Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trip to the UBS

LOL, no, I'm not bragging about my new books... instead, I'm bringing in some to the UBS today. We'll see how many they'll take and how much I'll get.

I'm about to leave now, but just few minutes ago... I brought some of the bags and box of books I'm planning to sell. My mom glanced at box and looked and she was like: "Oh, it's so pretty. (the colors) These books are still in good conditions. Are you sure you want to sell it? Why don't you put it in the basement?"

Seriously?!? My parents keep complaining that I have too many books... and this is a purge I did a couple months ago and it's been sitting there in my room... I finally screwed up the courage and guts to bring them to the UBS and my mom tries to convince me not to?!?!


By the way, Kristie has an interesting post about Keeper Books vs. Keeping Books. That's what kicked me into gear. Thanks Kristie :)


  1. have fun at the UBS. The one I go to takes them all. I don't like when they are picky.

  2. I just went yesterday. The good news is that they took almost all my books - the bad news is that I couldn't find 1 book to buy. :(

    Hope you have better luck than I did. :)

  3. I always tell myself, if I take a bag of books, I can get more guilt-free. Of course, idk if that rationale would work with trying to purge. :-P

  4. *gulp* now being responsible for you actually taking the books out of the house, I hope you didn't have any 'regret' books in there!!!

  5. Isabel - Well they took all but 2 books. They said they were picky, but turns out it was about conditions. Not bad.

    Leslie - It's better that way, Leslie :D

    Renee - LOL :) Well as long as you don't get more than you bring in :D

    Kristie - LOL, no, I don't think there are any regrets book in there... and I did go through them again before just to be certain :D