Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas and Re-Read Challenge Reminder

Merry Belated Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a great time with their family and friends :D

I lost my Christmas spirit last year and still haven't found it back yet :( However, I am enjoying the time off. It's been very relaxing: eating, reading and sleeping :)

Blogland has been quiet as well, but understandably so. It's good because my blogging mojo went on vacation. I hope it'll come back soon though :)

In the meantime, a reminder - the last Re-read Challenge is due on December 31, i.e. next Thursday. I'm not expecting too many entries, but still :P I'll be putting up the post on Wednesday and you'll have the end of the week and the week-end to post the review up :) I understand it's New Year and everyone is going to be busy...

By the way, I know that last month, I said I would stop hosting the challenge... but I've changed my mind and will be continuing to host it. However, there won't be any sign-up, prizes and reminders. If you do a re-read and feel like reviewing it, good :) If not, no loss...

All right, I'm going to go read a little :) I'll have a couple of reviews coming up in the next few days! :D