Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catching up on books...

This month is definitively shaping up to be a good reading month. Seriously, I can't wait till the end of the month to see how many books I've read, LOL :P I got my hands on most of the books I wanted - the ones that I haven't, well it's because they haven't been released yet... Next week though, so soon enough.

Speaking of books, I'm having a great week regarding acquiring books, LOL :) Let see, I ordered some books online on Monday and all the books are already on their way. I should receive the bulk of it (Blood Lite - anthology, Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti and Trouble with Paradise by Jill Shalvis) next Monday; however, I'm hoping to get Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb today. Hoping being the important word in that sentence :P However, it says today's date for the ETA. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Another reason to keep my fingers crossed is the fact that Chapters/Indigo online indicator says that some of the bookstore in downtown have received their shipment of books from Harlequin... I love HQ!!! Seriously!! It's probably the only publishing house whose books arrive early and show up on shelves before the street release date :) Wish me luck, I'm trying to get Bad Penny by Sharon Sala and A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr. Those being the goal of today's hunt.

I also got Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong yesterday. Thanks to my sister who had a midterm exam on Monday though, I've already read half of it at the bookstore so I was able to finish it later yesterday night. Still, I'll probably be reading it again because I was skimming quickly and I probably missed some important details. My first impression however is that the book is a bit confusing - there are A LOT of narrators ^_^; The whole book was a wild chase and really not what I expected... however, Ms Armstrong really put it together at the end with the last quarter of the book. She definitively saved it... In the end, not the best, but not the worst book in the series... I have to say though, I'm hoping we're taking a tiny break from Hope in the next book. She's a cool character, but all her angst and issues - sigh - make my head turns.

Finally, yesterday and today, McGill is holding its annual bookfair. I went yesterday and had it all planned out. My car was parked near the building, so if I had to carry a box like last year, it'd be a short distance. I showed up at 8.50am with my Indigo bag so I could put all the books I was gonig to buy. I had enough cash and even slipped a check, just in case (they don't take debit or credit card). Even left my sweater in the car, because from my past experience, it gets really hot inside - so many ppl and everyone looking for books so frantically. So yeah, I was definitively ready and prepared... However, this year was a disappointment. Oh, I got some books and for a good price too. I mean, 16 books for 24.50$?!?!? Can only find it at the bookfair and that includes 2 hardcovers. Talk about cheap... Thing is, none of the books made me jump in excitment. None of the books made me yell SCORE!! I also think there were a lot less romance than in past few years... Either there are more and more romance readers converting to e-books or people just didn't want to part with their books. Also, if I see one more Sophie Kinsella - I would have screamed!!! UGH!!! Anyway, there were a lot of "male" books imo. By "male" books, I mean mystery and fiction books by male authors... Those are more popular with male readership and a lot of them were hardcovers... but then, I guess it makes sense right? Men don't tend to be as rat-packers than women. Hopefully, it'll be better next year.


  1. Oooh a book fair! I have never been to one but it sure does sound like a lot of fun. I love that you had a game plan. It's too bad that you didn't do as well as you had hoped.

    I am not quite caught up with the Armstrong series yet. I have a few novellas to read first before I can read her latest.

  2. I dunno if its just me, but its all black...even the black font on black background kinda hard to read?

  3. Excellent book haul! What's the McGill bookfair? Is it for secondhand books?

    I didn't love the last Armstrong book, so I'm wondering about this one. Will definitely buy though.

    I also spent way more than I should have on books last week. All from Fictionwise, because they were doing 50% rebates, but still! Also (related to your last post), the UK pound is falling against the US dollar, so my ebooks are definitely more expensive now.

  4. Jill - I was all set and all ready!!! So yeah, it's too bad that there wasn't as much books as I'd like.

    Did you read Personal Demon yet?

    Vivou - Hmmm, I think it's just you Vivou... The blog main body is white... so you should be able to see the black font... maybe it didn't load properly?

    Li - Yep, the books are secondhand. Basically, it's a charity event. People are welcomed to drop books at any time during the year and then, in October, for 2 days, you have the book fair.

    I don't know if you're going to love this one... I can't wait for Frostbite though. I personally think it's Hope that's affecting the atmosphere/tone of the book.

    Yeah, it sucks about our currency going down :(

  5. I got in line at 8:48, and the line wasn't even off the
    terrace. Usually it's quite long by then, but the
    bad weather tends to keep people from lining up (though,
    I get the feeling they merely hide somewhere, and then
    come in as the line enters). On the other hand, I recorded
    last year that the line was barely off the terrace at that
    same time.

    I had the feeling the book collection got started late.
    Usually, it's easy to find information about when they
    start collecting, this year I didn't find anything until
    May. And either donations were down, or they were trying
    to be selective (I don't know which). It's the first
    year I can think of that didn't have any National Geographics
    for sale. They might have cut down on the Harlequins, I don't
    know, but yes, I did see some and there didn't seem as many
    as usual. On the other hand, the children's books are growing,
    it has extended quite a bit in recent years. Most sales end
    up with so much still remaining (I went back on Thursday at
    about 6pm and there was still quite a lot), that they may
    all seem to want to be selective; the problem is that then
    the exotic oddities may not show up. The stuff that remains
    isn't necessarily junk, it just means someone hasn't come
    along who's interested in it

    I've been going since 1976, and I find I am bringing home fewer
    books each year. Some of it is that I have so many books at
    this point that something does have to jump out for me to
    be interested, but the publishing industry has changed so
    less is being printed as pocket size books, which results
    in less exotic showing up in that form at the used book
    sales. There was a time when there were loads of boxes
    of books under the tables, so it was always worth going back
    the next day, or even later on the first day. I noticed
    there were far fewer books under the tables this year.

    But don't worry. There are at least four major used book
    sales coming up in November (though it would be nice if
    they were better spread out, rather than clusters in the spring
    and fall).


  6. Michael - Thank you!! I didn't know there were more book sales coming up in November. Now, I'm looking forward to them :)

  7. Ooooo, *drools all over your copy of Living with the Dead* I have to resist buying that one because it would make my pocket book very sad to buy a hardcover book at the moment. lol

  8. Samantha - LOL, you could read it at the bookstore :) Haha :)

    Are you up-to-date in the series?

  9. Great collection of interesting books!! I found these kinds of stuff at eHarlequin...