Wednesday, October 24, 2007

and the vacation continues!

LOL, do you really want to know what I've been doing? If yes, well keep on reading :)

Day 2 was a very quiet day. Basically, I've been having difficulties mustering interest twds my TBR pile and haven't been reading much. So I haven't been reading much lately... instead, I've been re-reading Loving Jack by Nora Roberts - this in my opinion is one of the best serious hero meets lively heroine and she thaws him out plot :) I've also re-read Vrigin River by Robyn Carr (loved this book LOL) and Now You See Her as well as Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard. I think those are my two favorites by this author :D

So basically, I lazed around, read and slept. It was a rainy day, not very nice weather. I still went downtown to pick up my sister - cos I'm nice LOL :) It was hellish to find a parking place though... ugh. Then I wondered around a little bit since I was early... bought myself an ice cream to cheer me up and window shopped... then, of course, stopped by the bookstore... and I didn't come home empty-handed LOL :) I'll make a list of my new books in the next post :P And that's about it :P

Day 3 - i,e. today - was much more exciting. It started early because I had to go downtown and wanted to miss traffic. Today was the McGill Bookfair at the downtown campus. Basically, the McGill Bookfair is a charity event: during the whole year, they accept book donations and during 2 days in October, they sell them. It started at 9am, so I wanted to be there early. I picked up my friend, cos she wanted to come with me, and also drove my sis to school. My friend and I went for breakfast then head to the bookfair. Ugh, I guess it doesn't matter at all how early you get there or not, there was a LOT of ppl present there already. I went through the books for about 2 hours... I was so tired afterwards (actually, still am). There were books on the tables and under and very little space btw the tables. The hardest was crouching down and looking through the boxes, having ppl stepping over/behind you and then, standing up again... with a tons of books in your arms! So final count? 28 or 29 books! The thing is I bought some books for friends too... so I'm not certain yet :P The worst though was to lug all the books back to my car! I had a box and had to transport it... by the end, my arms felt like jello!

Afterwards, I went to buy some manga and went to the lab where I did my internship.... however, my professor wasn't there!! So I have to go back tomorrow. So afterwards, my next stop was the UBS. I've been meaning to go this week so I could really laze around and explore, but after the bookfair, because well I didn't want to get the same book twice... Plus, books at the bookfair were cheaper... They were still holding the Buy 3 get the 4th Free sale :D So I ended up with 16.

Finally, I went to the video rental store and got my weekly fix of TVB shows. Went back to the Mcgill campus to pick up my sis, beat the traffic and got home... however, I'm exhausted now! Book shopping is really hard LOL :) but I think I'm done for the week!

I'll be listing my new books soon :D Stay tuned!


  1. holy wow, that's a lotta books! When do we get to see the list? Man, I wish I lived in a city that had decent sized book sales and fairs. *pout*

  2. Oh, *wipes away a tear* you do my heart good. Someone who buys more books than I do. Glad you made it to the fair. Can't wait to see the list.

    So how was the re-read of SHADES OF TWILIGHT? Don't you just love that book?

  3. Sula- hello Sula :D where do you live? this is really the only fair of the year that happens... and lucky for me, it's organized by McGill and that's why the books are in English.Oh and the list is coming soon... I had to go to sleep yesterday, because my arms, shoulders and back were hurting ^^;

    Rosie - LOL, I know ^^; At least, they were used books so I paid cheap... kind of.

    Shades of Twilight is always so awesome a read :D I just love Ro and Webb :D

  4. Ah Nath! I am so glad that you were not deceived after all! That is a lot of books!!!

    I wanted to go so bad. The burial ended at the time we got home it was 4...and I was wondering if you were still over there. *sigh*

    Can't wait to see your list!

    Off to school I am! Taxe's class!

  5. nath, I'm out in small town in the northern corner of virginia. not tooo far from DC, but far enough that I have to make a day of it if I plan to go there. you're in montreal, yes? and not francophone if i'm guessing correctly. :) I had an entire week in Montreal last year for a professional conference. what a blast! I do speak french (picked it up when living in W Africa, not to mention my BF is from there and we still use it to communicate here in the US without people understanding what we're saying. lol) but the quebecois accent CRACKS ME UP!!! bwaha! Anyways, I had a friend (quebecois) whom I'd met in Africa who showed me around town...a different restaurant every night. good times. poutine! *feels heart corroding just by thinking of the dish*

    Enjoy your TBR mountain!