Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heroes: my verdict

So Monday, I asked if anyone here was watching Heroes and they thought about it... and if I remember correctly, only Cindy and Rosie said they watched the show. The good news was that both enjoyed the show :D The majority of you said that you haven't watched the show, but heard good things about it... which was another plus. Nobody seemed to have heard any negative about this series... and this is rare :D

So you guys want to know what happened next?

LOL, I download a couple of episodes on Monday evening and the next day, decided to go buy the boxset LOL :) So I am now the proud owner of Heroes on DVD and have managed to watch the whole season in two evenings. Yes, I did fast-forward and skip some parts - but that was so I could go to sleep ^^; I'm now re-watching the whole thing to see what I miss, but seriously, I really enjoyed this tv series :D

So here are my thoughts:

- I really enjoy the tv series and you have to give credit to the whole cast, directors and producers. As the guy who came up with the idea said, superheroes have been done and overdone, but they still manage to create something great and compelling.

- the fact that all these people have powers remind me a bit of X-men, but that's to be expected. What i wonder about is that they all seem to have recently acquire their powers and no one knows when and what and understand them.

- there are a lot of characters and storylines going on at once and so it's a bit confusing, but that doesn't matter :D This series is very compelling... there's a lot of twists and turns and you keep wondering is this person good, bad, both? What I like is that it's not entirely black or white, but there's many shades of grey :D

- I have to admit that I think the cast is perfect. Everyone fits their role and they act very well :D my favorite character is probably Hiro Nakamura :D He's so cute and funny and full of optimism :D I understand why the actor was nominated at the golden globes and emmy.

The one thing that I disliked was the lack of friendship/camaraderie. The pacing of this series is very fast, one thing happens after the other. Each character or group of characters have a goal that they are pursuing and as a result, characters only cross each other. I mean, how many times did Hiro and Peter meet each other? not more than 5 I think... What I'm trying to say is that the characters don't have time to get to know each other, sit down and develop a frienship... and I understand why and everything, but this is something I'd like to see in the next season.

So yeah, Heroes will probably be my obsession for the next few weeks :D Especially with the new season starting on Monday :D however, that doesn't stop me from reading :D


  1. Well, I watched the first 2 episodes and then stopped. Don't ask me why because I am a rabid fan of Milo (Peter). I've thought about renting the season from Hastings, but that would mean I'd have one more show to watch, and I watch too much tv as it is.

  2. I watched this from it's inception and have been raving about it ever since (see here and here

    I am soooo anitcipating next Monday!!!

  3. I love Hiro also because he has so much faith and optimism and I think his friendship is well done. I also liked the future Hiro and when he went to the future it was crazy.

    There is a cheese factor to the show 'save the cheerleader, save the world' and I felt bad for that actress because she had a lot of scenes wearing that outfit.

    I agree with you about the randomness of the characters meetings. It's like they should all be on a similar path and yet they all seem to be walking different lines.

    On that note, has Peter ever come in contact with Silas? With Pete's ability he should be as strong and have all the powers that Silas does. Yep, that just came to me 5 months after the finale.

    Also, I wondered about everyone kind of coming into their powers at the same time yet the invisible man had been around longer than the rest and had mentioned those who had come before. Maybe dormants come into power every 10 years or something like that ;)

    Glad you are enjoying the show - now you are fresh for this season while the only things I can remember are Hiro in the past and Peter and his brother in the air.


  4. Dev - LOL :D well when you have time or are bored, I think this will be a nice show to watch :D and then, you're a fan of Milo to boot :D Just keep it in mind :D

    Zeek - LOL, I'm really late into getting in this tv show :D Yep, Monday can't come too fast... wait, actually, it can... cos that would mean I'm back to work and I still haven't enjoyed my week-end...hmmm, you think any chance they would put up this show on Sunday instead? LOL :)

    Cindy - It's always like that... you finish watching a show and you have several questions afterwards :D

    Loved Hiro and Ando :D Hiro is really cute and he really "caught" the Japanese aspect of his role... I mean, sure, he is Japanese... but there's a huge difference when you're born and raised in Japan and when you're raised in the US. I loved his character, but I thought him "loosing his powers" made him a bit weak... it was all just psychologic in the end... and yes, future Hiro is cool (it was hilarious when past Hiro was like "The future me scares me" LOL), but I enjoy the Hiro Hiro more and I hope he doesn't turn all cold and cynic... although now he's stuck in feudal Japan, so I don't see that happening.

    The cheerleader could have it worst than wearing her cheerleading outfit... I mean, they could all be wearing tights, masks and capes LOL :)

    You know, it's sooo contradictary... I mean, the fact that they walk different paths is what makes it different than other heroes show and yet, we want them to come all together and be friends and all.

    Peter did meet Sylar... you know, my guess is that Sylar real/original power is telekinetics, i.e. move object... and that's the ability Peter absorbs when he met Sylar... it'd be crazy if Peter absorbed "all" the powers Sylar stole. Also, I'm wondering... Peter was "dreaming" the future (when he dreamed that he was falling the roof and then, that he was the bomb)... I wonder who had that power... his mother?

    and finally, yeah, I agree with you... how come they suddenly all came into power? I think you're right though... it's like they come into power all at the same time at a given date... cos most of the one we saw, they're pretty "young." ah well, I hope this will be explained in this season.