LOL, I guess the more you look at it, the more it grows on you... but still :P

  4. Blogging and reading - much more important than cleaning rooms, IMO. Of course, I should do all three, too, and managed only one in the last few days. Guess which one.^^

    Nice haul.^^

  5. Good to hear you're coming out of that slump. :)

    Hmmm... I like the final cover for WtW.

    Sweet of Tabitha to add to your haul. :)

  6. You're welcome! I was hoping I could give you more but you only choose a few. Lol!

    I am so dense. I didn't even realize they changed the covers of WtW from when you first blogged it even though I stared at the covers a few times. Lol...oh oh, I hate when I anticipate the book and once I get it I can't even stand to read the first page. So weird. But hey better to have it on hand than not at all. :D

  7. Gee, nath. How did your co-worker EVER figure out that a gift card to the bookstore is the perfect gift for you?! ^_^

    Can't wait to hear how you like Deeply, Desperately. The first one was so fun.

  8. Taja - To you, yes, but not to my parents LOL.

    What have you been reading lately?

    Leslie - I know!! I'm really happy LOL.

    I do like the final cover of WtW as well. It's better I think... For once, they took a good decision, haha.

    Tabitha - LOL, my TBR pile is huge as well! Don't want to add too much to it LOL.

    LOL, well it's pretty similar. The same model, the same colors, the same motorcycle. I didn't realize at first either.

    True, true. So when the envy hits me, I'll have it :)

    Christine - LOL, I wonder :) Especially since I was loaning her books regularly to read :P

    Oh, I think Deeply, Desperately is as good, if not better :D Fun and fluffy it is :D Hopefully, I'll get to the review soon!

  9. Did I send you the Senate book or did I forget that one?

    I've actually added a few more books to the list to purge, even some from authors whose backlist I've been collecting. I'm sad to pull them out but I just don't have the space. I think the Kindle will be such a great space saver....just hoping I won't lose any books when there's a malfunction, etc!

  10. Tabitha - Yep, you sent it to me :D Don't worry LOL.

    Well don't you have a new renovated basement? Can't you stash books there? LOL. But yeah, ebooks definitively are a space saver.