Friday, August 06, 2010

My poor, unlucky book...

Remember this post? Well guess what happened yesterday?

It's been very humid in the past few days and yesterday was just a killer. So after work, I picked up my sister who was downtown for some shopping. Our rendez-vous place? Chapters :P I wanted to see whether they had Veil of Night by Linda Howard out yet, but I think it's a strict date release. Anyway, I ended up buying some drinks at Starbucks, because of the heat... Unfortunately for us, we got there during the rush, so it took about 10 minutes.

We're walking back to the car and I handed my drink, a green tea frappuccino, so I could get in the car freely. I slammed the door closed... and splash, there was this explosion of liquid!! Turns out, my sister put her and my drinks on the roof of the car so she could open her door, and when I closed mine, it fell ^_^; Her door was open so a lot of it got into the car... on the passenger seat, but some even splashed me... and my book which was between the seats. Guess which book it was? Yep, The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan ^_^; Sigh, poor book. This is the second time it's getting some green tea frappuccino on ^_^; Talk about luck, right?

I went back to Chapters to get some napkins and throw our empty cups... and since the rush was over, I bought the drinks again LOL. This time though, we were very careful getting in the car. My sister felt so bad, but hey, it's my fault too. I don't know why I gave her my drink as I still got one hand free... and I knew she had the drinks on the roof ^_^; Ah well, stuff happens. However, I think for The Red Pyramid's security, I should not have a green tea frappuccino again when I read it LOL.


  1. OMG Nath, that book is thirsty... too many pages in the Egyptian desert or something. It WANTS green tea frapuccinos. I better take care when I read my copy. ;P

  2. You need take that book into a secure room, as in no liquids in sight, and read it! LOL

  3. Haha - look at it this way, at least it wasn't a brand-new book! I wish they did green tea frappucinos here, they look great.


  4. LOL - I'm just glad it wasn't another book that got hit. At least the book is used to the abuse ;)


  5. Hilcia - LOL, Hils, that is a very good explanation! Be careful with yours! especially if it's going to go through many hands!

    Leslie - I'm starting to imagine so :P

    Li - Well, it was... LOL, till the first accident. I guess now, you can't call it brand-new anymore ^_^;

    Cindy - True, true :P

  6. Mr. Riordan wants some green tea frapp. :D Poor unlucky book but at least it's the same one and not another one. Lol.

  7. Oh no! That book wants your tea frappucino desperately. LOL I hope this doesn't spread to other books. ;)

  8. Tabitha - True, true, but it'd be fun it was no books at all LOL.

    Taja - I know! LOL. Thirsty book, isn't it :P