Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick news :D

Hey everyone :D

Haven't been MIA, just haven't had much to say. Also, lots been happenined. My friend's SIL passed away :( at such a young age :(

but today is a good day :D it's my convocation day! Remember how much I stress back in November and December :D Well, it was all worth it since I'm picking my master diploma today :D I'll post some pics later when I have it :D

Otherwise, I only bought ONE book this week :D Kind of a miracle no? but that's because there's a 20% promotion in the bookstores on Sunday, so I have been saving up. I can already predict some major money splurge LOL!!! By the way, anyone has any suggestions on what to buy?!? most of the books I want are coming out on June 5, so they won't be in store yet... I guess I'll picking up what attracts me cover and blurb-wise, but it'd be fun to go in and pick up some recs. :)

By the way, the one book I've bought was Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr... it is the last of the Virgin River trilogy and one I couldn't wait to read and so i bought it :D it was good, a very nice way to end the trilogy and I hope to read more of her soon :D Review is coming!


  1. Congrats!!!!!
    I am glad you got that book, I know that you had been wanting it. I hope htat you enjoy it. :)

  2. Crap, I forgot to go get a coupon for the sale. Oh well, all the books I want are coming out on May 29.

    I kind of went crazy yesterday at Wal-Mart and the library. Got a LOT of books. LOL

    No recommendations-just reread Slave to Sensation.

    Have fun today sweetie. Congrats!!

  3. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's SIL, how old was she?

    And I'm hoping to get more books this weekend too...wish me luck!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your friends loss. Congrats on the diploma!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sorry about your friend's SIL.

    Congrats on your convocation! A Masters! Wow!

    I really need to get to the bookstore soon, I'm starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. Problem is I have no clue what to buy.


  6. Hello everyone!

    thank you for all the congrats :D it was really a fine day :D and I got to see my supervisor, so I'm really, really happy!

    Kris - it's actually not the same book I'm looking for LOL :) the one I asked ppl to look for is Down by the River and man, it's hard to find! I've looked at Amazon and Indigo buy it used and it's at least 30$ and on ebay, it went up to around 80$!!!! Crazy T_T

    Ames - I think the coupon will still be available today or tomorrow if you go at the bookstores. I mean, they have a stack of it on counters :P Oh yeah, you went crazy!! Let us know what books you bought!! might inspire me :D

    Rowena - yeah, it is sad for the SIL... I think she was in her early thirties! Just got married like 3 years ago :( and good luck on books! let me know what you bought!!!

    Mailyn - thanks Mailyn :D so how have you been doing?!?!? I miss you a lot you know!

    Cindy - yeah, it's sad. but I guess it's life. I know, Master... sometimes, I wonder if it'd be worth to do a Ph.D? My supervisor offered :D but then, it's a LOT of stress ^^;

    hey Cindy, it's 20% off at CHapters/Indigo tomorrow if you have the I-rewards card. If you want to go, go on Sunday LOL :D and just pick up whatever looks good :D

  7. Sorry to hear about your SIL's friend :(

    I love chapters. Do you find that you save a lot with the irewards card?

  8. Nath, have you read Emilie Richards? I think you'd like her since you like Robyn Carr. Beautiful Lies was really good.

  9. Chantal - it was sad :( she was only 32 y.o. but it's life. And I do think I save a lot with the I-rewards card. It's 10% each time... although the card cost 20-25$/year... I still probably saves about 100$ LOL

    Keishon - thanks for the suggestions! I'll look out for it tomorrow :D

  10. Congrats on the diploma! You should post some pics. :)