Friday, September 28, 2007

This is how we do crazy :P

It's Friday!!! I love Fridays... do you know why? Because half the early birds at my company do not work on Fridays... so that means I can blog and surf the net without having to check over my shoulders every two minutes! Also, it's sooo quiet and we're really all alone :D

This morning, I forgot my key card to get in the company... it didn't bother me, because the man I found very intimidating that's here really early was absent!! Yep, one less checking on me :P So instead, I had 20 minutes to read LOL :)

So this morning, I started my experiment and had all the time to blog-hop... and came across Ames' post :P Yep ppl, she's back and she went "crazy" book shopping yesterday :D She bought 3 books... hmmm. Okay, considering her new rule, the "Read 2 books from TBR and allowed to buy ONE book," I guess she did go a bit crazy LOL :P but then, she said that the rule wasn't in effect till October. So she bought 3 books... I couldn't help it... had to at least chuckle...

LOL Ames, you seriously have more willpower than me :) Here, let me show you how I do crazy :)

Monday, I read a review of Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath. It sounded good and I haven't decided which book to read yet, so I decided to go buy it. At the same time, I have this coupon of 5$ off if I buy more than 35$ in store.... So here is what I bought:

- Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath : B+
- Sex and the Single Ghost by Tawny Taylor : D
- Passion by Lisa Valdez - heard so much good about it
- If his Kiss is Wicked by Jo Goodman - everyone who read it seemed to love it
- One Last Breath by Laura Griffin - nice cover :P

*all cover pictures are on the sidebar

Then, on Wednesday, I decided to go to the UBS to look for You Slay Me... instead, I found:

 Squeeze Play and Black Silk were great finds... unfortunately, didn't find You Slay Me... ah well.

Then yesterday, I don't know... I saw Kristie posting up her list of books to read and Mine Till Midnight was there. Now, I'm not a great fan of historicals, but I do read them. I'm not a great fan of Lisa Kleypas, but I do read her. Mine Till Midnight really, really has a nice cover... and Cam's story... hmmm. So I checked out Indigo/Chapters online to see if any bookstore had it. Yes, they did! Well wait a minute, that book is only coming out next week... This mean a couple of next week's new releases are probably in store... and I know one of the bookstore in downtwon has You Slay Me. See, there are two bookstores downtown, from the same company, almost next to each other. For me to go downtown is no longer a detour, since I have to pick up my sister. But still, to go to both will take some time... and I might be stuck in traffic. So I called my sister to see if any of her friends had the I-Rewards card that makes you save 10% on the book... (I mean, now that the CDN $ is so high, I'm already over-paying the book... I don't really want to have to pay the regular price anymore)... So none of her friends had it... Okay, just join me at Indigo... where I bought:

- Tombs of Endearment by Casey Daniels
- Sexiest Man Alive by Diane Holquist
- Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister
- Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver
- Queen of Orcs: Royal Destiny by Morgan Howell
- One Piece volume 39

Hmm, with all these books, you'd think I could wait for You Slay Me right? Well nope. I give my sister a choice: to buy it now or she'd had to go the next day (meaning today)... She chose now. So we walked three blocks and I am now the proud owner of... tada:

Don't you see something missing? Yeah, I didn't buy Mine Till Midnight in the end, because that was at a third bookstore... but hey, I'm considering going later today... should I? Should I not?

See Ames, this is how you do crazy, LOL.


  1. I've had Passions in my TBR it seems like forever ~ I heard so many good things about it, I just had to get it. And the poor thing's been collecting dust ever since.

    I'll have to check into the other books you've listed ~~ looks like some good reads there!

  2. I love the Aisling Grey books. The next one is out in November. I cant wait. Aisling might be preggers. Eeek!
    Make sure you read all of them in order though.
    Do you have the third book, called Light my fire?

    The Tawny Taylor book was a D? That sucks. I guess I dons need to read it right away then, eh?

    I just read Lover Unbound. Holy moly! I'm still frazzled over it.

  3. Chantal's right, those Aisling Grey books need to be read in order. I think once you read YOU SLAY ME you'll be hooked.

    No wonder you're tired. Sheesh girl that's some power book shopping!

  4. Ah, Nath, you always make me feel better about my book buying. :) See, me? I only bought 5 books all month and all of them were new releases that I had preordered. I was good. :)

  5. Damn girl, what didn't you get. Besides Lisa Kleypas. lol. I say get it.

  6. You crazy kid you *g* What the heck - go back and get Mine 'till Midnight. And then you'll probably pick up about 3 or 4 more heh heh

  7. I've been told!

    LOL Ugh-let's see how long it takes you to get to 500 in the tbr. haha

  8. Nath
    I LOVED If His Kiss is Wicked!

    I need to write my review but totally am loving the book.

    I added Aisling Grey's books to my TBR too. Thanks, always looking for another series and author.


  9. Dev - Definitively not sure of when I'm going to read this book. Simply, I saw it for the first time at the bookstore, so jumped on it LOL :) I'll keep you post on my reads!

    Chantal - I'm glad you enjoyed :) I got them in order and yep, went out and bought Light my Fire :) and yeah, the Tawny Taylor book wasn't great... it was almost an erotica romance, but not completely... it was weird and with minimal plot.

    Rosie - I've just started and read two pages of You Slay Me :D but I have them all :) I hope to enjoy them :D and LOL, the book shopping isn't making me tired LOL :P

    Kailana - great no, that I make you feel better :D there's a saying in chinese that says that there's always someone better than you. I guess there's always someone worst than you too LOL

    Isabel - Got it :P I mean, you're absolutely right... one more book, one less book... won't make much of a difference right?

    Kristie - I picked out 2 more books + the mine till midnight... LOL :)

    Ames - hmmm, yep, my TBR pile keeps growing... but you know what, I don't care if it goes over 500 :P Should enjoy now while I know I have money :)

    Sandie - been a long time I haven't heard of you! I liked If His Kiss is Wicked, but I don't like the author's voice :( and happy I could help you out :P