Monday, September 10, 2007

My past week...

hey everyone :D

sorry to have been a little bit absent... the last few weeks have been very stressful... last week was a bit better, but not by much. I finally got my car back on Friday! Yay! It looks good :D they did a good work. I was starting to stress a lot about the car for 1) the cheque... but the garage didn't ask for it at all when I went to pick up the car, so I guess they received it. Also, my parents kept asking about my car... so I had to call the garage and each time, they would tell me, "your car is almost ready... Tomorrow, tomorrow..." It took a freaking month! My parents were worried that they were trying to keep the car longer, so it'd increased the rental fees... however, I'm not the one who paid for the rental... so I didn't care much.

Other reason why I was stressed is my work contract. My work contract expired two weeks ago, on August 31. At the beginning of the summer, I was told that my contract would be renewed for one year... which is great, cos that means a real contract and not one for student... with better salary and some advantages (like vacation)... I was also told that I would be signing the contract when my supervisor would come back from vacation... which was on August 9. Because of that, I purposedly didn't go to Cancun with my family. Well time flew, my contract expired and I still haven't signed my contract... two weeks ago, my supervisor said: this friday... (the friday b4 labor day week-end)... so on that friday, as the day passed, I asked him... and my supervisor came back to me: Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. it's not this friday, but next one... hmmm, okay. So next Friday comes and supervisor asks to see us (me and another girl)...: I have a good news and a bad news. Good news is I have a contract for you to sign... the bad news is that, it's only a 2 months extension... By the way, my supervisor sucks and is incompetent... the contract is till October 19, 2007. Sorry, but that's not even 2 months! Apparently, board of directors want to do a head count... so not sure if they'll be able to hire me after October 19... so yeah, it pretty much sucks and that means I definitively have to start looking for a job.

On one hand, it really really sucks. On the other hand, i'm kind of relieved... I've been so stressed in the past month... also, I don't really like the atmosphere in this company. The reasons I was going to stay were: 1) well it's easy ^^; (I'm pretty lazy and unmotivated... which is soooo sad). 2) the money... and 3) for the experience... I know this company is not somewhere I want to stay... cos seriously, the atmosphere sucks and the supervisor, even more. Also, I think it'd be better for me to re-orientate myself... my dad wants me to go back to school, but I'm seriously tired. I soooo need a vacation and so I'm kind of looking forward it ^^; Although I know that my parents will be worried and stuff like that ( i mean, it won't really be peaceful...) Sigh. So yeah, I'm not really getting my hopes high for the job, because this company's politics and management is really weird ^^; So even if they really need me and the other girl, there's high chances they're too pigheads to admit it. Did I mention they were cheap too?

Also, i have this freaking book order for Magic Study, Caressed by Ice, Die for Me and Agnes and the Hitman. I ordered these books on August 13 and should have received all the books last week... but no, they still haven't been shipped yet!!! ugh!! So far, I've already went in store to buy Caressed by Ice and Die for me... but I wished they would ship the books fast! I already written a email asking about my order... they say they were checking it... seriously, grrr.

Hmmm, so yeah... been a stressful week... Add to that the US Open :P Yay, Justine Henin won!!! i,m soo happy, because she beat some really tough players and she really proved that she was no.1. In addition, this is her first Grand chelem tournament that she wins in 4 years other than Roland-Garros where she is queen. So yay!! I was soo nervous for the matches, because she played Serena and Venus Williams. Two players against whom she had bad records... I wonder how the players do it LOL :P

So yeah, sorry for the rant... but I had to get it out :P tomorrow, something more fun LOL I promise, I'll write some reviews :P I'm going to try Ames' lightening review style LOL :P


  1. I'm glad you got your car back finally. They had it a month. wow.

    Maybe it's a blessing in disguise your contract wasn't renewed for the year. A vacation sounds sooo good right now.

  2. Aw Nath all that work stuff sounds really sucky. I can say I was soooo bummed about not getting full time with the fire dept and now it turns out I have the better job even if it is part time to start. So you never know what opportunity this change in the work place might mean.

    In the mean time I'm sending all positive thoughts and good karma your way.

  3. Actually your situation (with the job) sounds quite similar to my last several jobs. Only difference is that I couldn't take it as long as you did - so I just throw in my resignation letter! But then, that's resulted in my endless job-hopping! Haha!

    Anyhoo, don't worry to much about it. You're probably prudent (well, more than I am anyway) to stick in there a little longer until something better comes along.

    Also, thanks for your recent comments on my blogs - just posted my reply to your comment.

    Take care and have a good week... :)

  4. Hey sweetie, I think you should take a break and find a good job. It burns you out faster if you don't like the job you have. LOL I really appreciate the two month break I had from my job, because I was getting sick and tired of my work environment. :P

    It'll all work out in the end.

  5. Isabel - yep, almost a month... but you know, I think it's because it was the month of august... people are on vacation and stuff like that... and it was also during labor day week-end. Ah well, i'm too nice trying to make excuses up for them ^^;

    a vacation right now sounds like heaven... I haven't had a real one since March 2006 I think, so that's more than a year. sigh. So yeah, right now, I don't really care if my contract is renewed or not.

    Rosie - I'm so happy it all worked out well for you :P I hope for me too!! LOL :P thanks for your positive thoughts :D

    Edmund - LOL :P you're way more gutsy than I am and you know what you want Edmund... that's a huge difference btw you and me. That and the fact that you have a family to provide for... Cos right now, all I want to do is just go along, sigh.

    Ames - I know... I really started to look for a better job, but you know, that's hard to. Montreal's work market is pretty saturated in almost every domain... LOL, this is just depressing!

  6. Sorry about the sucky job crap. But sometimes these things work out for the best. You'll probably get something better anyway. Glad you got your car back.

  7. The job stuff definitely sucks. I would brush the resume off and get it out there stat. You are more likely to get hired if you already have a job and hey, they don't need to know your contract is closing. Also, you can tell them your start day will be such and such which can be a week, two or three weeks after your contract is up. So you get a vacation but you have a job to go to when you get bored ;)

    Wishing you great success!!


  8. Renee - Thanks Renee :D I hope everything works out fine too...and I'm really glad to get my car back :D

    Cindy - that actually sounds very smart :D Now, if I could simply get my lazy butt up and start looking for a job!! thanks for your good advice!