Friday, May 11, 2007

8 Random Things about Me...

Well I was going to do a random post about myself (some updates), but I got tagged by Kristie! :D Isn't coincidence great? So, here are the rules for the newbies:

- you need to state 8 random things/facts about yourself if you're tagged
- don't forget to include these rules in your post!
- you need to tag 8 other persons
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Not clear? it doesn't matter, almost everyone's on blogosphere has been tagged in the past few days, so just go to another blog for clearer rules LOL

1 - I got my answer for both pharmacy schools: got refused :( I'm a bit disappointed, but not crushed. After all, I have a bachelor and master degree already... still waiting for answer from optometry school... which will come next Tuesday. Although, I'm not getting any illusions...

2 - I've really been eating too much junk food lately. My eating habits are all screwed up actually. I guess I should do something about it... and try to lose some weight... just a tiny bit.

3 - I want to go to Japan someday soon. It'd be fun to go to Japan with some friends. I also want to go on a trip with my parents and sister - been so long. My sister wants to go to Australia, so perhaps next year I'll bring her there.... since apparently, I'm going to be working for the next year and making money :D

4 - I've been so sleepy lately! and bored! So yeah, haven't been reading much - but you knew this already. Which means I have urges to go buy books... but there's nothing to buy! By the way, anyone has suggestions of books? Did I mention I'm bored? :P Luckily, there's Ames to order me not to buy books. Although I actually think it's because she wants to limit herself and so, find it easier if she has a friend that does the same LOL :)

5 - Actually, I've just been in a mood of spending money... which I shouldn't... but I am. I want to buy more notebooks, but I mean, how many book journal can you have? Especially since I have difficulty keeping the current one up-to-date!

6 - I really don't have 8 things to say about me... All right, I thought of something. You know, the more I study and see the education system in North America, I wonder why we value studies and college and university so much. I mean, can you do well without having gone to college? Sure. So why are we puhings ourselves and the younger generations so much to attend to college? Seriously, I have a bachelor in biochemistry, but that didn't help me looking for a job afterwards. I seriously think there's something wrong with our believes in school and education... but I'm too lazy to do something about it.

7 - I'm going crazy waiting for June's releases. I'm going to pre-order Demon Moon by Meljean Brooks and Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason next week. Other books that I'm looking forward too are Up close and Dangerous by Linda Howard and Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong.

8- If Max ever has puppies, I want one... but then, I think that Ames has taken away his ability to make puppies LOL :P

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  1. Heyyyy, you can't tag me! I already did it.
    On my personal blog

  2. I'm with on #6

    and I loved Japan! Hope you do too when you get there!

  3. Hey Chantal! Ah well, if you did it already, then forget it :D LOL :D

    Zeek - Yeah, it kind of sucks for #6... cos the pressure for youngsters to go to college nowadays is huge... but is it really necessary?

    You're so lucky to have been to Japan. I hope I'll have the opportunity soon!

  4. Holy shit!

    Sorry, but you are sounding just like me right now! Bored, education system is failing our kids (and hey, I'm university educated and I don't even have a job, bad Cindy!), I can't seem to stop eating (although I have way more than a few pounds to drop), I buy journals (notebooks) all the time and have made a concerted effort to stop because I don't write in any of them - they are too pretty!

    I'm sorry about the pharmacy schools. You have been working very hard! Do you know what your plans are or are you like me and pulling the 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'.


  5. Cindy - LOL :D I do sound a bit like you right? Although you have a bite when you write/speak :P

    Yeah, it sucks for pharmacy... well I guess I'm not fit to be one. My plans are to find a new, better job. I mean, it's not as if I don't have an education and all ^^; and I'd like to find my own Bob LOL :)

  6. I'm the same way with number. Eating junk all last week, but then I found the reason why. PMS.

    I'm waiting for Rises the Night too.

  7. Sorry to hear about pharmacy school. I hope you aren't too disappointed. You certainly sound okay with everything.

    I lived in Japan during my junior high years 6, 7, 8 grades as a military brat. I've never forgotten the experience and want to go back and see everything through adult eyes. But then I'd like to go to Australia too.

  8. Isabel - I was probably PMS-ing too... but then, it's not only when I'm PMS... I'm just fond of junk food which is a bad habit.

    Rosie - well I was expecting it. Of course, I was hoping I'd get in pharmacy school... but I know how much harder it is to get in once you've done college/university.... so my hopes weren't really high. Wouldn't it be so cool to go to Japan and Australia? by the way, do you understand Japanese?

  9. Nath, understand Japanese? I wish! I still know a few phrases and usually when there's a tag like domo arigato (thank you) in a book I know what it means, but that's the extent of my Japanese.

  10. I burst out laughing at #5-I bought another notebook the other day with the idea of making into my new book journal. LOL So if I give in, go right ahead. hehe

    And Max is neutered - I tried to get him to make babies, but couldn't keep his girlfriend. :( She didn't like him anyway.