Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My poor long week-end...

Seriously, this is the last time I'm making plans for the week-end... because when you go back to work and you look back at your week-end, you just feel empty. I really wanted to blog, but I had nothing to say... and also, my energy level was sooo low... On a scale from 1 to 10, I think I was at 1 :(

My week-end turned out to be more busy than I thought, less relaxing and with a lot of food. See, it was my sis' b-day on Saturday, so after work on Friday, I rushed out to buy her gifts. I bought her Police Academy movies collection - those are really so silly and hilarious, 7th Heaven season 4 and another tv show boxset. My sister sure loves her tv shows. It's a bit like me with my books.

On Saturday, she had friends over... and I "helped" her cleaning. Actually, not really. I figure when I have my friends over, I do all the cleaning... so she could do the same ^^; Seriously, the past couple of week-ends, all I've been wanting to do is stay in bed and read. So didn't feel like helping her cleaning... and then, gosh, I had to drive her to the grocery so she could get some bread, chips and juice. Did I mention me not wanting to get out of bed? Then, once I got from home from work, well her friends were all there. I hung out with them a little, but in the end, went to bed and slept. Since she had her friends on Saturday, we were going to eat out as a family to celebrate her b-day on Sunday... the thing is, this week-end is also the week-end when my grandfather passed away 6 years ago - well according to the lunar calendar. According to regular calendar, i.e. Oct.15, is next week. Long story short, we commemorate that day each year... so that meant that on Sunday, we had to go to the temple to pray. Now, my parents do a lot of volunteering work for the temple and so every week-end, they cart bags of food to the temple... My sister and me? we only go when there are big celebrations or on commemoration days. Even then, we only show up and then go home... However, surprise, surprise, my uncle from Quebec city showed up. So at 9h45, we head out to go grocery shopping with him (chinese/vietnamese ingredients are way cheaper where I live than where he lives, so he always stock up when he comes visit). While we're shopping, my mom calls... she forgot the rice at home. This is the 2nd week-end in a row where she forgets something at home. I swear, next week, she's making a list and she'll have to check out every item before leaving. So we go back home, get the rice and finally get to the temple... where we have to help out. No slipping away this week. At least, we didn't have to stay and eat (yeah, we eat at the temple... vegetarian food)... Later that evening, we went out to the chinese restaurant. Great as usual... except everyone seemed down or low on energy. As usual, we ordered too much food and went home with 5 boxes ^^; (my uncle took back the last box containing the bbq duck).

Then, yesterday, my mom made lots of food to pray to my grandfather. Can I say I spent the day eating? Sigh. And there's still a lot more left. So I'll be eating left-overs for the next coming days.

What annoys me the most however is that I haven't read much :( Sure, I re-read Warprize, Slave to Sensation and Caressed by Ice, but I didn't get the chance to read any "new" books. It's also my mood :( I've started Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver and put it down... just couldn't get into it... and I've also started a new book, but I can't remember the title. It definitively sucks when you're not into the mood of reading. It took me a week to finish You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister. Sigh.

hopefully, this week will be better.


  1. Hey Nath! Hope things turn around soon. Sounds like a lot of activity this past weekend ~ maybe this weekend you'll be able to have a lazy one and just lounge and read?

  2. Poor baby! I'm sorry you had such a down weekend. I hope you start getting into books soon.

  3. Katie MacAllister didn't float your boat huh?

    Sorry your weekend wasn't the best. I really hope you get a chance to get rested soon.

  4. Dev - I sure hope it'll turn around... and yes, the week-end was rather busy. The worst is that I ate too much and now, I don't feel like eating anything :(

    Holly - I'm feeling better... now, if only I could get into reading something... FAST :)

    Rosie - I thought You Slay Me was okay... but there was some stuff I didn't understand... like why didn't she try to figure out what she was? However, I'm not giving up on the series!

  5. Ugh that sucks sweetie, I'm sorry you didn't have a fab weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that you will read something fantabulous this week!


  6. Rowena - I don't have high expectations... I just want my reading to get better... sigh.