Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXIX

Phew, what a difference does a week make! This week was much better... Actually, not much was going on LOL. My thumb is healing up nicely, work was okay... Noticeable things that happened is that I finally passed level 410 of Candy Crush after being stuck on it for about 2 months! Yay! Then again, credit doesn't go all to me, Candy Crush actually made the level much easier... but I doubt anyone will complain LOL.

Oh, I went shopping yesterday and found a dress for the wedding. Finally!

Honestly, I wasn't sure about it when my sister first showed it to me, but once I tried it on, it fit well :) So sold! LOL. This is actually what I've been looking for, a summer-y dress... So I'm just happy to have found one... Although ultimately, I don't know if it'll be chic enough for the wedding ^_^;; The invitation says casual, but the people showing up... So we'll see :)

All right, now onto the books :)

Interestingly enough, this week is all about self-published ebooks which is a rare thing for me. First is Snow-Kissed, a short story from one of my favorite author, Laura Florand. If I'm not wrong, this one is not set in Paris which will be interesting :) But it still involves food!

I read a good review somewhere for Stay with Me by Elyssa Patrick and the next blog I visited was Brie's and there was a giveaway for Stay with Me. Have to love those coincidence! Even better, I won! Woohoo!

Last but not least is Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross :) I read Li's review, who by the way loved it, and was intrigued. Then, Brie told me she believed I would love this book... So yep, got it! And of course, they were right, I loved Letters to Nowhere!

So that was my week! What about yours?