Friday, October 10, 2008

The Magical Christmas Cat Contest!!!

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Hello everyone ;)

So how was your week-end? Anyway, I won't be babbling too much... I think that the title of the post says it all, LOL :) Yep, I'm having a contest! So here is the condensed story of why LOL :)

A lot of ppl are interested in this anthology, The Magical Christmas Cat, mainly because it contains a novella by Ms Nalini Singh. However, a lot of ppl are unsure as well, because it's an anthology and not everyone reads all the novellas in an anthology... so they don't want to put down the money for it. Totally understandable. Which is why, I'm giving away my second copy of The Magical Christmas Cat... Yes, you've read correctly... second copy. What can I say, I'm just way tooooo impatient to wait till my PRE-ordered copy arrives... and since I was at the bookstore and it was there, just in my face... well you can probably guess, LOL :)

So this is going to be very easy. Simply leave a comment to this post before hmmm, Friday October 10 - noon (Eastern time), and I'll announce the winner in the afternoon. Oh, and no restriction for the shipping... so Canada, US or international, you're all welcomed to participate :)


  1. I'll just stop by here and post like every 30 minutes and no one else will have a chance to post and I'll win the book.

    What do you think? Like my evol plan?


  2. The book sounds good. Count me in :-)


  3. Can we post more than once? LOL

    It's funny cuz I just emailed you about my inability to buy this book. So yay, let's hope I win!! :P

  4. Coolio! Count me in, please.

  5. So someone's going to benefit from your impatience? ~ LOL

    Count me in.

  6. You are SO weak. :-P But that's okay since I want in, too. LOL.

  7. Rosie - Very good evil plan, but I'm not sure it's going to work, LOL :) but worth a try :)

    Ames - What a coincidence!! LOL, you can post more than once, but it'll count as one entry... Sorry! :P

    Leslie - Yep, that's it :P

    DC - I know, I know. I'm weak... so sad, LOL!!

  8. (singing) comment, comment, comment (end singing)
    Please, please enter me :P

  9. I so want a copy of this anthology simply for Nalini's story. I'm not even sure who else is in it.

  10. Ohhhhh!

    *jumps up and down arms flailing*

    Can I enter?!!

    I saw a review of this the other day and liked the look of it - but I already wiped out my ebook rewards on the earlier Nalini Singhs... and blew my Amazon budget on Ilona Andrews and Robin Mckinley in hb. Stupid budgets.

  11. Oh please can I enter the contest?:)
    Thank you!

  12. Its 1h49 am, I am checking out your blog, and bang! You are giving away a book lol. Count me in! The shipping wont cost you anything! :P

  13. Do you know who this is???? Hah! You don't, but now you have to enter 'anonymous' into your pool of winners. Hehehheh. My evol plan is working!!!!!

  14. discodancingrobotOctober 08, 2008 3:27 AM

    I'd like to be entered! Thanks!

  15. FD - Budgets are evol.... It's nice that you're trying to keep them :)

    Vivou - If you don't win, I'll lend it to you ;) It won't cost me anything either to just lend it to you :P

    Anonymous aka Rosie LOL :) Very clever... so yeah, I will be entering anonymous to the draw :P Evol, evol, evol Rosie :P

  16. Hi Nath ... please enter me as well. :-)

  17. Ooo, count me in please!

  18. oooh I want in on a piece of this!!!


  19. Oh, count me in please :-)

    PS Completely unrelated, but you were so right about the Jim Butcher books! I skipped to Book 4 and finished it in a couple of hours, I'm on Book 5 now.

  20. Me!! Me!!

    Yeah, pick me!!!

    That would be me entering ;)