Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Re-Read Challenge Reminder

Ugh, I'm in a crabby mood :(

First of all, I got a parking ticket yesterday T_T I was parked on a parking meter and was 5 minutes late! UGH. I understand, totally my fault, but nothing worst than to be 5 minutes late and actually see that stupid red car and the agent putting the ticket on your windshield. And this is my 2nd parking tickets this year. Grrrrr. Ah well, the year is almost over, right?

Then today, I have a stupid symposium from 4 to 8pm. How the heck am I going to stay awake during the different presentations, I have no idea.

My reviewing muse is still not back. Where is she? Who stole her away from me?

And finally, a cheerful thought: the end of the month is next week (Tuesday actually)... so you know what it means: Re-Read Challenge! Have you done yours? I haven't yet. I might try a Jennifer Crusie, but I'm not sure yet. I'll put up the post for the Re-Read challenge on Monday... and I'll do the draw on Thursday. How does it sound? So people will have 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) to complete the challenge :)


  1. Does your phone have internet access? If so, check your emails, surf the 'net during it...assuming that is, it's okay to not pay attention. lol. I had an all-day conference last week and I spent most of the time refreshing my email for news. Lol.

    Which JC book are you considering starting? I'm going to read Strange Bedpersons today. I haven't read it before!

    Hmm, as for your reviewing muse -- maybe you can list out the questions you want to ask someone about a book they read and then go back and answer it yourself? Afterwards, edit the Q&A into paragraphs? It could work! I hope you get your muse back soon!

  2. Nath, I'm sorry to hear you're in a crappy mood. I hope it's better by now. Treat yourself to something nice.

    BTW, the boyfriend and I got ourselves a speeding ticket yesterday (he drove). And I'm missing my reviewing muse and I'm still not so sure my reading muse is back. :(

    Hang in there, the weekend is coming. :)

  3. Tabitha - Well I was able to sneak some reading, so that's good :D

    Oh, Strange Bedpersons was my first Jennifer Crusie. I loved it and it's still one of my favorite :D

    Taja - It is better now... still frustrating though, but at least, I have something else to complain about: the mini-symposium, LOL :)

    Ugh, sucks about the speeding ticket. Those are more expensive. Do you only have to pay money? or is there a point system in Germany? the speeding tickets in Canada (or at least in Quebec province) have gone crazy...

    Can't wait to the week-end.

  4. That sucks about the parking ticket. Hope you find your reviewing muse. Don't you hate when that happens?

  5. Isabel - Personally, I hate whatever changes my routine ^_^;

  6. I prematurely hit the Publish button and my feed updated, so my reread post is a little early (shocking, I know!): Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry and we're giving a signed copy away. By my count, I have a few months to make up for...