Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Review: Coming Undone by Susan Andersen

hmmm, I've been waiting impatiently for my online orders, but so far, the books are MIA... sucks :( in the meantime, I got Coming Undone by Susan Andersen and here's my review :D (Cool thing about MIRA/HQN books is that they can usually be spot in the bookstore 2 weeks b4 their release date :D)

Coming Undone by Susan Andersen
published by Mira in September 2007

A man in command.
A woman unwilling to be in love all alone.
A fan determined to teach his once-favorite star a lesson she won’t soon forget...

P.J. Morgan is an up-and-coming Country singer whose life is just about perfect-- until her manager-mom embezzles from her, her biggest fan becomes her worst nightmare, and the watchdog her record label hires to keep her in line turns out to be Jared Hamilton, the man she idolized once upon a time.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: Ms Andersen considers this book as Book 4 in the Marine series. You don't need to read the whole series though, just Book 3 - Hot and Bothered in which both P.J. and Jared appear.

Why did I get this book? Because I liked Susan Andersen's latest book, Just for Kicks. I also enjoyed P.J. and Jared in Hot and Bothered.

My impressions? Hmmm, this book was quite enjoyable, but it didn't come close to Just for Kicks. There was something missing between P.J. and Jared... I think that both were trying to hard to "forget" their past because they were scared of getting hurt. Also, Ms Andersen should try to think of an alternative to the stalker plot...

The Heroine, The Hero and the Romance: A little background on both of them... P.J. comes from the poor side while Jared, the rich side. Both of them met 15 years ago, living on the streets of Denver: P.J. was kicked out by her mom at the age of 13 while Jared was suspected of having killed his father, so he was on the run. After everything was resolved, P.J. and Jared both went back home and P.J. stopped contacting Jared because of the whole "he's rich and what would he want from me." Personally, I think it's understandable for P.J. to have felt that way.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed P.J... she has a little something that makes her fun to read. I liked how she lost Jared a couple of times and how she's not afraid to express herself... even if it's to say: I need a break :D Very enjoyable heroine and she sounds real too. As for Jared, I don't know, I think we didn't get to read know him. It isn't shown how yummy he is. In addition, Jared has this whole control thing... you know, the one where he thinks, if he stays in control, he won't get hurt... which stems from P.J. loosing contact with him 15 years ago. Also, I don't think we got to know Jared very much... how has he been living the past 15 years?

As for the romance, it was okay, but quite predictable. I think what I miss the most in this book is some fun banter.

Secondary characters: The other couple were Nell and Hank. Nell is a song-writer and the tour manager while Hank is P.J. fiddle player. Nell has had a crush on Eddie, the guitarist, who's never noticed her... Then, she has a make-over and realizes that Eddie is just, hmmm, a man with no substance. This secondary love story was so-so too and didn't get much development. I don't think I'd have been too interested in it anyway. We also get to see some characters from previous books, but in this case, it makes sense for them to appear and they definitively don't steal the show.

The Story: This book was mostly focused on P.J. and Jared's relationship with the stalker side-plot. Like I said, I think that Ms Andersen could find something else than the stalker plot... it seems almost like an easy way out :( Aside from the romance, there was also the whole, "I want to be loved my mother, but that's never going to happen..." I think that Ms Andersen carried that part out very well... It's understandable for P.J. not to want the whole world to know how little her mother cares for her... so that was well-done.

What I liked: P.J., definitively, and Jared.

What I didn't like: the stalker plot.

Grade: B. An enjoyable read, but unfortunately, not a wowzer.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Last week and week-end

how is everyone doing? seems like everyone has been pretty busy since blogland is so quiet... which is why I haven't really updated my blog either LOL :P Anyway, hopefully, everyone will be back by next week :P

Las week was pretty crazy for me at work. I hated it, basically. Between doing many experimens and getting lectures from a co-worker, I thought I was going to break down :( and I still haven't signed my contract yet, which pisses me off :(

Also, still haven't gotten by car back. The garage said if everything went well, I would get it by the end of the week (which was last week). Then, I asked them to change my windshield as well... so I hope that's the reason for the delay. In any case, I'll have to call the garage today if I still haven't received a phone call from them. By the way, something strange happened last Friday. I was on my way to work and at the exact same place the accident happened, I think I saw the guy/truck that caused the accident. I was driving and he got on the highway, so I didn't get the chance to memorize his license plate... I'm also wondering if it's worth all the trouble... since my accident is considered as a hit and run and so on. I mean, sure, I'd like to get him arrested or anything, but at the same time, I don't want any troubles, since my car is repaired and everything's been dealed with the insurance... Anyway, my guess is that he uses that road for work... so there might be a chance for me to see him again. Although, I'm not 100% sure that it was him ^^;

Onto another news, my reading mojo is completely back :D I read Coming Undone by Susan Andersen, The Pleasure Trap by Elizabeth Thornton and Missing by Jasmine Cresswell during the week-end. Going to try to review them asap. I also went to a wedding... again, it was pretty boring. I didn't know anyone and I'm glad I don't have to go to the one on Sunday.

Finally, I've been watching the IAAF world championship track and field. I love to watch sports on TV (not team sports like hockey or basket ball)... Carolina Kluft has won a third consecutive title in heptathlon. This time, breaking her personal record... that woman is really awesome :P Also, the coming two weeks are the US Open! Yippee!

anyway, got to run.. have to work... I'm supposed to cut down on blogging at work ^^; let see how it goes. I also hope that this week is going to be less busy!

latah everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Psy-Changeling Quiz, Nalini Singh contest

As most of you already know, Nalini Singh is the author of the awesome series Psy-Changeling series :D They are two books so far and the third one, Caressed by Ice, is coming out in 2 weeks!! Can't wait!! You haven't read them? well here are my reviews for Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat.

So Ms. Singh is holding this contest where all you have to do is take a quiz and discover who's your hero! I got Hawke!!!! I'm a lucky gal :D LOL, so whoever participates, gets the chance to win a 50$ certificate for Amazon :P All you have to do is take the quiz, post the result on your blog, myspace or whatever you have and leave a comment on the author's blog.

Also, I'd like to thank Jane from Dear Author for this great quiz!

If you're a fan of the Psy-Changeling series, well spread the love!

*Edit: Hmm, my results looks a bit funneh, but I don't know what's wrong... it usually looks better ^^;

Which Psy-Changeling Hero Is For You?

Your Psy/Changeling Hero: Hawke

An alpha wolf, Hawke is wildness contained, his strength as compelling as his beauty. Used to total control, he'll attempt to dominate any woman he claims, even as he loves her with an intensity born from the darkly sensual nature of his wolf. Dancing with this wolf is going to an exhilirating ride. Are you ready?Find out more about Hawke and the series at
Take this quiz!

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This week reads so far...

Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of post this week, but work has been exhausting and frustrating... or actually, work has been exhausting and co-workers, frustrating :( I can't wait for the week to be over. My reading slump seems to be going away slowly... The problem this week is that I want to read, but I don't have time :( Isn't that a mood-killer?

I've been quite behind on my reviews, so I don't think that I can ever catch up if I do regular reviews ^^; So, here we go with mini-reviews.... I'm not that very good though and I know myself, so I'll probably run on LOL :P

His Every Kiss by Laura Lee Guhrke
published by Avon in September 2004

Everyone knows about Dylan Moore — his brilliant talent and his pleasure-seeking ways—but no one knows the torment that lies beneath his reckless veneer. Only one woman gets a glimpse of the forces that drive Dylan’s soul, a woman who haunts his dreams and evokes his passions as no other woman ever has before.

Disgraced and destitute,Grace Cheval wants nothing to do with the seductive man who desires her. When Dylan offers her a position as governess to his newfound daughter, she knows his true intentions are dishonorable. Yet she finds this charismatic man hard to resist, and she returns his passionate kisses with a fire that matches his own. Can Dylan dare hope that this proud, spirited beauty will melt the ice around his heart?
Series: Guilty series, Book #2
Genre: Historical romance

Thoughts: I really enjoy Laura Lee Guhrke books and this one is no exception :D What I like is that although her books are historical romances, they are different and less typical. No innocent, naive virgin in this book... Grace has lived, has made mistakes and has to live with her choices. Dylan is a bit typical however: a rake, but an outrageous one and he's not noble either. Anyway, the story was very character-oriented and I liked the flow of the story. The only thing I was not satisfied with is she took a long time to realize she was in love with him and when she did, it seemed too abrupt to me. However, I have to admit that this book was the weakest out of the three in the trilogy... probably because I've never been that enthusiastic about Dylan. Artist... very moody... LOL

Grade: B

Hot Wheels and High Heels by Jane Graves
published by Grand Central Publishing in July 2007
Trophy wife Darcy McDaniel has just discovered that, thanks to her embezzling husband, her posh, upper-class life is gone for good. Now she's trading her suburban palace for a trailer park and her weekly salon appointments for a job. Darcy needs a new man--fast--one who'll keep her in the manner she darn well deserves. Problem is, the hottest prospect around is the my-way-or-the-highway hunk who's making off with her beloved Mercedes!
Ex-cop turned repo man John Stark is sure that hiring the furious blonde in his headlights is a colossal mistake. He knows Darcy's high-maintenance, designer-labels-only type--after all, he's used to taking their cars. But he never expected this hellion to have the smarts and the spunk to go from receptionist to repo agent in record time...or to drive him insane with desire. She''s the last thing this tall, dark, and dangerous loner needs...and everything he never knew he wanted.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: stand alone if I'm not wrong

Thoughts: I saw this book at the bookstore or somewhere and remembered reading the blurb and putting it back on the shelves... then Kristie read it and blog about it and I decided to buy it. Well, it did bring me out of my reading slump... although, I didn't enjoy it that much. First, Darcy is almost 40, but acts like she's 20... she makes me think of Paris Hilton with half a brain. She's soooo not realistic and I guess that's what bothered me the most. However, her mom was far more annoying... and I still think she was a gold-digger, no matter what she says... The love story was all right... but nothing that compelling. I love the last, last scene though! That was funny :P Also, her next book sounds promising.

Grade: C-

By the way, wassup with all the "my husband/bf ran away with millions of the dollars and left me behind" plotlines... it's seriously getting old and boring and the books I pick up recently all seem to have this plotline.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm still alive...

Seriously, I don't know what's happening ^^; I'm still alive, that's for sure... and unfortunately, still in a reading slump... worst is that, I'm exhausted ^^;

my week-end has been quite boring so far... Watched tennis on Saturday... actually watched two matches: Justine Henin vs. Yan Zi and Federer vs. Hewitt... it's unfortunate that Hewitt lost. He was sooo close! I've watched tennis today again... it was Henin vs. Jankovic and Henin won... so I'm really happy, since she is my favorite player. It looked like a really tough match, so i'm happy for her. The US Open starts next Monday (not tomorrow, but next one).

Went to a wedding reception yesterday... Boring... I didn't know the bride or groom... but the bride's grandmother is my great-grandfather half-sister... So I went since it was "family." The whole thing was quite boring... the food was good, but not varied enough in my opinion... as like, not many with different tastes... it was all pretty mild. Also, only interesting thing was that I met a friend... she was in the charge of the catering and she's soo nice :D My dad got drunk :( It wasn't so bad, but he didn't reach the bathroom in time to throw up... ewww.... and he didn't say
too much nonsense... kept repeating himself though... that was funny... I think he said this about three times in the car: I have two daughters... I wish them to get married. He (the guy he met at the wedding reception) have three sons - obviously he was thinking matchmaking... Then, he started saying: Your mother... your mother... and so I finished the sentence: My mother has two daughters and wish them to get married... and the man has 3 sons... Luckily, he fell asleep pretty fast after that. Then, when we got home, he asked my sis how did he get home... and that he had a wonderful wife. LOL :P At least, he didn't piss my mom further by saying bad stuff :P

I'm trying to read a book, but so far, it's not going well. I personally don't know if it's the book or my mood. Even my re-reads went really slowly. So sad. So I'll probably be catching up on my reviews this week... in addition, I want to sort through my books... hopefully, I'll be able to make it :P

so how's everyone?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My car...

Just quickly while everyone is still on lunch break... here are pics of my car, taken by a co-worker with her cell phone. I still haven't heard from the estimator :( I'm going to call the insurance tomorrow afternoon... however, the garage said it'd take at least two weeks! (don't worry, I got a rental car)...
so here are the pics:

my poor car...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Reading slump...

Thanks for everyone who worried about me and left some words :D it's really comforting to see that others care about you :P I've been quite lonely in the past few days, because my sis and parents are on vacation... luckily, I have awesome friends - both in real life and online.

So yeah, as you can read in the title... I'm in a reading slump... really, that's the worst :( I went to the bookstore yesterday and there was nothing that I really wanted to read or buy. I planned to do some reshelving this week-end, but I ended up being lazy and just reading, watching some tv and sleeping :( Boring.... and I was doing so well in the beginning of the month :(

so how was your week-end?

Friday, August 10, 2007

I feel so stupid...

Hey everyone :D

I just want to reassure everyone that I'm fine and thank everyone for their worries and kind words.

Just after the accident, I was quite in shock. I didn't think of asking for the other party's driving license and we didn't fill an accident report. Actually, I did think about it, but the other party brushed it away and I didn't insist. He gave me his phone numbers, name and license plate... Stupid me, I didn't check his license plate myself :( I didn't think of calling the police either because no one was injured and our cars were still "working."

So you can guess... I totally got screwed over. When I call the insurance, I gave them the phone numbers... the insurance lady called me 2 minutes later to confirm the numbers and announced that they were wrong or not in function. Stupid me, I still wanted to trust that person and said that he was supposed to call me in the afternoon.

I later brought my car to the garage directly... there was no point letting it sit at home and I didn't want to drive it more than necessary (i.e. drive home from work and then, garage). At this point, it was about 10am. I went home, but didn't want to stay home alone so I went over to a friend house. Over there, I wrote my declaration of "what happened..." My friend's mother came back and asked me questions and then urged me I should report the accident to the police. She was afraid that the other party would call the police and report the accident first and say that I ran away from the scene. I tried to call the other party and the phone numbers were really false... so I went to a police station and give them the license plate number so they could do a search. Turns out the license plate was false too! So in the end, I have to make a hit and run offence report.

So yeah, I feel stupid... but at least everything has been cleared up with the insurance... and they are going to treat my case as a hit and run.


Oh, I haven't had time to really blog-hop... luckily, there is google reader... but because of that, I didn't have time to comment... I promise I will something today!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My turn...

Stupid blogger ate my post, grrrr...

So what I was saying is that after Ames and Rosie's son, it's my turn to have a car accident.

I'm okay, not injured... just shaken up. I guess I'm in shock... I had a good crying jag after... My arms and probably my legs, but I don't know since I'm sitting, are jelly-like.

Basically, I just exited the highway and was driving in the service lane... when this car with a long metal trailer changed lane to get on the highway. I guess he didn't see me or he thought I was out of reach... unfortunately for me, I wasn't... I don't know if I would have had time to brake... but all I can remember is thinking "Shit, he's close!" and then, he scratched my passenger side, broke my side mirror and some glass... oh and the impact made me do an 180 degree. Lucky for me, no car crashed into me afterwards.

So at least my car is not totaled... now, I have to figure out the procedure and the insurances thingie... the worst is that my parents are gone on vacation... well technically, they're not gone yet... but I really don't want to ruin their vacation...

So yeah, I should have stayed home like I wished it this morning.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Review: Tangled up in you by Rachel Gibson

Wow, it's been incredibly quiet on blogland... wonder what everyone is up to :D

Since I have nothing to say about my life, I'll write up another review :D I think this book just came out last week and so, my review might help out a couple of you :D

Tangled Up With You by Rachel Gibson
published by Avon in July 2007

Madeline Dupree is a true crime author who lost her mother at the age of 5 and went to live with a great-aunt in Boise. Actually, her mother along with her lover was murdered by the lover's wife who committed suicide afterwards. Maddie has very little memories of her mother, but after finding her mother's diaries, she needs answers and decides to write a book about the murder that has impacted her life. Thus she goes back to Truly and to Hennessy's, the bar where the murder occurred.

Hennessy's has been run by Hennessy men for generation. In Truly, everyone knows that the Hennessy men are irresistable and that includes the current owner, Mick. Growing up in Truly, where everyone knew about their mother's crime, Mick and his older sister Meg's lives have not been easy. Mick's way to deal with it is to shrug it off... At 35 y.o., his only aspirations are to run the bar, take care of his sister and nephew and find a willing sex partner with no strings attached... and it seems that Maddie Dupree fits the bill.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: Writer Friends series, book #3

Why did I get this book? Hmm, cos I read the first two and they were all right. I know that many readers really like Rachel Gibson, but for me, most of her books have been so-so. I still got this book though because the back blurb sounded interesting. By the way, that's my summary up there, not the back blurb :P

My impressions: In my opinion, this book was better than her latest book, I'm In No Mood For Love and it started out really promising... and then, mid-way, it slipped away and became a so-so book. I don't know if it's the Avonization effect or what, but I thought that this book lacked a bit of substance.

The Heroine, Hero and Romance: Maddie is strong and doesn't let anyone run over her and I liked that. I think that Ms Gibson did a good job shaping her personality to suit the character and her job. I mean, I really thought that Maddie had what it took to be a true crime author. However, there was something missing for me to like the heroine. I didn't feel the connection with her. As for Mick, handsome guy who went in the army and then, came back in town to take care of the bar and his sister... Not interested in marrying and so far, that's why he's been staying away from the women in town... that and the fact that he's known them all his life... Again, I didn't feel the connection with Mick... perhaps it's because he guards his emotions very close to him and shrug off everything else. I didn't feel anything from him, except perhaps, lust ^^; The romance was okay, it's the lusting after each other at first glance with Maddie who knows that she shouldn't get involved with him. See, Maddie didn't tell anyone that she was actually Maddie Jones, daughter of the waitress who had an affair with his father... and so, of course, you can guess that when Mick learns about it, he is not happy-dopey and actually breaks thing off with her. Ms Gibson does save the romance at the end of the book when Mick came to woo Maddie back with his reasoning.

Secondary characters: There weren't many secondary characters and no or almost no secondary love subplot. We did see the other authors friends, but very briefly... Otherwise, you get the small-town, noisy ppl from most book. I thought that Meg, Mick's sister, was pretty annoying... especially the way she tried to make her parents appear happy and perfect. The nephew was a bit unnecessary... and Snowball, the cat that Maddie adopted despite hating cat, that was lacking too...

The Story: The plot started out really good, I was really interested in learning what actually happened at the bar that night and how Maddie asked questions to ppl and so on. That was the interesting part... then, the plot took a backseat to the romance which was only so-so... and everything was resolved was a bit anti-climatic :(

What I liked: Hmmm, the beginning. The parts and bits about Maddie investigating, trying to find the truth. The four authors getting together.

What I didn't like: Hmm, Meg and her weakness... and the fact that Maddie didn't tell Mick who she was. I mean, from that point, it was pretty obvious what the conflict in their relationship was going to be... I wouldn't have minded that if it would have been pulled off better, but it wasn't.

Grade: C

Yeah, basically, this book was pretty so-so for me. Didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. It was a fast read, because I skimmed through some parts, mostly the sex scenes. However, it's nice to pass time. If you loved Ms Gibson previous books, chances are, you are going to love this one too. If like me, you found Ms Gibson previous books so-so... this is not going to change your opinion of her.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Review: Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Good morning everyone!!

I'm just going to go straight to the review, LOL, before I decided I'm too lazy to post and go back to bed with a book LOL :P But before, how was your week-end? Mine has been so-so... in some way, a bit depressing.

Now, the review... Seriously, I've really enjoyed The Dark Hunter series in the past, seriously... I liked Talon, Wulf, Zarek, Alexion/Danger, Vane books tremendously. However, I found the last few books of the series have been lacking. Wren book was okay, I was hugely disappointed with Ravyn's book... the Dream-Hunter book was the latest release and was only so-so... and let's not talk about the few novellas... Also I hate the twist that's been happening with Nick and I thought there wasn't enough of Ash in the last few books. So seriously, I was considering stopping the series... yes, stopping it... which is a rare thing I do... I mean, I read the black burb of Devil May Cry, about Sin, an ex-god who wanted revenge on Artemis and didn't feel a thing... I couldn't even summon any enthusiasm about it... but I still end up buying it, LOL :P See, everyone has their reading poison... For Ames, it's LKH... for me, I guess it's Sherrilyn Kenyon... However, I'm glad I bought it!

Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon
published by St. Martin's Press in July 2007

An ancient Sumerian god, Sin was one of the most powerful among his pantheon... Until the night Artemis stole his godhood by trickery and left him one step from death.

For millennia, this ex-god turned Dark-Hunter has dreamed only of regaining his powers and seeking revenge on her. If only life were that simple.

Unfortunately he has bigger fish or in his case, demons, to fry. The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are now stirring and they are hungry for human flesh. Their only goal is to destroy mankind and anyone else who gets in their way. Lucky Sin is the only one who can stop it—that is if a certain woman doesn’t kill him first.

Trust of any kind died in him the moment Artemis tricked him, but now he must rely on another woman or see an annihilation of biblical proportions. Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who knows only betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is will she keep it or feed it to the ones who want him dead?
Genre: paranormal romance
Series: Dark Hunter series, book ?

Why did I get this book? Well, as I said, it's my poison... there's something compelling in her writing in my opinion and also, because I like to complete series ^^; Seriously though, I wouldn't have read it yet if I hadn't peek at the ending and see who's the heroine!! Notice that the heroine isn't mentionned anywhere in the blurb... also, although I've gotten the excerpts from St.Martin's press, since I wasn't planning to buy the book, I didn't read them... so I really had NO IDEA who the heroine was and it took my completely by surprise!

My impressions: I enjoyed this book a lot and it was much better than the couple last releases we've gotten from Sherrilyn Kenyon. I think the series is back on track in this one :D sure, there were still a lot of characters, but the story was quite focus on the H/H story and I didn't feel like the author was trying to plug in characters for future books... I enjoyed the characters and the story, but what I enjoyed most is that this book cleared up a lot of questions I had... also, it's really concentrated on gods and we get to see more of Ash, Artemis, Simi and Xirena and Apollymi.

The Heroine, The Hero and the Romance: So, for those who didn't know like me who was the heroine, it's... Katra! Yay! I've loved Katra ever since she appeared in Kiss of the Night as Cassandra's protector... she's also appeared in a couple of other books. I have to admit though, I'm kind of disappointed that Kat wasn't Ash's heroine, but it all kind of make sense now. Highlight if you want to know a HUGE SPOILER (highlight to see): Katra is actually Ash and Artemis' daughter. SHOCK! Maybe I was naive and should have realized sooner. Anyway, I've always been a fan of Katra and I really like her personality and though she was an awesome heroine. My one complaint is that sometimes, I thought the author made her a bith "childish," almost too naive and vulnerable. I mean, in those instances, it just didn't fit with the Kat we've come to know from her previous appearances.

As for Sin, if you've enjoyed the Dark Hunter's heroes, you're going to like him too. I can understand his reasons to hate Artemis so much and so on. One thing though is that it seems to me the "betrayals" he suffered weren't hard enough to shape him... I would have thought something more would have happened. Also, since Sin was an ex-god, he's known Ash for a LONG time... like, before the Dark Hunters were created and so on... So it's nice.

As for the romance, it was nice :D Although yeah, I'm still a tiny bit disappointed that Katra isn't Ash's heroine... Also, I felt like Kat was too subdued in this relationship due to guilt...

Secondary characters: There was a lot of secondary characters, but as I mentioned, it doesn't seem like any is going to have their own books any time soon... so it didn't seem like the author was plugging future book in this one which well, in the case of Sherrilyn Kenyon, is rare and came as relief. So none really worth mentioning except for Ash and Artemis... and well, I don't need to comment on them right? Anyone who's read previous know Ash and Artemis.

The Story: All right, basically the story of this book is that Sin has to stop some kind of demons that have been locked up for a long time, but are now starting to roam free. The problem is that he doesn't have his powers. Kat was sent by Artemis to kill Sin, but upon knowing he's not as sadistic as he seems and he actually has a mission, she sets out to help him... That's basically the story if you take away the romance and the superfluous. I think the problem in this book is that the main "plot" kind of took the backseat, because the author took so much space of the book clearing up plot threads from previous books. I'm glad she did clear up stuff... however, I think the plot which is complex could have been better developed and more interesting if she had enough room.

What I liked: Katra being the heroine of this book :D Seriously, if it wasn't for her, I don't think I've read the book yet. Seeing a lot more of Ash and Simi... The scenes between Katra and Ash. The fact that this book clears up a lot of things between Ash, Artemis and Apollymi and even on other characters like Savitar. I mean, it's time we, readers, start getting answers instead of more questions. Hmmm, also the fact that there was no Nick. Until Nick goes back at being the Nick we've known, I'm not going to enjoy him and so I'm glad he wasn't in this one...

What I didn't like: I think the only thing I didn't like is that once again, Sherrilyn Kenyon is making her series even more complex than it should be. As if it wasn't enough that we had Dark, Dream and Were Hunters which are completely different and we have a ton of different gods and the Greek, Atlantaen and sometimes, Celtic/Nordic pantheons... now we add the Sumerian pantheon... and a new race of "demons" that are ennemies... and and Stryker just got a new best friend! I mean, come on... Now, not only they have to watch out for Stryker and the Daimons... there are now gallu demons and the Dimme... aren't you getting a headache yet? I mean, isn't it too much?

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you've been fans of this series, this book is definitively worth it.

Grade: B+ (A- for Ash and Katra LOL :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

July reads

I took the day off today... still not 100% healthy yet :( the sore throat is going better, but I don't have much energy left :( Anyway, I stole this from both Chantal and the girls at Book Binge :D I liked the idea, but always been too lazy to list the books I've read ^^; However, I don't feel like reviewing tonight and July was a good reading month... So here are the books I've read:

1) When She was Bad by Cindy Kirk : B-
2) You don't know Jack by Erin McCarty: C+
3) One Night with a Goddess by Judy McCoy: B-
4) Touchstone by Dinah McCall: B+
5) Hot Ice by Cherry Adair: B
6) Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner: B-
7) A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarty: B
8) Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarty: B
9) High Noon by Nora Roberts : A-
10) Lord of the Isles by Amanda Scott: C-
11) The Wager by Metsy Hingle: B+
12) Flashpoint by Metsy Hingle: B
13) Shadow Dance by Susan Andersen: DNF
14) Stray by Rachel Vincent: DNF
15) Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu: B
16) Double Trouble by Claire Cross: C+
17) Something's Different by Kay Hooper: B+
18) Dockside by Susan Wiggs: B-
19) Pepper's Way by Kay Hooper: B

Hmmm, I thought I reach the 20 mark... but guess not :P This month, perhaps. Anyway, obviously, best book was High Noon by Nora Roberts, I've also definitively enjoyed books from favorite authors Kay Hooper (reprints) and Dinah McCall. Honorable mention goes to Metsy Hingle's books :) Apparently, I have a lot of reviews to catch up to!!

One last thing, I've updated my sidebar and the review archives :P I'm just sooo lazy!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sore throat...

Yeah... freaking unbelievable... I have a sore throat in August.

I hate being sick... it usually makes me lethargic and tired :( So that means I haven't been able to concentrate and read for the past two days :(

So I wanted to let you know that I'm still reading your posts... but my brain has some difficulty processing so I haven't been commenting much ^^; Sorry.