Thursday, November 05, 2009

Monthly Reads - October 2009

*Sobs* T_T

October was a very pitiful month for me... 12 "books" read *gasp* How sad is that? I know, for some it's a lot, but for me, it's kind of low... Especially considering that 2 were novellas and not full-length T_T I could say it's my trip to L.A. that put a cramp in my reading... but it's the third month in a row I don't make it to 15 or over.

So let see what I actually read:

1) On the Edge by Ilona Andrews: B

I guess I was just expecting to be wow-ed... and I wasn't really. Oh, it is a good and enjoyable read, quite solid. However, it took me almost a week to read it. Never got entranced... Perhaps if I've read it in one sitting, the grade would have been higher. I think that Ilona Andrews's strength in her novels is really the characters. Enjoyed Rose, Declan, Jack and Georges and William. The world building though, I have more difficulty. It's weaved better than the Kate Daniels books in my opinion, Ilona Andrews definitively took greater care of it. But I still have difficulty with it. Loved the twist with Declan's identity at the end LOL :) For now, I'm looking forward to William's book... although I have to admit, Kate Daniels' more :P

2) Sliding Home by Kate Angell: B

This was a book that I was looking forward to. Took a while to get my hand on it, but I finally did :D It was a light, fluffy and enjoyable read :) I enjoyed it quite a bit and it seems Ms Angell finally took my comment to heart - she focused a lot on the main H/H in this book :) So that was great. Fun, but not ground-breaking.

3) Under the Christmas Tree by Robyn Carr: B

This was a novella in That Holiday Feeling. It was a cute novella. Grade would probably have been higher if the book has been a full-length, although I guess the plot wouldn't have worked as well. Anyway, I really liked Annie and Nathaniel and how their relationship develop :) It was also good that the story didn't take place right in the middle of Virgin River. It allowed some characters to appear, without over-shadowing the whole story. Looking forward to the next trilogy! :D

4) Bound by Your Touch by Meredith Duran: C+

Lots of buzz for this book on blogland and in a way, I do get why. The writing/prose is indeed very good. Ms Duran definitively has a way with words. I'd like to say flowery, but it's not... However, the main problem I had with this book was I had difficulty connecting with the H/H... Especially Lydia. I hated how her character was holier than thou. She was also very quick to jump to assumptions, making judgments on other characters. I mean, it's okay when your gut is usually right, but not in her case. At one point, I think she tells Sanburne that he doesn't know her, that's he assuming stuff... but she's doing the same!! So yeah, didn't like her much... the storyline was okay. Some people really like the exotic stuff in historicals, but I'm meh about them. Finally, the last thing that bother me was the mention of Toronto and Canada LOL :) The date isn't indicated in the novel, but given the fact that Lydia was a scholar and kind of had a job, it was probably in the late 1800's which means that Canada would have existed... so I guess it's okay... and I bet the names Canada and Toronto were used even before the country was founded. However, it's soooo rare to read those two words in a historical romance... it kept bothering me ^_^;

5) The Spellmans Files by Lisa Lutz: B-

Buddy review to come at Breezing Through

6) Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs: C-

I'd almost like to say this is my last Susan Wiggs in this series, but I know myself... I'm most likely going to cave at the next release, especially if it's Daisy's book. Or perhaps I could just skim to know who she chose. Anyway, the series definitively has lost a lot of momentum. It used to focus on the Bellamy family and not anymore. We're introduced to new characters, and they feel meh. I even think there's a new police chief in Lakeshore Christmas, so my question: what happened to Rourke McKnight, the hero in The Winter Lodge?

Okay, back to Lakeshore Christmas. I think the main problem was there was too much going on. Also, I know it's a holiday book, but the ending? Totally didn't buy it. How can you save a library's future with donations? I mean, a full year of budget? I don't think that's possible, unless they get very little books ^_^; As for the characters, Ethan and Maureen, they were actually quite well developed, but just not interesting ^_^;

It wasn't a bad book, but it just lost its charm.

7) Untouchable by Kresley Cole: B

I've been looking forward to Murdoch's story and was a bit disappointed to find out that it was a novella. Luckily though, Untouchable is almost 300 pages, so it was actually long enough to be satisfying :)

The first half of the story was great in my opinion. Loved Murdoch and Danii together. They literally lit up the pages LOL. Also, Ms Kenyon, this is how you incorporate previous scenes into a storyline :) I didn't feel bored re-reading some of the scenes and I think that the whole storyline actually flowed really well, connecting all the storylines together. I thought it was interesting to see Murdoch deal with the fact that he couldn't touch Danii. I think he had every right to be pissed off. I mean, you wait hundred of years to meet your mate and you can't touch her?!?!

Unfortunately, it went downhill with the second half. It just wasn't as intense as the first half. Everything was resolved way too easily... and Danii abdicating? It was quite anti-climatic. That's basically why Untouchable doesn't get a higher grade. Great beginning, just too bad Ms Cole couldn't keep it up.

8) Hot on Her Heels by Susan Mallery: B+

9) Naked in Death by J.D. Robb: B+/A-

10) Reunion in Death by J.D. Robb: A-

11) Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb: B

12) Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts: B/B+

Buddy review to come at Breezing Through

Okay, I'd like to say that these books were graded with my current reading mood... so it is possible I've been a bit tougher than I usually am. See, lately, I start reading a book and it takes so bloody long. Most of the time, I really enjoy the first half, but the second half feels meh. So it is highly possible it's me and not the book. Of course, usually the second half is where conflict arises and is resolved... so it could be the book... or a combination of me and the book ^_^;

Ah well, I only hope that this month, I'll be reading more! :D


  1. Hopefully next month will be better!

  2. Nath you read some good books! Sorry you seem to be feeling meh, ATM. :(

    Can't wait for William's story! I'm excited by the new Andrews series. :)

    I stopped reading the Wiggs' Lakeshore series a while back. I enjoyed the first few a lot, though.

    Still waiting to read Bed of Roses. :)

  3. Untouchable did have a anti-climatic ending..but I loved the romance between them.

    I haven't read Bound by your Touch yet...I have a feeling Lydia may not be my favorite either...

  4. I've been having pitiful reading months for the past three months. I'm not sure I'll ever get them back. *sigh* Hope this month's reading will be better for you.

    I have Bound by Your Touch in my TBR pile for awhile now. I tried to read it and couldn't. I don't know why!

  5. LOL - 12 books in one month would be a GOOD month for me these days :)

  6. Sorry you were disappointed with the number of books you read in October. My numbers usually dwindle this time of year, anyway... hopefully you'll do better for November. :)

  7. 12 books? Better than me. :)

  8. Don't make me smack you Nath. I think I read 4 books in October - and one of them was a short story! LOL

    How can you save a library's future with donations? I mean, a full year of budget?

    It depends. If it's a very small library and we're just talking the materials budget? Yeah. It could happen. But if funding was entirely sapped? As in, no pay for the library staff, no way to pay the utility bills etc.? Then we're stretching it a bit. Unless someone uber-rich like Bill Gates decided to write a check :)

  9. We both felt the same way about Sliding Home.

    On the Edge has caught my eye, but I think I am going to start with the magic series first. Have you read those?

    I LOVED The Winter Lodge by Susan Wiggs. I never went back and read any of the other books in the series. I have no idea why.

  10. I'd say 12 books is good considering you had a lot going on in Oct.

    Not wowed by the Andrews? Huh. Maybe William's book will wow you. *fingers crossed*

    I haven't read Susan Wiggs in years. Loved her historicals. I think Table for Five was the last one I read. It's contemp and I do remember it being pretty good.

    I'm getting the Cole/Showalter book from the library. I don't read Showalter yet but it's good to know the Cole story is almost 300 pages. I was hoping Murdoch and Danii would get their own book so this is almost as good. Too bad the second half took a nosedive for you. :(

    I've got the first book from the Roberts quartet on my TBR pile. I might just wait until all four are out, then gloam. :)

  11. I read 4 last month!

    I just finished Bed of Roses last night. I enjoyed it a lot all the way up until the night she made dinner. I thought the ending was WAY too rushed. I LOVED Visions in White though. Hopefully will review both next week. I'm not interested in Laurel so much but can't wait for Parker.

  12. I definitely like Bound By Your Touch more than you did Nath...but so understand when a "buzzer" doesn't work for you like it does others.

    And how did I not know about Untouchable? Off to look...

    And yup, I'll swat you like so many others did, LOL. 12 books is nothing to feel bad about. :-) I'm pretty sure I average that a quarter.

  13. Lori - I do hope so!! :D but so far, it seems so :D

    Hilcia - I know!! I just wish I was more into it.

    I'm really happy it's going to be William's book. Although I guess it would have been fun to see how Rose, Jack and Georges would have adapted in their new world.

    And you took a good decision stopping the Lakeshore series. I should do the same, especially since they are HC now.

    Mandi - I enjoyed the romance as well :) The idea was very good as well, a mated pair that cannot touch each other. And the solution made sense. But yeah, just too bad about the resolution. Especially since she never got to actually fight/confront her mother's killer. How can she trust Jaden?

    Tabitha - Don't say that!! It has to come back! I refuse for it not to come back!

    Hmmm, I think sometimes, it takes a click between the reader and author. I never heard the click between me and Ms Duran. I have another of her books, willing to give her another chance though... Her writing is very nice.

    Kristie - Is that my future? What I have to look forward to? LOL :)

    Christine - Well I can understand for Americans - with Thanksgivings and Christmas holidays. You're quite busy... but I'm not LOL :) So there shouldn't be any reason!

    Isabel - I know, I know. What am I complaining about, right?

    Wendy - LOL, Wendy. Okay. No more complaints about the number of books read.

    Hmmm, it was a small library and I didn't pay too much attention whether it was just hte material budget or the whole thing... anyway, LOL, I kept having you in the back of my mind, talking about your budget :P

    Jill - Yep, I read the Kate Daniels. I reviewed them, you can look in the archives.

    The Winter Lodge was really great... but it started going downhill from there. I mean, seriously, I think that in all the series, that's the only wowzer.

    Leslie - True, true.

    Well for now, I'm just happy that I enjoy her books. Because you know, when I read the first Kate Daniels, hmmm, I really wasn't sure.

    I used to enjoy Wiggs contemps, but I find that lately, they've started being a bit too bland.

    I didn't read the Showalter either. I'm glad though Cole's novella was lenghty.

    Hmmm, do you think you'd OD if you read all 4 in one-shot?

    Lisa - Yes, I agree. The ending was really, really rushed :( but so far, the series is really good in my opinion :D

    I'm curious about Laurel. I thought she was a bit shy and meek, but I think I got it wrong LOL :)

    Jennifer - Well lots of ppl enjoy it. I think it's more a case of me with this book :P

    I don't know how you did not know about Untouchable :P but I hope you enjoy it :D

    No, you guys are sooo mean!! Swatting me and smacking me :( Abuse! LOL :)

  14. You know for me the first Kate Daniels was okay - didn't wow me but got me to read book 2. Then I was hooked. :)

    If I wait for the fourth Roberts book I'll probably read two, then read a UF or PNR, then read the last two. Or I might just cave and read the first two now. LOL

  15. Leslie - What got me hooked is definitively Magic Strikes. I thought the first two were so-so :(

    LOL :)you have a lot more patience than me if you're going to wait for the last two to be released before starting this series :D