Friday, August 29, 2008

Review: 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak

Hi everyone!!

it's a long week-end this week-end!! Yay! Seriously, if you're going to start a job, you should plan it around a long week-end. Nothing better to help relax :) Anyway, everything is going well at work. I'm adjusting to a new schedule. At my old job, I was doing a 6.30am to 3pm day... now, it's more like 9.30am to 5.30pm... It's different and kind of fun to be able to sleep more in the morning. Sure, once I get home, I have less time to do stuff... not that I did anyway, LOL :) Once I get settled in a schedule and school starts, I might try to do an earlier schedule though... because then, I'll be giving rides to my sister.

The professor had an extra pass, so that's fun :) I'll be able to come and leave on my own. So far, parking hasn't been too bad. Although I had to park it in the hospital parking (17$ ouch) today because I came earlier, I figured it'd be only a day. Better than get a ticket and I can leave it in the parking the whole day instead of moving it around (that's really no fun).

My reading mojo has come back and I should be able to salvage a bit of the month :) So today, I'll review 20 times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak :)

20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak
published by Harper Collins in June 2006 (tradesize paperback)

How many men does it take to find true love?

Delilah Darling's magic number was supposed to be twenty. She always thought she'd find the perfect guy by the time she'd slept with twenty of them. But when she wakes up naked in her disgusting boss's bed after a drunken night out, she's filled with regret -- and realizes she's hit her self-imposed limit. Unwilling to up her number but unable to imagine a life of celibacy, Delilah does what any girl in her situation would do: she tracks down every man she's ever slept with in a last-ditch effort to make it work with one of them.A hilarious romp through Delilah's past loves, 20 Times a Lady proves that in the end, numbers don't matter. True love will come when you're open and ready to accept it.

Genre: contemporary, chick-lit
Series: none

The Story: After reading an article which states that a woman has on average 10.5 different sexual partner, Delilah Darling kind of freaks out. She's at 19 and that makes her feel easy. As a result, she decides to give herself a self-imposed cap: 20. Yep, she only have one more opportunity to find Mr. Right. However, all goes wrong when she wakes up naked in her boss' bed after getting fired and drunk. Having reached her self-imposed cap, Delilah can only think of one solution... Re-visit her exes and see if any of them could be it, Mr. Right... thus, Delilah hires the services of her neighbor and struggling actor, Colin, to find out the whereabouts of some of them and embarks in a very long and weird roadtrip :)

My Opinion: I bought this book after having Ames glommed about it and after reading her review. All I have to say is: Thanks Ames, 20 Times a Lady was a great, funny read!!

First, I was so glad that 20 Times a Lady didn't read too much like a typical chick-lit. Instead, I thought that Delilah was smart, witty and realist. All right, re-visiting all her exes might not have been her brightest idea, but really, she was realist about the possible relationships. She didn't delude herself like so many other chick-lit heroines and she wasn't as klutzy. I think that made a huge difference and it made this book stands out.

So yes, this book was a great read and it was just fun and entertaining to follow Delilah on her roadtrip :) There's a lot of LOL moments and I think that Ms Bosnak had a great voice. I really liked Delilah. I also enjoyed her relationships with her family...

I do think however that by the end, once her roadtrip was over, the storyline started to drag a little. I also wished that she would have spent more time with Colin and I'd have liked the storyline to focus on them a little bit more. Otherwise, this book was fun and perfect to get me back on track with my reading mojo.

My Grade: B+. You should all try it out :)


  1. This book sounds cute. I haven't read chick-lit in years, but this one I'd give a chance.

  2. I have this waiting for me at the library ~ I'll probably pick it up tomorrow.

    Great review!

  3. I'm commenting I'm commenting! LOL

    I thought you might like this because there is a bit more romance than in a typical chick lit. :P

  4. Brie - It was very cute Brie, you should give it a try!! :)

    Dev - Can't wait to hear what you think of it :D

    Ames - Yay! yay!! Thanks for the recommendation :) I loved it and you're right, it was something more than the typical chick lit :D