Monday, September 17, 2007

Quiet week-end and books!

Hello everyone :D

wow, this week-end was really quiet... Summer is over, fall is here... it's been quite chilly these last few days :( Sunny, but cool.

I've pretty much did nothing this week-end. Chalk it to exhaustion and laziness. I had plans to re-shelve my books... actually, I've had this plans for weeks... but it didn't happen :( Sigh. I've been trying to convince a friend to come over and help me... but smart girl, she refused. I went shopping with some friends on Sunday... bought a tank top. Got 50% off on the tank top... which was already on sale at 1.95$ LOL :) Yeah, I saved bunch!

This week-end was a rather good reading week-end. I read Dead Girls are Easy by Terri Garey, It's In His Kiss by Julia Quinn and The Wedding Party by Robyn Carr. All the books were okay read, nothing wow :( I went to the bookstore this week-end and there was nothing to buy... see I've pre-ordered most of the books I wanted for September and there wasn't many coming out to begin with... So today, I skipped lunch and went to the UBS... I bought 16 books... the ones that made me think "lucky me" were Family Tree by Barbara Delinski and Castle of the Wolf by Sandra Schwab... The rest were books that sounded interesting... and lucky me, the UBS were still holding the buy 3 get the 4th free sale.

Later, when my mom came home, she brought in 3 Chapters/Indigo online packages! That really made my day! So what books did I get? Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh and Die For Me by Karen Rose. These two books, I ordered back in August, but somehow, it seems my order was lost somewhere... I ended up buying them at the bookstore. Seriously, do you think I would have waited 2 weeks before I could read CBY? No way... I already promised CBY to a friend, but if anyone wants my 2nd copy of Die For Me, feel free :D I also got Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer... Finally!!! and Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder... I want the tradepaper format... I figure it'd be an investment :) and finally, tadada, Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik!!! This is the 4th book in the series and I'm a bit anxious about reading it... I'm afraid I've been building up too much expectations... Sigh.

Last but not least, I've become kind of obssessd with Heroes, the tv show... Anyone has watched this? What's your opinion? I had friends who enjoyed it a lot and since I'm bored, I thought of watching it... but I'm not sure yet and so, I don't want to spend money buying the dvds yet...


  1. I have a few Robyn Carr's and also Agnes and the Hitman on my wishlist. Sorry you weren't wowed by the RC book ~ but, I look forward to what you think of Agnes!

  2. Isn't it great when you get in a lot of good reads during the weekend? I'm glad you had one of those relaxing weekends.

    I started to watch Heroes first season, and then I sorta just lost track of when the season picked up again and to be honest, I don't even know when it airs now. Too bad, because I did like it. I just don't have much time these days.

  3. I think I had a bit of a lazy weekend but it's hard for me to judge when I'm up during the day. Bob was busy ;)

    Heroes was really slow to start (took about 3 episodes before it got interesting) but I would say to continue watching it. There are many fun moments with Hiro and his best friend. Have you seen the ep where they go to the future? Very cool and scary - then in the'll have to watch. I think you could rent the DVDs instead of buying them but the cost might be equal.


  4. I'm so jealous that you have the Naomi Novik book already! Can't wait for it to come out here!

  5. Dev - well, see, the thing with Robyn Carr's book is that yes, there is some romance, but it's more about how the characters grow through some circumstances... as a result, there was very little romance in The Wedding Party. sigh. I'm looking forward to Agnes too!!

    Daphne - hey there Daphne!! :D Yep, it's great to be able to read... LOL :) just stay in bed and read :) As for Heroes, I watch some episodes and so far, I like it... the new season hasn't started yet, so you haven't missed anything.

    Cindy - LOL :) What was Bob doing? Demolishing the wall?

    I've decided to buy Heroes :P I like it enough and there's few tv series I watch lately... and you're right, I wouldn't save much by renting instead of buying... and you know, I have this weird syndrome... the "I want and I want to own" syndrome :P very bad on my wallet... but then, besides books and eating out, I don't spend that much :P so why not?

    Marg - I was really lucky to get the Naomi Novik sooo soon! I've pre-ordered it and got lucky :) when is it coming out in australia?

  6. I liked It's In His Kiss. I thought it was cute. I never got into heroes. Didn't really interest me but people say its giid.

  7. HEROES is the only TV show the whole family watches. We can't wait for the series premier next Monday, September 24th. When does it air up there?

  8. Isabel - You know, I'M happy the author didn't dwell too much on past characters. Otherwise, I thought the book was okay/good.

    Rosie - i'm watching Heroes right now... Just bought the dvds. It's quite good, but a bit confusing. A lot of characters too...

  9. I'm reading some books by Brian K. Vaughan now. He's one of the fellas who write the Heroes TV series. Other than that, I'm reading Long Ren - a China wuxia-writer. Feels a lot like Huang Yi.

    Going for another interview now. Turned down a job offer yesterday because the company deals in online gambling. Also gave up the Macau job offer... :(

  10. I just read Agnes and the Hitman and I thought it was really funny. Definitely worth a read. :)

    I've never seen Heroes, but I've actually been meaning to check it out--it sounds like it would be interesting. I think the first season is out on DVD now, so I was thinking of renting the first disc and seeing how it was.

  11. I know how frustrating it is now to buy all the books at the beginning of the month and then have to wait almost an entire one for the next batch. That's why we LOVE UBS's.
    I've never watched Heroes but I know it's real popular around here!

  12. Jennie - Hey there :D Yeah, I've heard so much positive comments about Agnes and the Hitman :D It's definitively the book I'm going to read next :D

    As for Heroes, my advice is that rent the first 2 discs. The first discs only contain 2 eps. and the unaired pilot... and as Cindy says, the beginning is a bit slow... hope you enjoy as much as me and Ames :D

    Kristie - well lately, i've been pre-ordering because there are some tradepaper books and hardcovers to buy and so I order the month's releases that I wanted, because I need more than 39$ for the free shipping... but seriously, I think that there aren't much coming out this month and next month and so, sigh.

  13. Nath, I hope you'll enjoy CASTLE and the journey into the Black Forest!

    Happy reading and best wishes from Germany,

  14. Sandra- thanks for commenting!! I've no doubt I'll like it LOL :) It came highly recommended :) just happy to finally find it.