Monday, October 15, 2007

another week...

Hi everyone,

so this is another week... and how does it start? With me staying at home. Basically, it sucks. My week-end was great. Was able to read, ate good and went out with a friend. Everything went perfectly... until 1am this morning. I woke up and wasn't able to fall back asleep till 3am. Basically, I woke up with a lot of pain in my shoulders. Now, my shoulders are probably the weakest part of me... when I was young, my school bag was soo heavy, must have done something to my shoulders. Also, when I'm stressed, the burden sets there, on my shoulders... and for the couple past years, my left shoulder has been weird. Basically, whenever I rotate my shoulder, you can always HEAR the bones cracking and even feel it.

anyway, went to a clinic this morning and the doctor thinks it's just muscle pain. Tylenol or advil should do the trick. Well I hope so, sir... cos I really couldn't sleep last night. Just lying down in bed hurt. So I'm staying home today... trying to catch up on the sleep. It kind of sucks too, because now shouldn't be the time I take a sick day. See, my contract ends this Friday and still no word about renewal... sigh. Most probably, it'll happen, but I'd like to know for sure... but then, I don't think taking a sick day today is going to change anything to their decision. Anyway, if my contract is renewed, I'm on vacation next week :P YAY! if my contract is not renewed, I'm on extended vacation LOL :P

I'm going to go rest a little now, but I should be back with some reviews later today :D


  1. I store all my tension in my shoulders too. More annoying than anything else, but somedays it's just a pain in the ... well, neck! LOL!

  2. That stinks, Nath. I store my tension in my neck and shoulders too ~ the result of a nasty car wreck.

    Hope you're feeling better and that you're able to get some rest today!

  3. All my tension goes into my shoulders too! You can actually see a bump...

    Accumulation de tension et voilà ce que ca donne! Même me faire masser me fait mal à en crier et pleurer!

    J'ai fini Warsworn by the way haha. Jlai fini dimanche 1 jour après que tu me l'as prêté lol

  4. Zeek - It's really painful :( However, I think it's more than tension this time.

    Dev - ouch Dev. I was able to rest, but for some reason, I feel weak. probably spent too much time in bed.

    Vivou - Yo, toi! Where have you been? Je me demande si c'est pas un problème de posture, aussi...

    LOL, cool... t'as aimé Warsworn? LOL :P want me to give you Warlord?

  5. I get aches in my shoulder and upper back from stress too. I find what works best is a nice (although at times painful) massage. In fact just today I made an appointment to get one on Friday. I think too much working has told it's tale on my body and what with the accident and work and stuff, probably your's has a lot to do with stress.

  6. Kristie - hi Kristie :) the doctor did suggest getting massage if the pain continued... but I'm feeling it's not the best solution for me. I've had one massage so far and it didn't help much with the stress. Also, I don't like to be touched that much ^^;

  7. Where have I been? Buried under accounting books!!! Chapters and chapters and chapters to read! Just wrote my Tax's exam on sunday!!! Ahhh!!!

    I have been where college students have

    I loved it! I read it really fast, not as good as the Warprize, but pretty still good! Yes I want Warlord, BUT only in november...I still have exams and I have to say that temptation rules over my studies big time, so I gotta pace myself ahaha!!! I saw that you want to read "Passion" I read part of it already, its good!

  8. That sucks about your shoulders. Mine always get sore too. I bought a mini massage to help when it gets too sore. Hope you feel better!

  9. Nath I'm so with you on the massage thing. I've tried it 3 different times and none of them went very well for me. In fact I'd venture to say it made the tension worse! =)

    I get achy joints all the time due to the arthritis. Have you tried a good soak with some soothing aromatherapy bath oils like lavender and chamomile? The water has to be pretty warm to help, but for me it's like have the puppet strings cut.

    If that's out try a heating pad or hot water bottle for ten minutes at a time.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Vivou - Yeah, that's where I thought you were. so when are you finishing the exams? and you've read Passion? really? LOL :P

    Isabel - Definitively no fun. It was the first time it was this painful and I have no reason why... i mean, if I did exercise or something, I would understand! So I have no idea when it's going to hit me again. At least, I do feel better and was able to sleep yesterday night. :)

    Rosie - I've tried massage recently and I'm not used of ppl touching me, so I kept anticipating the person touching me and I would shiver away.

    It's the first time that I've felt soo much pain and it happened in the middle of the night. Basically, I could lie down, because it hurt too much. So I didn't try anything... except two tylenol. It did work, but it took awhile before I could sleep...