Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Review: Something About Emmaline by Elizabeth Boyle

I had this book in my TBR mountain for a while... I can't really remember when I bought it, but I'm pretty sure it was because I was bored, LOL :P Then, last week, I was looking in my historical box for books that would fit any categories in the Fall Challenge... Although Something About Emmaline didn't fit, the blurb had me hooked and so I read it during the week-end :)

Something About Emmaline by Elizabeth Boyle
published by Avon in January 2005

Inventing a wife was the perfect solution...

Or so it seemed to Alexander Denford,Baron Sedgwick, when he made up Emmaline for the sole purpose of deterring the ton’s marriage-minded ladies and their infernal matchmaking mothers--thereby enabling him to enjoy his carefully planned life in peace. So imagine his surprise when a stunning stranger appears in his private bedchamber…and brazenly announces that she is "Lady Sedgwick!"

Until a tempting lady turns his life upside down...

This "Emmaline" has been living by her wits her entire life--and dearly desires what the dashing, much chagrined rake can provide: an entry into good society. In the meantime, she is plunging his household into chaos and, worse still, wreaking havoc with his heart. For there’s something about her spirit and fiery sensuality that Alex is finding impossible to resist. But before he can make his perfect love his actual bride, he’ll have to somehow become the ideal husband he never dreamed he could be.

Genre: historical romance
Series: The Bachelor Chronicles, book #1

The Story: For 5 years, Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, has duped his family as well as the ton. Indeed, to deter all those matchmaking mothers and put a halt to his grandmother's nagging, he has invented himself a wife... Lady Emmaline. How does it work? Easy... when Alexander is in London, then his frail wife is in the country, resting and when he is in the country, his wife stays in London... again, resting and recovering from whatever illness ails her. Quite a clever plan... until Lady Emmaline materializes and takes over his home and life. Then, nothing goes right anymore in Sedgwick's ordered, organized, calm... and dull life... and suddenly, Sedgwick doesn't know if he wants to remain... so dull anymore.

My Opinion: Okay, so I've read a lot of books where the hero makes a deal with someone and pretend to be engaged or married to avoid all the matchmakings... but I've never read a book where the hero makes up a wife!! LOL :) That's what made me read Something About Emmaline during the week-end. It sounded like a good book and it was :)

So you have Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, who has basically invented himself a wife. He thinks he is oh so clever, till he reads in the gossip sections about Lady Sedgwick finally appearing in London and when he receives the bag of bills, he immediately rushes to his London residence. Anyway, I thought the whole idea of the book was brilliant and really entertaining. Of course, in such a case, you need a witty heroine and Emmaline certainly is witty. She has a quick mind, a quicker tongue, a strong personality, is not afraid and knows how to bluff her way. Basically, I thought that Emmaline was a great heroine and really entertaining. I enjoyed seeing Alexander and Emmaline interacting with each other and how she always had the upper hand, the right excuse. LOL, it was also funny that everyone thought that Alexander was dull, even his grandmother!! LMAO :P

Of course, the first quarter of the book or so, Alexander spends his time being confused by Emmaline as well as trying to find how she discovered his secret and who sent her. I did think that Alexander fell for Emmaline a bit too quickly... the whole story takes place over a week or a bit more... That was way too quick to me. What I liked though is that Emmaline had already spent a month in Alexander's house and so, all the servants were already on her side. It was fun to see Alexander's staff trying to matchmake Alexander and Emmaline and I understood them... They all wanted Alexander to produce a heir so his cousin wouldn't be the heir anymore. I liked how the butler in this story wasn't so stuffy :)

So I thought the whole storyline was quite enjoyable and Emmaline was really fun to read. She really made the book. I would have liked to know a bit more about Alexander. I thought he wasn't as developed as Emmaline... not that I think I would have enjoyed the book more... Just to satisfy my curiosity. I did think the story took place a bit too quickly and would have preferred if it has taken place on a longer time period... There were quite a few twists at the end that I did not expect - all pretty good and cleverly included and worked in :)

Another complaint I would have though is there were a bit too many characters... and not everyone seemed to be necessary. For example, Templeton... Was he really needed? If I'm not wrong, this book was the first in the series; however, I felt like I missed the first book... Also, there was one or two loose ends in the book... Why did Templeton get Emmaline's father a pardon? However, those are small details and aren't too important to the storyline...

My Grade: B+. Definitively a good read, entertaining and funny :)


  1. My sister in law had loaned me this one. I couldn't get into it. Glad you liked it though.

  2. I liked this one, too. It was more lighthearted and fun than some of her later books. There was a sequel (can't remember the name to save my life!) that I enjoyed also.

  3. Isabel - Oh, that's too bad that you didn't enjoy it. However, I can understand why you wouldn't get into it... the author's writing in this book was particular I think. Difficult to get in... but the story was good :)

    Lori - Happy that you liked it too :) Yeah, the other sounds a bit more dark. I don't know, didn't read any more books by her... and is the sequel about Sedgwick's best friend and the lady he compromised in Something About Emmaline?

  4. Thanks for reviewing this book. I've been picking it up and putting it back down for some time now. But I think now I am going to pick it up for good. Thanks for that!


  5. I've only read a book themed like this once and it was the heroine who made up the lover who she thought was dead, but was really alive. I was just okay.

    This one sounds good though. I've never read the author so maybe this will be a good place to start.

  6. Nice review Nath. This sounds like a good one, different. Love it that the heroine is smart and everyone thinks the hero is dull. lol

  7. Emily - Hi Emily :) Welcome to my blog :) I think this book is nice and enjoyable. You should definitively give it a try :)

    Brie - Hmmm, for some reasons, I don't think it'd be as good if the heroine makes up a hero LOL :)

    Anyway, give this one a try :) I think this is a great place to start with this author :)

    Leslie - Thanks Leslie :) Yep, it was very funny that everyone thought he was dull :P

  8. Something About Emmaline is one of my favorite Boyle books! Loved it, and the premise of a made-up wife was interesting, at least in my opinion.

  9. Amy - Glad you loved it too :) I did think the premise was interesting :) I thought it was very cute and the whole book was quite funny :)