Thursday, October 18, 2007


Isn't that an awesome word? Vacation! LOL

So I've talked about my situation at work in many posts, but let me recap: I'm working in a biotech company, in a lab. Basically, we're looking for a drug against cancer, but any other disease is good. I started this job in September 2006. At the time, I still had a semester left for my master degree, so when I was hired in the company, it was on a student contract for 4 months. They renewed my contract for January-April and then, renewed once again for April-August. However, those are 4 months, student contracts... and they always let you know about the renewal at the last minute... putting you under lots of stress.

During the summer, they told me they were going to give me a one-year contract... this meant some advantages and vacations... The one-year contract turned into a 2.5 months contract, because board of directors wanted to do a head count.

My current contract ends tomorrow...

So what's the deal this time? A 6 months contract with a ridiculous raise, but a raise nonetheless :) I'm okay - not happy or unhappy. Seriously, I was expecting another renewal and after New Year, I'm going to put myself into gear and seriously start looking for a permanent job. Seriously, I know that it's cheap for a company to hire on a contract-basis and also, we're not included in the head count, but I'm tired of the uncertitude and all. Also, it's not enough money... I manage to save money because I live with my parents, otherwise, I would have nothing in my saving account... but for now, it's okay...

However, best of news? VACATIONS! Well not real vacations - as in, I'm not going anywhere. Just one week off - no need to go to work. That definitively sounds like heaven! Basically, my real last vacation was spring break 2006... that's 1.5 + year already... so I really need that week off. I think it's going to be wonderful for me - both physically and mentally :D and you know what vacation means :) More time for blogging and reading! yay!

So basically, tomorrow is my last day of work! yay! I have to admit that I'm very ambitious for my week off, as I almost have plans for every day, but I don't care! So I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. Yippee! What good news -- about the job renewal and, even better, about the week off. You can have a nice relaxing week. Sometimes I think those are even better than vacations when you travel somewhere. I hope you get everything done you want to -- and get plenty of reading in. :)

  2. Oo vacation. Wonderful word. What plans do you have?

  3. Woo freakin' hoo! I'm so glad you get a vacation. Live up and enjoy. The uncertainty of your job would drive me crazy. You sound like you got a good plan though. Have fun next week.

  4. Yay, have a happy vacation!!

  5. Luxurious!! Enjoy your week off - you totally deserve it!


  6. Jennie- Well when I travel, I like to go for at least two or three weeks... but yeah, I think this time, just having the week off will be much better for me :D and I hope to get some reading done!!

    Isabel - Lots of things planned, little time to do... and now, I have my periods, ugh... so painful ^^; But my priority right now is get my reading mojo back :)

    Rosie - The uncertainty of the job sure isn't fun, but can't do much about it. and don't worry, I'll be enjoying the week off!

    Chantal - thanks Chantal!

    Cindy - thanks Cindy!

  7. One week off? Sounds like heaven!