Monday, January 04, 2010

Re-Read Challenge 2010

Year 2009 is over, onto year 2010!

Originally, I didn't plan to continue hosting the Re-Read Challenge this year. Partly because many ended up not making it. I mean, the number of entries doesn't matter, but you know... Then, I remembered that people are enjoying this challenge - participants and non-participants. It makes us rediscover favorites and make other, discover new books that they've missed. So I changed my mind and decided to host it another year :)

This year though, the rules are going to be a different... as in, there are going to be less rules :)

There will be no sign-up. Whoever wants to participate can do it and bloggers can join whenever they want. Unfortunately, there will be no monthly prizes. Instead, I will do a bigger prize at the end of the year. I still haven't decided what it will be and what will be the conditions. I will let everyone know about the prize later :)

Basically, the goal of the Re-Read Challenge remains the same: re-read a book and review it at the end of the month. There is no condition for the book itself, as long as you've read it at least once before, it qualifies. As usual, I will put up a post where participants can leave the link to their review :) I'm aiming for the last day of the month for the review, but I'll extend the review period if the last day turns out to be a week-end.

And that's it :D

Since it's a new year, I've made some icons for the Re-Read Challenge 2010. I can't choose which one I like best, so I'll let everyone make their own choice :) I know, they all look pretty much alike :P If you could post it on your sidebar and link back to this post it'd be great. Putting it in the review post each month is good, but not necessary :)

*I'd like to thank the Bookstores in Spokane blog for letting me use the image for the icon!