Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This week To Do list

Hello everyone :D

How have you been? My week-end was quite dull, but relaxing. I work from 8h30 am to 9 pm at the White Fathers place... Got two visitors and not even 10 phone calls the whole day. I had time to catch up on my chinese tv series (yep, I have access to TV) and read Agnes and the Hitman, which I've already reviewed :) LOL, it's so funny, because each time I show up at the Fathers' place, I have at least 3 bags: my purse, one bag of tapes and one bag of books :P Then, I slept half of Sunday and read, the other half. Very dull indeed... very lazy also ^^; See, I've been meaning to reshelve my books for, hmm, 2 months now? I've also wanted to clean my room, because it's a huge mess... also, can't really reshelve my books without making place in my room first. In addition, my room is driving my parents crazy... they've been nice so far, but I know that soon, they'll run out of patience.

The problem? Well I work on the week-end... albeit, not a lot, but enough that I don't feel like spending Saturday morning cleaning. I want to do it when I come home from work during week days; however, now that I have to pick up my sister in downtown... i get home later, around 4.30pm... Then, I usually have a book I can't wait to finish or blog-hop or have a headache like yesterday :(

This is the reason I've decided to do a list... So the following should be done by Sunday, midnight:

1) Clean my room - it includes vacuuming. (ugh)
2) Box/shelve my books. Best would be to purge a little too.
3) Update my blog (the books on the sidebar ^^;) and change the template
4) Work on reviews
5) Work on ________________ (it's a surprise... kind of)
6) Clean my hard drive (I bought an external hard drive a 1.5 month ago ^^; It's out of its box, but that's pretty much it
7) Catch up on my manga and anime

Doesn't sound too much right? So hopefully, I should be able to make it ^^;

Sigh. (LOL, can't help it!)


  1. Good luck with your list!
    Relaxing weekends are the best.

  2. I love relaxing weekends ~ unfortunately they happen so rarely.

  3. Making lists is good. Sticking to them is hard. Good luck, girlie!

  4. A list!! Okay you know I love lists and once you see how successful you can be with a list you'll be a convert. No? Not so much? :P

  5. Isabel - Yep, relaxing weekends are the best... but at the same time, you feel like you haven't done anything ^^; and I already have one thing done in my list, youppi!

    Dev - LOL, for me, I think it happens every other weekends... what can I say, I have a very boring life.

    Chantal - LOL, I know!!! but maybe having a list will be better than just saying "I have to do..."

    Rosie - LOL :) I'm usually not a list maker, because I have a great memory and so I know what I have to do and so on... however, doing them seem to be a problem lately. sigh. maybe i'll be a convert...

  6. How is sex and single ghost going?
    I have it in my TBR.
    I have a read of few of her EC books, and they were good.

  7. Chantal - I still haven't started it yet... going to tonight... EC books?

  8. Ah, lists. Mine is physically impossible to complete, and yet it keeps growing longer...