Thursday, November 05, 2009

Workplace and more misc

Yay!! I'm finally blogging!! Woohoo!!!

My sister has hijacked my computer over the week-end. So I didn't have access to it the whole week-end plus Monday and Tuesday nights. Then, at work, it's been really busy ^_^; Like I said earlier, I usually use my spare time at the lab to blog and blog-hop... but haven't had time :( As a result, I'm behind on my blogging and it really sucks. I've tried my best to catch up on blogging and commenting, but I still feel I'm behind. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll be all caught up :D

So wassup with me?

I've been really annoyed in the past few days... A little at my sister because her spending so much time in my room, she's kind of invaded my bubble. Then, I still haven't gotten my hands on Kindred in Death. UGH!! However, tomorrow for sure. I've been kind in a slump lately. Don't know what to read, anything I pick up, I read a few pages and meh. I'm hoping Kindred in Death will restore my reading mojo.

In grand news, it's 99.999% sure that I'm going to go to RT convention in Columbus next spring!! Yay me!! I was planning to go to the RWA, but Jill and Kristie convinced me otherwise :D I say 99.999% because LOL, I still haven't registered... and till you haven't registered, it's not 100% sure. But I'll do it soon. Probably this week-end :D Already, I can't wait! and I'm trying to convince Ames to join us! :) Then, it'll be party time! :)

By the way, for those who wonder, the McGill bookfair this year was so-so. I bought only 10 books for 23$. Not bad considering 3 were hardcovers, 3 were trade-sizes and 4, paperbacks. The selection was kind of meh... Nothing that made me jump and squee. There was another booksale at a church yesterday. Went, but didn't find anything interesting.

And my confession du jour: I'm now addicted to Starbuck Green Tea Frappucino. All because it kind of taste like green tea ice cream. However, gotta stop the addiction to save money LOL :P

To finish this post, I thought I'd post some pictures of my lab. Ames has been asking for them and I finally did it this morning :) So you guys get to see where I work! :D It's kind of small, but quite clean compared to others - mostly because we're a new lab. It's okay when we're 2, but I have to admit, lately, it's been feeling quite crowded :( Ah well, it'll only be for a short while...

So let see, first picture is the view of the lab from the door. In the second picture, you see my lab bench where I do my experiments... third picture is my computer where I hanged out when I don't do experiments.

In the 4th picture, you see the machines that are behind my lab bench. In pictures 5 and 6, you see both ends of the lab - more instruments... and the dreaded sink. I say dreaded because I don't like washing the dishes... so you can imagine what I think of lab glasswares ^_^; I usually let it pile up and do it only when I don't have a choice.

Oh and the last picture, that's the end of my bench... You can see pipets, tubes, the labshaker for microcentrifuge tubes... and the gel apparatus.

So yeah, that's pretty much it, my lab :D

And I think that's all I have to say for now... Unto my monthly reads list now! :D


  1. I still haven't receive Kindred In Death or Bed of Roses. Amazon, you annoy me!!!

    Starbucks has green tea frapp? OMG, I love green tea!! When I was in college once upon a time, I was addicted to Caramel Frapp and I had it like every day...I don't know how I managed it considering I was a lowly freshman struggling with $$. But now, more money for books!! lol.

    Nice workspace! How do you find time to blog/blog-hop when it looks like your work keeps you plenty busy?

  2. Hi Nath
    Thanks for sharing the pics. Now I can picture you at work when we chat. Looks like really smart people work there.

  3. Hmmm... I've toyed with the idea of going to RT, but it always falls in April when I have already taken a week off for spring break with the guys.

  4. That's great that you're going to RT next year! I'm sure you're going to love it! :)

    Cool lab! What's your line of work?

  5. Nath! You crack me up! Little sisters can definitely be annoying :) I don't have one, I have two little brothers.

    I love seeing the pictures of your lab. I feel right at home, LOL (as I sit in my lab typing you this message)!

    I just registered for RT last night! I am so excited!!

  6. Here's to Kindred in Death! Hope you get to kick back this weekend and enjoy it.

    YEAH! You're going to RT! I'm not. :( So you'll have to take massive amounts of pictures and post all kinds of juicy tidbits.

    Your lab looks cool - ever do any "mad scientist" experiments? LOL Science was not my strong suite in school - history and literature were my favs.

  7. Your lab is even more glamourous than I imagined! Look at all that equipment!

    Going to RT are ya! Sounds fun - hope Ames can join you cause like you said, then it's a party ;)


  8. Tabitha - Yep, they do :) I don't drink green tea, but I love the ice cream and now, I guess latte and frapp :P And yes, it is expensive ^_^;

    Well, there's lots of incubation time... usually, that's when I do the blog/blog-hop. Now, I have to set up stuff during the incubation times, so that's why I'm too busy :(

    Mary G - LOL, no problem :D

    Lori - Oh, it'd be sooo great if you'd come too, Lori!! :) But yeah, I get why you're hesitating. When is they boys spring break?

    Christine - I hope so :D I just registered this morning :D Kind of scary and exciting at the same time :D

    The focus of the lab is prostate cancer.

    Jill - LOL, I think people with little brothers have it rougher LOL :)

    What's your lab look like? More a biology lab or chemistry lab?

    Woohoo on the RT! :)

    Leslie - I really enjoyed KiD :) Good book. Seriously, I don't know how Ms Roberts does it :)

    Awww, maybe one day, it'll be in Texas! and you'll have the opportunity to! LOL, lots of pictures for sure :D

    No mad scientists experiments. Seriously, the chance of an explosion is null. I don't work with dangerous stuff really...

    Cindy - You think so? LOL, I do agree though that we have lots of equipment :D

  9. So you did get it and read it this weekend. Good for you!

    Umm... Texas? I've driven through there a few times - it's big. :)

    So they don't trust you with the dangerous stuff? LOL

  10. Leslie - LOL, it's not that they don't trust me with dangerous stuff. it's just that I don't need it for what I'm doing :P Well, better that way anyway :D