Friday, October 03, 2008

Buddy review partner for...

Anyone wants to buddy review Seduction at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas with me for Breezing Through?

In other news, everything is going well at work. As many of you predicted, the boss is finally starting to trust me. The past two or three weeks have been going very well and all the experiment I did were kind of successful. Of course, he still doesn't trust me 100%, but at least, it's getting better. The boss is going away on Monday till the 31st :) Believe me, my friend and I are looking forward to it LOL :) It's going to be fun, fun, fun :)

It's my sister's b-day on Monday... she's turning 21 and having a party tomorrow. She doesn't know what she wants for her birthday. As far as I am concerned, LOL, you don't know then you don't get a gift. I'll wait till there's something she really wants... because seriously, I don't want to go shopping. Not in the mood and anyway, shopping for my sister is sooooooooo difficult :( If only she could enjoy reading a bit more. Sigh. Of course, I'm not too tired to go buy books though LOL :) which is good news since a couple of the books I want are in :) Power Play, Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Night Falls Darkly... The Magical Christmas Cat is in too, but I pre-ordered that one... so I don't want to buy a second copy of it (smart of me right ^_^; ). Of course, the book I really want, i.e. Addicted to Love is still missing. Ugh.

Oh and I've been reading slowly these past 2 or 3 days. I blame it on Moonlight Resonance, a TVB series. Seriously, there's only TVB that can make such good family drama...


  1. ADDICTED TO LOVE doesn't ring a bell. Who's the author?

    BTW, I've been meaning to comment on how much I like your template. Very niiiiice!

  2. Rosie - It's a new book that came out this week... well supposedly. It's by Lori Wilde (you can see the cover in the post just below).

    and thanks!! Glad you like it :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  4. "As far as I am concerned, LOL, you don't know then you don't get a gift."

    That's the motto in our family, too. LOL. Happy b-day to her!

  5. Hey Nath - Seduce Me at Sunrise is next on my list to read... I'll finish up Noah tonight and then have read it by tomorrow mid-day.. if you are interested :)

    Otherwise, I'm happy to just read it...

    Happy 21st bd to your sister!

  6. Isabel - Thank you :)

    DC - Are you going to start blogging again? Just wondering :P

    If only she would tell me she wanted a gift card :P

    Lori - Hi Lori!! Yes, yes!! I'm interested!! Thank you for accepting :) But no rush to read all right? you can take your time :)

  7. Glad things are going better at work.
    Happy birthday to your sis. Have fun tomorrow :)

  8. Kris - Thanks Kris :) I'm glad that it's going better at work :) and no boss doesn't get any better than this!!! LOL :)

    As for my sister, well it's funny, because 21 in Canada is not that important... i mean, legal age is 18, so you can vote, drink and buy cigarettes... but she sure was looking forward to it for when we'd go to CA again :P

  9. I've read Addicted to Love, it's pretty good!

    By the way, you've won an award! :)