Monday, November 23, 2009

Good week-end (aka I'm finally reading!)

So how was everyone's week-end? Mine was nice, but too short - as always :(

My week-end started on Friday evening when I went to see The Blind Side with my sister. OMG, the movie theater was soooo crowded with New Moon's fans! Luckily, my sister bought the tickets earlier in the day and we made it with 10 minutes to spare to the movies... Unfortunately, that meant we didn't have time to get popcorn. Bummer.

The movie was good though :) I've been waiting for this one ever since I saw a trailer on E.T. during the summer. I love this kind of feel good movie :) I especially liked the fact that it was based on a true story and the pictures of the "real" persons at the end was a very nice touch :)

After the movie, I went to the bookstore to buy Under the Boss's Mistletoe by Jessica Hart and recommended by Wendy... but didn't find it. The sale clerk couldn't find it either, so I got a nice 15%off coupon... which I'll be using for a different book :)

Back in May, as a birthday gift, my friends gave me a hydrating facial treatment certificate... and I finally went on Saturday (it was expiring this month ^_^; ). I have to say, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the beauty stuff... but overall, I did enjoy the experience. It was very relaxing and the lady was very nice and competent.

But the best is that I'm finally reading. Yes!! I've read 5 books in the past week! Isn't that great? Now, if only my reviewing muse would come back to me, sigh.

So overall, a nice week-end... What about you?


  1. Bummer on not finding the Hart book. And it's a November release, so the store still should have had it.

    More and more these days My Man and I seem to be "waiting for DVD" when it comes to movies. We'll get The Blind Side - but that's a big no on New Moon...LOL

  2. Good weekend for you, nath, plus a great reading week! Wish I could say the same. I'm having a tough reading month and had a meh... reading weekend. DNF's & books hitting that wall, lol!

  3. Five books in one week is awesome!

    Middle child and I saw A Christmas Carol yesterday. The 3D was amazing but the story itself wasn't very funny. I guess you could say it stayed fairly true to the original story.

    *we got popcorn. :)*

  4. Wendy - I know! If I'm not wrong, they actually never unpacked the book!! Hopefully, I'll be able to find it somewhere else.

    It's actually rare that me and my sister go to movies on our own. That means, it's really a movie we want to go see. and LOL, I'll pass on New Moon as well :D

    Hilcia - Awww, sorry to hear you didn't have a good reading week-end. It sucks when you can't find anything good to read :(

    Leslie - I know!! Hopefully, I'll be able to do a repeat! :D

    Awww, too bad the movie wasn't that funny... but at least you got popcorn, so you were lucky! :D

  5. We went to the first showing of New Moon (on a Friday too) and it was completely packed. At least the audience was older so they acted like they had sense. Afterward I went and bought Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast.

    Looking forward to seeing this one too.

  6. The Blind Side looks good. Joey wants to see that one too.

  7. Yay for getting your reading mojo back! I want to see 2012 in the theater for the special effects. Not sure if we'll make it though ;)


  8. Ladytink_534 - so no screaming during the movie? Lucky you. I went last year to the premiere of Twilight (because my friend won tickets) and OMG. Never again.

    I haven't read the Cast series...

    Isabel - I enjoyed it :) It was a moving story in my opinion.

    Cindy - Hope you'll make it :D I got tired of end of the world prophecy movies ^_^; They're a bit scary LOL.