Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip to the UBS (part III) and Chapters/Indigo Sale - aka new books

So Saturday was a real book day for me. Aside from going to the UBS, I also went to two regular bookstores (Chapters and Indigo), because they were having a Family and Friends Day with 25% off on every books in-store.

I went to Indigo in downtown first, really early on Saturday and told myself to browse and look at books. Simply to enjoy walking in the aisles. Lately, I've been rushing in and out of bookstores, so it's been robbing a bit of my enjoyment.

So, what did I get?

Lucky in Love and One Lucky Cowboy by Carolyn Brown. Saw a review at Leslie's for One Lucky Cowboy, read the blurb and they sounded cute. I don't like western much, but these are in contemporary settings, so I should be fine... Well I hope :)

I also picked up the newest Susan Donovan, Ain't Too Proud To Beg. I was happy I didn't have to search too much to get my hand on it. I've been checking the online indicator the whole week and been sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering if I'd find copies during the week-end. Susan Donovan is quite hit and miss for me and this one has the potential to go either way. I guess I'll find out soon, right?

Holding Out For a Hero by HelenKay Dimon was the next book to make its way into my cart. I've picked this one up because Rosie seems to enjoy it, but I have to admit, I went back and forth in front of the shelve. I've never tried this author, so I wasn't sure if I should get it... on the other hand though, 25%off on a trade-size book... Now was the time to get it. In the end, I read some passages in the book and the writing seems good, so I got it.

Next was Earth Guys are Easy by Karen Kelley. I've been eying this books all summer long, not knowing whether or not I should take a chance on them. I'm not too much into aliens story, but I've been looking for something funny. So I wasn't sure what to do... until I read Kristie's review. Yes, I'm easily swayed, LOL. Only need one good word from a friend and I cave. However, did you see my willpower at work here? I only got one of Ms Kelley's book and not all three!

Another book was Home for the Holidays by Sarah Mayberry. I'm not sure about the blurb, but this is an author I'm determined to try before the year is out.

Another blogger recommendation was Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom, this time, courtesy of Hilcia with this review. I've been curious about Blair and Jake, so once again, I caved. Yes, I didn't enjoy her debut novel much, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, but it seems that I do enjoy her books when the main character isn't Jazz. So we'll see.

Finally, I picked up Skin Game by Ava Gray. This one, I wouldn't have gotten if the book was 25% off. I've tried this author under her other pen name, Ann Aguirre, and didn't enjoy much. However, this is about psychics right and I love psychics. Also Rosie loved it, but Tabz felt meh. So I'm taking a chance here. We'll see how much I like it.

Last but not least, Dark Haven by Gail Martin. This first heard of this series from SciFi Guy. He seems to really enjoy this series and I thought, why not give it a try. I've been in a mood for fantasy myself. There are three books so far and none of them were in stock back in August/September. Not even available to order! But now, they are, so I've bought all three ^_^; Yeah, I know, I should try at least one out before... but what if they go out of stock again? Better not risk it right?

Also, I bought other copies of The Thief and Queen of Attolia... as keepsafe... 8.99$ - 25%, that's my reasoning.

And here is what I found at the UBS:

Angel Lane
by Sheila Roberts - I got lucky, because I almost bought it in-store... but didn't. So now, I saved a bundle :) I've enjoyed her books, but I don't think I love her enough to shell out trade-size price. Hmmm.

Somebody Wonderful by Kate Rothwell - Ames just read this book and loved it :)

The First Sin and The Second Betrayal by Cheyenne McCray - I've been curious about her series...

One Way Out by Michele Albert - If I remember correctly, Kristie really liked this one.

Hot Mail by Janice Maynard - recently reviewed by Leslie... and I got the hardcover version for 5$ I mean, it's a deal right?

One Week as Lovers by Victoria Dahl - I've been meaning to try one of her historicals and apparently, this one is very good.

Her Secret Fantasy, Lady of Desire and One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley - I've read The Duke earlier this month and I liked it. These are all parts of the series if I'm not wrong.

Wishes in the Wind by Andrea Kane - She's a good author. I read all of her romantic suspense stuff, but have yet to try her historicals.

Wish Upon a Cowboy and This Time For Keeps by Kathleen Kane - I totally blame Cindy for these two! LOL, ever since I came back from my trip to Kristie and Cindy's, I've been buying all the Kathleen Kane I can find because Cindy loves her. I'm now starting to have a nice collection, but I've yet to try one ^_^;

The Sparkling One by Susan Mallery - A few years ago, I would have been estatic to get this one. I enjoyed The Seductive One and The Sassy One, but couldn't get my hand on the first book! Now though? The only reason I got it was because I need one more book so it was Buy 3, get the 4th free. Sad no?

The Prenup by Beth Kendrick - Another chit-lit author that I enjoy, but not sure I'm ready to buy in trade-size. This one Ames read and enjoyed it, so another good deal :)

Prelude to Heaven by Laure Lee Guhrke - Earlier work by Laura Lee Guhrke. Need I say more?

The Rake and A Matter of Scandal by Suzanne Enoch - Recently read England's Perfect Hero by this author and this book are kind of related, so I wanted to read them.

Secrets of a Duchess by Kathleen O'Reilley - Taja seemed to enjoy this author :)

After my trip to the UBS, I thought I should be more selective in my books buying habits. I mean, try not to buy authors I know I don't enjoy and that I don't enjoy anymore (that's a hard one for me to do ^_^;). Avoid plot lines I know I don't like. Also, do not use all the coupons and promotions available when I don't have books to buy! However, it's hard because most of the books I buy now, I know at least someone who has enjoyed them... and it's always like: This one might be the one that will make me enjoy this particular device or plotline.

I still buy a lot of books, but not much on impulse anymore. Each month, I follow the list I have and I'll add books that I've heard on blogland... So where do I cut?


  1. Oh my! What a haul.

    I want to read the Carolyn Browns, the Sonovan, and the Dimon.

    From the UBS, I've read and loved:
    the 2 Enochs (love her older stuff), the Maynard, I think I read the Albert, and the Dahl (soooo good!).


  2. Can I go book shopping with you next time? ;)

  3. Oh what lovely goodies! What do you read first? Lol

    I started on Andrea Kane with her historicals first. I think they're pretty good, although her heroines are pretty similar like how Julie Garwood's historical heroines are.

    The Rake and A Matter of Scandal by Suzanne Enoch are both part of With this Ring trilogy-- did you read the first book in the series, Reforming a Rake? I love that one. The ending dragged a bit but 3/4th of the story was good to me.

  4. Lori - LOL, I know! I got quite a lot more books than I thought ^_^;

    I'll try to read the Brown, Donovan and Dimon soon, but yeah, no guarantee.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the 2 Enochs. I got them partly because of you, since you're the reason I read England's Perfect Hero :) and yeah, I knew you were the one who enjoyed the Dahl!! :)

    Mandi - LOL, sure :D

    Tabitha - Well I'm reading the Kate Rothwell right now... and then, we'll see :D

    I actually haven't read Julie Garwood. I'll need to pick up one of the historicals by Andrea Kane soon :D

    I thought the Rake was the first book in the Lessons in Love trilogy?

  5. Ha, you're right! I got my trilogies mixed up, I'm so sorry! But I still stand by Reforming a Rake. :)

    You haven't read any books by Julie Garwood? At all? Historical or contemp?

  6. While depositing a cheque at work I discovered a used bookstore near my new job - got me some Laura Kinsale, Jo Goodman, Eloisa James and a Gaelen Foley - Lord of Fire.

  7. Oh, wow, what a great loot of yummy books!

    They all sound so wonderful. Happy reading!

  8. Ah, nath I love your logic. :) Buying the 3 Martins because they might go out of stock again. And grabbing all the Kathleen Kanes you can find before reading any. I've done that with Suzanne Enoch, Keri Arthur, Cindy Gerard, Lynsay Sands, Karen Rose (that one's your fault. LOL) I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.

    Overall you've got a good variety, there's got to be some that you'll like. :)

    If you're interesting in doing a buddy review for Enoch's The Rake let me know, I've got it around here somewhere. :D

  9. Tabitha - That's okay :) I read the blurb and it sounds good :) Ugh... will have to look for it ^_^;

    I've read a couple of Julie Garwood contemp, but none of her historicals. Not interested.

    Anime June - Nice :D All historicals :D

    Anna - Thank you Anna :)

    Leslie - Thank you, I'm a very logical and rational woman LOL.

    But it's true you know! What if I read the first one and then, the 2 others go out of stock? Now, I'm stuck ordering them and who knows when I'll get them. Of course, I should probably start reading them soon...

    LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one. And read Karen Rose! You'll like her, I'm sure.

    LOL, sure, let me find my copy of The Rake too. It's somewhere in my room ^_^;

  10. Great haul sweetcheeks!!

    I've tried HelenKay Dimon and Karen Kelley. I didn't like KK and I wasn't impressed by HKD - but I'm willing to give her another shot.

  11. Whoa, what a haul, nath! You got Hot Mail... I'm getting that one. And, yeah, I want to see what you think of Skin Game and Dark Haven. :)

  12. OH WOW.


    I can't believe you're not interested in Julie Garwood historicals. I still re-read mine occasionally, and that's saying something considering how few historicals I read nowadays.

    I want Skin Game as well, am excited about a different kind of book from Ann Aguirre. SG is supposed to be more romance-y, so maybe more up your alley?

  13. I really enjoyed Enoch's England's Perfect Hero, and keep meaning to read the other two but I haven't gotten around to it. I'll be interested to know what you think of them.

    Also the author of Secrets of a Duchess is Kaitlin O'Riley, not Kathleen O'Reilly. Kathleen is also a romance novelist -- one of my favorite Harlequin Blaze authors -- so if you like category romances you might be interested in checking her out. She did write one historical romance several years ago called Touched by Fire, but I haven't yet read it. I've heard good things, though.

    Enjoy all those new books!

  14. Whoops, confused my Enochs there! I meant to say that I've read and enjoyed London's Perfect Scoundrel, which is book two in the Lessons in Love trilogy. (Book 1 is The Rake, and Book 3 is England's Perfect Hero.) I guess there's just too many books floating around in my brain. :)

  15. wow, that is quite a list, i am so jealous :) sounds like you had fun. Happy Reading :D

  16. You're not interested in reading Julie Garwood's historicals? Aww.

    It's okay. We all have different tastes. But...if I can entice you, The Bride is a good one to start on if you change your mind. lol!

  17. Ames - LOL, I know :)

    What book by KK did you read?

    Hilcia - Did you read the rest of the series for Dark Haven? :)

    Li - LOL, don't be. Think at all of the money I've spent :)

    Well I started off as a contemporary romance reader right... So when I started reading, I was into Jennifer Crusie, Nora Roberts, Katherine Stone, JD Robb, etc. The only historicals I really read were Judith McNaught... It's only later, when there were less contemps to discover, that I start reading historicals and by that time, Julie Garwood had stopped and switched to romantic suspense. So yeah, never really felt the urge to go back and read historicals written in the 90s. I'm sure I missed a lot of good books, but I'm not sure I would actually like them ^_^;

    I hope so. My biggest problem with the Ann Aguirre sci-fi series is her heroine ^_^;

    Katie Mack - LOL, I actually had London's Perfect Scoundrel for year and have yet to read it ^_^; Maybe now is going to be a good time :)

    ^_^; I don't know how I did that mistake, especially since I have the cover right there. Yes, I meant Kaitlin O'Riley... to my defense though, when you pronounce it, it's the same. Funny no?

    Kris - Thanks Kris :D

    Tabitha - Nope. As I explained to Li, not really interested. I'm looking forward! LOL :)

    and yes, I've heard of The Bride. Thing is, Julie Garwood historicals are more medieval right? Even less interested ^_^; and especially if there's any scottish in them.

  18. Something about an alien and a guy living in a rural setting. It was a DNF for me.

  19. Nath, what a haul! I'm in awe. *g*

    The Gail Martin book looks interesting - I like the cover.

    Kathleen O'Riley - you picked the one book I haven't read by her so far! I think O'Riley is a promising author. There are some things in her writing I don't like so much but overall, I enjoyed reading the novels I read by her.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. *looks at the amount of new books* If you get around to read it someday, that is. *g*

  20. TWENTY-FIVE BOOKS?!! *falls over*

    Good for you, nath. I hope you enjoy each and every one. I agree with Taja... The Gail Martin one looks interesting.


  21. Ames - Well at least, I only bought one :D

    Taja - Thanks Taja :)

    I hope it's my last haul before Christmas ^_^; but we'll see.

    The Gail Martin indeed looks interesting :) I hope I enjoy it... but they're quite big.

    I have 2 books by her, so I hope I enjoy them :)

    The good news is that I'm reading this month :)

    Christine - 25? Really? LOL, I didn't count them ^_^;

  22. That is so not your last haul before Christmas! Who are you kidding, nath? There's no way you couldn't go book shopping at least one more time in the next 35 days! ;P

  23. Christine - Last big haul then? Actually, for December, I only have a book on my list... but you know what slays me? All those coupons and promotions T_T

  24. LOL, I'm with Christine. This is so not your last haul before Christmas. *g*

    BTW, I received a coupon yesterday. I think I'm going to spend it today. :)

  25. I purchases One Lucky Cowboy on my last Chapters order.

  26. Taja - Okay, we have to define something... how many books = haul? like if I buy one or two books, is that a haul? LOL :)

    Chantal - Good :) Ames bought either One Lucky Cowboy or Lucky in Love... but she says the book is a mess :( So I'm crossing my fingers for One Lucky Cowboy to be not the one she bought LOL :)

  27. Nath, I think of a haul as something like 5 or more books. In your case probably 10 or more. :P

    Does this give you enough wiggle room to buy a shipload of books in December? ;)

  28. Taja - Phew, I'm still safe. Went to buy some books to use up a coupon... and I got more!! (coupons! and well books too ^_^; )