Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New corner shelf

Still no review, but some exciting news :D

First, guess what? Yes, I registered for the RT convention yesterday morning!! It's official ladies, I'm going!! Wooohoooo :D I'm definitively looking forward to it. It's exciting and scary all at once, LOL.

Also went to the bookstore yesterday and bought a few books. Didn't go crazy, so that's good news... but the real good news is for Canadian bloggers: it's customer day at Chapters/Indigo/Coles this week-end (November 14 and 15)!! :) Okay, so they have renamed it Family & Friends Day, but who cares what it's called :) What matter is that you get 25% off on books and products in-store if you're an irewards member (15% off if you're not). You have to show the coupon, but I'm sure they'll just give it to you in-store on those days anyway. That's good news, right? So I'll probably stop by the bookstores again this week-end :)

Finally... I think I did mention a while ago that I won a corner bookshelf over at Anna's Book Blog, courtesy of CSN office furniture. Well, I've finally received it yesterday!! Yay!

So this is how the bookshelf was supposed to look:

However, what I didn't realize is that it would need to be screwed onto the wall for it to stand ^_^; Yes, I know, I know - DUH! LOL. How did I think it'd stand on it's own? To tell the truth though, I didn't really want to screw it onto the wall, especially since the corner it's going to sit in is one wall and a bookshelf. So I thought it'd modify the design a little... and now, it looks like this:

It looks a little more like a nightstand or a coffee table, but hey, it'll still serve it's purpose! :) And yes, my room is pretty dusty and disgusting ^_^; I didn't realize we'd see all the dust in the pic ^_^;

I put some books in it to see how it'll look:

I think it's quite pretty. So far, I put most of my trade-size books in it. I'm not sure though if it'll stay that way. I think I'm going to have some fun with my books this week-end ;)

So what do you think? Not bad, right? :P


  1. Ohhh nath, you finally got it, how exciting! I can't believe you were able to adapt it and it looks soooo good! I love it as a corner shelf/table. It's perfect on that little corner :) Great too that your trades fit.

  2. Oooh it looks even better the way you have it set up. :)

  3. Good job Nath!!
    It looks amazing (how can books & shelves ever not look good LOL)?

  4. It looks great! I want one now!

  5. Oooh..going to RT..how fun!!!

  6. I'm still trying to decide about RT -- it would definitely be neat. And I do like the corner shelf! Very cute. I'm going to investigate new shelves for our office here - maybe those ladder-style ones?

  7. Great looking shelf. I can't believe you are going to RT??? Wow. You'll have to tell us all about it.

    We just found out we have to replace our heating and a/c unit to the tune of about $5-7 thousand dollars.

    My trip to RWA is in jeopardy. *gulp* We'll have to see how it goes.

    Oh and one more thing... C+ for BOUND BY YOUR TOUCH??? We have to talk. ;)

  8. The shelves look really nice. I like the way you adapted them, very clever. :)

  9. Hilcia - I know!! Me too, I'm really happy!! More shelf is good, no complaint LOL :)

    Well it doesn't contain all my trade, but it does open some space :)

    Anna - You think so? I like the funkiness of the original design... but yeah, not willing to make holes in the walls, so better adapt.

    Mary G - LOL, you're right :) How can it look bad, right?

    Lori - Thanks Lori :)

    Mandi - Yes, I know!! Can't wait :D

    Amy - Is it very far away from where you live? It'll definitively be neat :D

    Hmmm, I don't like ladder-style ones because they don't have a backdrop and also, they take more space because they are inclined... But they do look nice :)and in an office, it'd look great.

    Rosie - Thanks Rosie :D

    Well it was either RT or RWA... Ames and I already planned to go to RWA 2011 because it's in New York... and I haven't met Jill yet. So weighing the pros and cons, I chose RT for this year :D

    LOL, I'll probably have something special for RT on my blog :)

    Ouch about the heating and A/C unit ^_^; I'm sorry it might mean you wont' be able to go to the RWA :( But hey, if you want to go every 2 years... 2011!!!

    LOL about Bound by Your Touch... what can I do?

  10. Leslie - Thanks :) The most important to me is I'm not losing any shelves space by adapting it...

  11. I like the shelf and what you did with it! very nice.

  12. Agree with everyone - I'm impressed you even thought about adapting it!

    It looks perfect! And your bookshelves look so tidy, I'm impressed. Need to do a springclean on mine...

  13. Isabel - Thanks Isabel :)

    Li - Thanks Li :P Well all I did was just not put the foot, but it turned out good :D All what mattered to me really was that I didn't lose any shelving space.

    And LOL, no, my bookshelves are NOT tidy! You should see the floor ^_^;

  14. I always love it when you post pictures. It looks great!

  15. Oooohh - very, very nice!!! I just love seeing shelves and the books that rest upon them.
    And man - doesn't April seem like a long way off now????

  16. Hi nath, great news about the RT convention and lol about buying just a few books. Have fun at the bookstore this weekend! And the shelf looks great. Cool idea to modify it.

    Now lets see if I can see the dust in the pic. *g* (It would make me feel not so bad about our rooms here LOL)

  17. Jill - I'm glad ppl enjoy the pics :) Especially since I don't have much to say about reviews lately ^_^;

    Kristie - Thanks Kristie :D

    And yes, April seems very far away! I can't wait!!

    Taja - Well I didn't have a choice to modify it if I wanted to use it :) I'm just happy it worked :)

    So who has more dust?