Monday, October 29, 2007

My vacations are now officially over...


Yes, it's over. My week off is over and... sigh. Seriously, a week is not enough and it goes by way to fast. I didn't even get time to be bored with myself yet. So how did the rest of my vacations go? Very good :D

Thursday, I went to see my professor who was my supervisor during my Master. He was there! Yay! (I went on Wednesday, but he wasn't there, so I had to go again the next day). I also got to see some labmates that I haven't seen on Wednesday. You know, it's weird how the labmates I've seen on Wednesday didn't tell my prof about me coming to visit them. I don't know, it's something I would have told him... Of course, I was coming back the next day, but what if I didn't? So we caught up :) Also, he really boosted my ego and self-esteem, cos everytime I see him, he asks me if I want to do a PhD with him :D And you know how nowadays, it's quite difficult, cos you need apply to fellowships and grants on your own... and professors are reluctant to take you in unless you have any kind of fundings... but my professor was all "I'll find funding for you and no one is working on your project at the moment..." Seriously, that is rare to hear, that a prof will provided all the funding necessary... Funding was one of the main reason why I didn't do a PhD or even just a regular Master degree - I don't know, I have difficulty to sell myself or to beg for money... Of course, my professor is really good at getting fundings, but still... He's getting a new PhD or Post-doc student from Brezil and even that person was only accepted because he had a fellowship. So yeah, it was good to hear and personally, I really like my professor. Unfortunately, I don't think that I can go back to school :( My mind just doesn't want to. But really glad I went to see him :D

Friday was an okay day. I went out with my mom and we picked up my sis for lunch. She hasn't been in a great mood lately, because she has to study (midterm tonight). We went to a chinese restaurant (one my mom chose)... the food and service wasn't great... but at least, we got to spend some mother and daughters time. Then, we drove my sister back to school and my mom and I went to get a haircut :D I have to admit, I'm happy to have my hair short once again.

On Saturday, I work at the Fathers' place the whole day (from 8.30am to 9pm). People often ask me why I work there since I have a full-time job. I actually only work from 4.30pm to 9pm usually, although lately, I've been replacing my friend a lot. I grew up with my grandparents living right with us... so I guess I miss being around with old ppl. Also, they needed someone and no one was willing to do the Saturday evening... so in a way, I'm helping them out. Of course, the extra money doesn't hurt, but seriously, I work only 4.5hours/week so it's not a major issue. Of course, considering the stability of my full-time job, I think that having a job on the side is good, even if it doesn't pay much. Anyway, I like it there... but doing a full day like that, not as much :( But it's really fun to be around these old men... they were all missionaries in Afrika and even if now, most of them are 70y.o. and up, it's amazing how they are still autonomous and self-reliant.

Finally, Sunday was a quiet day. I stayed in bed and read What a Lady Wants by Victoria Alexander. Once I was done, I went grocery shopping, cos I was hosting a Wii party at my house. Then, I had to clean up my room a litte... My friends got here at 4pm except for Emily. Emily called me later and she was like: It's today? At your house? LOL :) it was sooo cute, she was so lost :P Anyway, in total we were 8... we finished most of the chips, carrots, dips and salsa... Then I ordered pizza... but seriously, I should have ordered more... well I'll know for the next time, right? 8 is really the perfect number to play Wii. Enough ppl to play and rotate and enough ppl to watch and laugh :D The party did end early though, since it was Sunday and most ppl had school or work the next day...

By the way, miscellaneous thing... we played at Brain Academy... and my brain weighs 1173g LOL :) and of course, I'm above average :P but seriously, I really liked that game... Otherwise, I suck at the others... and I hate trying to navigate a car or a spaceship or a submarine on a Wii... I just can't do it!

So how was your week-end all?

ps. first day of work after vacation is hell... seriously sucks. Not only it's hard to get back to work, but I did sooo many mistakes today... ugh.


  1. Welcome back to the work world. :( I hope your vacation was a good one. I wish I could take some time off, but every time I consider it, something seems to come up. Maybe over Christmas.

    How was the Victoria Alexander book? I have read a few of hers and it's always very hit or miss. Some have been quite entertaining, some quite boring. I hope this was one of the entertaining ones. *g*

  2. Vacations are never long enough! But I'm glad you had a good time.

    I've been wanting to try a Wii, but no one I know has one. I was wondering if I could rent one from a video store. Might be fun for some weekend. :)

  3. Wow, you ended the vacation with a bang. That's pretty terrific stuff from your professor...especially from one you like and respect.

    My reading has been on hold because I've been so swamped. I'm not even doing a good job keeping up with my favorite blogs. I'm soooo behind!

  4. Sula- yeah, coming back to the working world pretty much sucks. sigh... it's sad, but that's life. Victoria Alexander's books were okay... actually, one was okay, the other was not so good and the third one, I really enjoyed it. So I guess she's hit or miss for me too :D

    Jennie - I know!! well actually, if you stay a month at home, that might be long enough... but usually, one week is way too short for anything, either staying home or for travelling.

    I really enjoyed playing with the Wii... and we had lots of good laughs. I think you should try to rent one and play with your Twin :)

    Rosie- LOL, I bet you're busy, esp. with the trip coming up :D I hope you have fun!