Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bad of my week-end...

So yesterday, you got the good of my week-end :) Technically, I had a great week-end :) I mean, I had a great time, got to hang out with relatives that I see, oh, once every 2 years on average... I ate well and got to buy books :P and even after being gone for 3 days, I didn't have that many posts on my Google Reader. LOL, seriously, I don't know how many blogs you guys have on your feeds, but me? After being gone for 3 days, I only had 69 posts to read :) Not bad right? Which by the way, I'm already all caught up to. (Ain't I good or what? LOL)

So everything should have been fine and this post should not exist... except that it does :( So what went bad? First, I had to wait at the border check point for 1.5 hour!!! It was loooong. Worst is, I don't get why it was so long since the custom agents only asked a few questions. So yeah, we were delayed and it basically screwed up all our schedule in the evening... but hey, can't do anything about it right? Plus, it was a long week-end, so it was kind of expected. Annoying, but predictable.

However, what got me all frustrated and unhappy is that I have... not one, but TWO computers down at home!!! TWO!!! Why did they have to crash down at the same time? so let see, my computer won't load Windows XP T_T It's basically stuck on the Dell splash... pressing on F2, F8 or F11 doesn't help. My dad's computer? It's been tricky for a while... First problem: Lack of disk space... yeah, yeah, I know. I can just delete some stuff to make place right? Well NO! My dad has nothing on that computer's hard drive. No pictures, videos, even Word or Excel files! So WTH am I supposed to delete? That's 40G of memory somehow/somewhere occupied... Apparently, I only have 29Mb left of space... and because there's so little space left, the anti-virus can't scan the computer... and result? Yep, you've guessed right... it's infected... not by one virus, but two. UGH.

*EDIT: So, I spent 3 hours this evening talking with tech support... My computer is back and running :P Which is great. I was hoping someone would come and take care of it, but no... I had to open the tower on my own. Luckily, it's okay now. My dad's computer is going to take more work... They're sending me the Driver and Utilities CD so I can run a diagnostic... but oups, I just learned from my dad that his computer was modified... so it probably won't work either... Ugh, help me... I'm about to shoot myself :(

So yeah, it totally sucked to come home, after about 6-7 hours of drive (which actually, should have taken only 4.5 hours)... and to come back to two broken computers :(


  1. I read your post yesterday but blogger was down and I couldn't comment. I don't know why, but there you have it.

    Two computers down? I would probably have a meltdown. In all the years we've had our computer and been on line we've never had a crash. Thank goodness. We are pretty careful what we download though. I always had Shmoo and Beanie blocked from downloading stuff for fear we'd get a virus that would kill out computer.

    Your family weekend sounds priceless. Lucky you to have so much close family.

  2. That just sucks the big one. I would have started throwing dishes.

  3. Rosie - I was going bonkers... I hate it when computers bug :( Just hate it.

    Family meeting was great, but you know how it is ;) We're not as many as your side though :P

    Lori - I would have thrown away the computer... if it wasn't the fact that it is actually NEW.

  4. To come home to 2 computers down would drive me crazy. Makes me thankful dh knows about computers. Good thing you had tech support.

    The only problems we usually have are with the wireless and occasionally with the internet provider. And the stupid printer that seems to malfunction whenever I use it. :(

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trip. It sounded like a lot of fun.

  5. Leslie - Ugh, it drove me crazy, LOL :P I sure wasn't a happy camper... but luckily, everything got resolved. Thanks god.

    You're welcome for the pics :) It was a lot of fun :)