Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV meme

Yesterday was Transformers' DVD release date. We don't have a big DVD collection contrarily to many ppl, but whenever we see a movie that we really enjoyed, we buy the dvd :P So we watched it yesterday night and it was great :D Really a good movie :) Now, my advice, buy the 2-discs edition, so you get the special features :) I think that the director is crazy LOL :)

anyway, the real topic of this post isn't Transformers, but a TV meme I was tagged for by Devonna :)

What are your top five favorite television shows when you were a kid?

1. Lady Oscar
2. The Smurfs (Les Schtroumphs)
3. Les Quatres filles du Dr. March (Little Women)
4. Passe-partout
5. Bibi et Genevieve

LOL, I bet most of you have never heard of some of this show :P Of course, as a kid, I didn't watch any shows in English. the cool thing is that they had a channel for kids shows and so that's what was showing the whole day. Cartoons and educational shows and exercises shows and so on. I think that kids tv shows in the past were better than today's though. Anyway, Lady Oscar and Little Women were both Japanese cartoon (at least, Lady Oscar... not sure about Little Women - it was drawn by Japaneses, but not sure if it was for North America/Europe or Japan). The Smurfs, I think everyone know those little blue creatures :D they were soo cool. Passe-Partout and Bibi et Genevieve were both shows produced in Quebec. Actually, Passe-Partout was a cult tv show for kids.

So here are the rules:

List your favorite 5 television shows from your childhood, name three more bloggers to do this meme, copy/paste these very short and sweet rules, and then leave said bloggers a comment letting them know you have tagged them!

I'm tagging DC, Holly and Chantal!


  1. Haven't heard of any of these :D I probably would have liked Little Women ~ I love the book.

  2. OMG I loved the Smurfs!!! :P

  3. Dev- I'm not surprised :D I asked my little sister what was her favorite shows and she came up with some that I couldn't remember :D

    Ames - the Smurfs were really cool :D I loved Europeans comics :)