Friday, October 17, 2008

Why? Why?... I hate changes...

All right, this post is mainly for my fellow Canadian bloggers, as I doubt that besides them, many of you use Chapters/Indigo online to order books :P However, feel free to comment and share and let me know how it is done in the States or internationally.

Okay, so let me put you in context before ranting... In Canada, the biggest bookstores chain is Chapters, which actually comprises Chapters, Indigo, World's Biggest Bookstore and Coles bookstores. In fact, if truth be told, Chapters suspiciously look a lot like Barnes and Nobles in the States... and that's where I mostly shop for my books.

All right, so most everyone knows that I have the "Must Have It NOW" syndrome when it comes to books... so if I can, then I'll shop in the actual bookstore and not online... However, Chapters online has great deals for books over 10$ (9% off), 14$ (24% off) and 25$ (34% off)... and so I usually order hardcovers and trade-size books online... Plus shipping is free over 39$...

Oh, I almost forgot... there's also pre-ordering. I mean, I have pre-ordering books on Chapters online down to an art. After many trials, I figured out that if you want to pre-order some books and receive it before the release date, you have to aim for 3 weeks in advance. Longer than that and your order get lost somewhere (proof - The Magical Christmas Cat... I pre-ordered that one about 1 month and 2 weeks in advance and I got my copy two days after release date)... Order it later than 3 weeks in advance and I don't know, they're too busy processing the other orders I guess and you get it late. 3 weeks is just about the right time.

So all this sounds great right? And it is... till things change :( and things have been changing lately :( First, I don't like the whole community thingie. Chapters online is very much like Amazon where you can post reviews and so on... Granted, not many people participate as with Amazon, but so what? There's already Facebook, MSN groups, blogs and so on... so why would I want to sign up to another community? Second thing I didn't like is the website revamp... They didn't change much, but just enough to annoy me. I don't like to see the synopsis of books when I'm searching for books. It takes place and it's distracting. Okay, so it's very minor, but I don't like it...

Last thing that I've just discovered this morning and which promted this rant... Chapters online freaking changed their shipping policies for pre-ordered books. Now, every pre-ordered books will cost 5.99$!!!! If the total amount of the books bought (including pre-ordered books) is over 39$, then you still get free shipping, but ONLY for the books in stock. Doesn't that suck? Why, oh why, did they have to do that? Well, I know... apparently, it's because the pre-ordered books are shipped individually, but so what?

I was thinking of pre-ordering books on Amazon now... However, you rarely receive those before the release date and then, I remembered... to get free shipping at Amazon, you had to group all the items of your order together so they would only do one shipment. Ugh, no good either.

I guess it means that I won't be pre-ordering many books in the future... Probably only the hardcovers of my very favorite authors... It sucks. So yeah, there you have it... I don't like changes :( Changes are bad and evil and rarely to our advantages :(


  1. I swear, all these big-time companies are out to get us and/or make our lives as miserable as they possibly can!!! Grrrr...

    I buy books strictly from the bookstore. I'm lucky there's a Kinokuniya nearby - it's well-stocked, up-to-date, has a huge romance section and if it doesn't have a title that I wanted, it'd order it in especially for me WITHOUT charging any extra fee or requiring a deposit ... now THAT'S a business that's worthy of my loyalty and adulation. ;-)

    Amazon - my bro had a bad experience with them and we will never buy anything from them again.

    Changes - sometimes they're good but in this case, it's very bad. I do commiserate with you.

  2. I just noticed the same thing myself!!!!! I put in an order about 4 days ago and it included about 3 pre-order book and the total came to the free shipping amount. I went to check out and there they were - shipping charges!! I went back to make sure I'd checked off the right box and went back to check out and damn it - still shipping charges. I tried once more to 'fix' things that weren't wrong and yep - still had shipping charges. So I canceled the order and tried sending them a letter asking what was wrong and why was I being charged shipping charges when I never had been before.
    I finally read their shipping policy and yep - they've changed it.
    I haven't heard anything back from them.
    I am also one who is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!

  3. Awwww, that sucks. Sorry, hon!

  4. Unbelievable. You just saved me from hours of frustration. I was going to pre-order a book but needed to make sure the total went over 39 bucks. I guess customer service is dying a hard and bumpy death. I'm sure they will cite the 'economic crisis' as the reason for such ridiculousness.

    Now I wonder what happens when they have the books in stock but they are coming from different parts of the country. I've had books come from Vancouver but now I'm wondering what exactly is going to happen.

    I guess we can order them into the local store but - nah, I'm just pissed now!!


  5. Yep, that totally sucks! I think you should email them, since you are a loyal customer and explain why you don't like the changes. It might help :)

  6. Jace - In that case, you're really lucky Jace. For me, it's not that simple. Sigh. It sucks when only one bookstore/company has the monopoly :(

    Kristie - Glad to know I'm not the only one that's unhappy :( They probably changed their policy very recently :( Did you hear anything back from them now? I guess the plus side is that it only affects the pre-orders shipping... Small blessings.

    Lori - Yes, it does T_T

    Cindy - Well at least, the pre-ordered books' prices still go towards the 39$... so if you have in stock books to buy, it still works.

    Yeah, I'm sure it's due to the 'economic crisis' as well... however, the thing is, it won't be back to normal once the 'crisis' is resolved... that what frustrates me so much :(

    I think that it won't affect the shipping if it's from different warehouse... I mean, I hope!

    Don't they charge like 2.95$ if you order into the local store or something?

    Jill - You know, thing is, I'm not sure it'll change anything... I'll see what happens with Kristie, if she gets any response. Sigh.

  7. dang I hate when they mess with my book buying ... greedy bastards.

  8. Zeek - I totally agree with you... Just leave it alone!! Don't mess with a system that already works. Ugh.